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Gwinnett Daily Post -- Lawrenceville, Ga. -- April 21, 2011   
Pedro Marin urges governor to veto anti-illegal immigration legislation    
Duluth, Ga. A Gwinnett House member is calling on Gov. Nathan Deal to veto immigration legislation approved by the General Assembly last week. -- State Rep. Pedro Marin, D-Duluth, who was one of the first Hispanic legislators elected to the General Assembly, sent a letter to Deal Thursday about House Bill 87...

D.A. King -- The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga. -- April 3, 2011     
State Rep. Pedro Marin speaks to mob at anti-enforcement tantrum   
Last week, about 5,000 screaming, chanting, resentful illegal aliens and the remora subversives who support them took over Washington Street in front of the Capitol in Atlanta. -- Many carried signs that said "UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID" and "WE WILL NOT LEAVE!" and "NO TO HB 87!" and "LEGALIZATION FOR ALL" and "WE WILL NOT COMPLY!"

Jimmy Herchek -- March 7, 2005
Georgians: Calls needed in support of HR-256
Pro-illegal state legislators [namely ethnic pimps Zamarripa and Marin] acting as the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO a big name for a 3 member organization) are trying to mount a public relations effort to influence Governor Sonny Perdue and Georgia state legislators to derail proposed laws to ban public services to illegal aliens... AP Internal Use Only

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Pedro Watch
Gwinnett (Georgia) Daily Post -- September 2, 2004
Georgia reconquista faces competition for House seat
Lawrenceville - Two years ago, Pedro Marin and David Casas made history as the first Hispanic members of the Georgia House of Representatives. -- But the honeymoon is over. One faces no competition, but for the other, his attention to Hispanic issues has placed him under attack. [Marin's support for Sam Zam's loony and dangerous invader license scheme seems to have gotten him in a pickle.]AP Internal Use Only

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Pedro Watch
Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right of page] -- August 16, 2004 
Invader license booster Marin kicks off campaign
This week Rep. Pedro Marin, one of the state's first Latino legislators, is officially starting his campaign to keep his seat in the state House. --- "I am running against Pedro because I don't like the way he has voted," said George Warren. "Particularly on the marriage amendment and to give driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants."AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

Pedro Watch
Atlanta Journal Constitution -- June 22, 2004
'Sam Zam', compadre Pedro Marin fined for ethics violations
The State Ethics Commission on Monday fined two lawmakers for violating campaign laws... -- In unanimous votes, the board fined state Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta) $3,000 for exceeding campaign donation limits and state Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth) $150 for failing to disclose his membership in an organization. -- The commission action came in response to complaints filed against the lawmakers by James Herchek of Lawrenceville...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D.A. King -- March 14, 2004
A Note from Georgia
...State Representative Marin, state Senator Zamarippa and their willing accomplices know that the possession of a driver's license in today's America is custody of the "key to the kingdom". With that document, one can obtain all manner of privileges and benefits to which citizens and legal residents are entitled - including the right to purchase a gun, board an airplane, gain further access to American social services - and registering to vote... AP Internal Use Only

Fifth Column Activities
Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- 2/8/04
Georgia reconquistas push breeder docs for invaders... again
...Jerry González, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, asked Lunsford to support a resolution that [Sam] Zamarripa and [Pedro] Marin are writing for the president's proposed immigration policy. --- At a gathering to support the undocumented community's efforts to gain driver's licenses, Rep. Barbara Mobley announced that she is filing a new driver's license bill... AP Internal Use Only

D A King
D.A. King December 4, 2003
Observations from the snake pit
From the "Atlanta Latino" [English tab, upper right] newspaper in an article describing a recent demonstration to demand Georgia driver's licenses for illegal aliens [mostly from Mexico]... "Not having a driver's license in the United States is not having an identity. Since current law prohibits undocumented immigrants from obtaining a legal driver's license, more than one hundred people, including State House Rep. Pedro Marín, gathered in protest at Plaza Fiesta last week." AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Licenses
Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- 11/30/03
Troublesome Georgia legislator pushing invader licenses again
Not having a driver's license in the United States is not having an identity. Since current law prohibits undocumented immigrants [criminals] from obtaining a legal driver's license, more than one hundred people, including State House Rep. Pedro Marín, gathered in protest at Plaza Fiesta last week. AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Illegal Alien Criminals
Athens (Georgia) Banner-Herald -- September 28, 2003
Reconquista lawmakers fighting to reward invaders again
While driving to work one morning in 2001, an Athens woman [read: invader] was stopped by a police officer [and] soon found herself in jail. --And-- [T]he Athens-area Hispanic Concerns Committee last week held a public forum on the issue featuring state Sen. Sam Zamarripa and state Rep. Pedro Marin, both of whom have sponsored legislation to make it easier for undocumented immigrants [criminals] to obtain licenses. AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner]  -- April 10, 2003  
Georgia house votes against driver's licenses for invaders
...While touring the state last week, Gov. Perdue told Atlanta Latino what he thought of [Rep. Pedro] Marín and Zamarripa's bill. -- "First of all I don't agree with the legislation being connected to the FTAA," he said. "I respect our Latin American neighbors and support bringing the FTAA to Atlanta." If residents are here legally, he said, they should be able to drive, but not if they are undocumented." [Call and ask the Governor not to sign any legislation which contains a provision to give licenses to illegals - 404-656-1776]   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- April 8, 2003  
More on defeat of Georgia illegal alien license bill
...Rep. Pedro Marin and Sen. Sam Zamarripa each have proposed bills that would grant restricted driving licenses to all people -- regardless of citizenship status -- from countries that are part of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Atlanta is competing to land the headquarters of the Free Trade Area of the Americas [most likely unconstitutional]. -- Marin said he would ask the House today to reconsider its vote.   AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- Posted April 8, 2003
Georgia lawmakers reject giving driver's licenses to illegals
A plan to give illegal immigrants limited driver's licenses was rejected by lawmakers Monday. -- The Georgia House voted down a bill to allow some people without proof of legal status to get driver's licenses to drive to work [illegals are prohibited by law from working in the U.S.], school and medical appointments only. -- Rep. Pedro Marin, [an alleged Mexican agent], offered the bill. -- "This will send a clear and positive message of Georgia's willingness to work with other countries,'' Marin said. [States should be 'working with other countries'?]   AP Internal Use Only

We Get E-Mail -- April 7, 2003
Georgia State Rep. Pedro Marin: Mexican Agent
According to the federal Foreign Agent Registration Act, Georgia State Rep. Pedro Marin appears to fit the legal definition of a foreign agent and should be registered -- which, of course, he is not. The following is a letter of mine to the appropriate unit of the Dept. of Justice which has jurisdiction. They have acknowledged receipt of my complaint and will only say that it is under review.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- April 7, 2003
Scofflaw driver's license bill comes up today
A proposal that would give many illegal immigrants in Georgia some driving privileges is scheduled to be debated in the Legislature today. --- Rep. Pedro Marin and Sen. Sam Zamarripa have each proposed bills that would grant restricted driver's licenses to all people -- regardless of citizenship status -- from countries participating in [an intrernational] trade pact... [This is not only absurd, but most likely unconstitutional]   AP Internal Use Only

Jimmy Hercheck - Lawrenceville, Georgia --- March 30, 2003  
Georgia HB-578 discriminates for illegal Latin American invaders
Although it is not mentioned anywhere in the bill, foreign citizens who are legal residents can already obtain driver's licenses. The only beneficiaries of this bill, as re-written by House Motor Vehicles Committee Chairman Parham, are illegal immigrants from Latin America. -- State Rep. Pedro Marin is no surprise, but Rep. Bobby Parham should be shamed for his efforts to condone illegal Latin American immigration through the backdoor while our nation is at war....

Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] --- March 28, 2003  
Georgia illegal alien driver's licenses and arrogant Zamarripa
(Scroll down) -- Tuesday, Rep. Pedro Marin's driver's license bill, House Bill 278, overcame its first hurdle and moved closer to a possible vote. --- Sen. Sam Zamarripa commented on the proposals. -- "We won't accept the restricted driver's license," he said. "But we can accept it as a foundation."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution --- March 3, 2003  
State Rep. Pedro Marin defends himself on ethics charge
Pedro Marin has been a defender and advocate of Hispanics [read: illegal aliens] ever since he moved to Gwinnett eight years ago. -- Today, the freshman state representative finds himself in a pickle: defending himself. -- A former candidate for the state Legislature has questioned Marin's ties to the nonprofit Mexican Center of Atlanta, based in Chamblee. -- Jimmy Herchek, a self-described "activist for the enforcement of immigration law," dislikes what he sees.

Gwinnett Daily Post --- March 2, 2003
Georgia Rep. accused of being Mexican agent
Still in his early days in office after running in an uncontested race, Rep. Pedro Marin [who is in cahoots with Sam Zamarripa] has yet to develop the thick skin many of his colleagues in the General Assembly have. -- Jimmy Herchek, who lost a bid for a different state Senate seat in the last election, sees an undeniable conflict of interest in Marin's position as executive director of the Mexican Center. -- Herchek says Marin's job as executive director of the Mexican Center of Atlanta is a clear tie to the Mexican Consul, making the representative an agent of the Mexican government.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution  -- February 24, 2003
GOP's Jimmy Herchek riled at Pedro Marin
...Jimmy Herchek has charged in his federal complaint that state rep. Marin, a Democrat (and ally of Sam Zamarripa), should be a registered agent of a foreign country because he is executive director with Mexican Center of Atlanta. Herchek claims the center is tied to the Mexican consulate. Herchek, who was defeated in November by Democrat Mary Squires, describes himself as an activist for the enforcement of immigration law. -- Herchek said the center is a lobbying organization, which Marin denies.

The Political Vine (Scroll down to read this one) -- February 19, 2003
Georgia State Rep. Pedro Marin Gets A Welcome......
Jimmy Herchek, an activist for the enforcement of immigration laws, has filed a complaint with the Georgia State Ethics Commission for financial disclosure violations by State Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth) and the Centro Mexicano De Atlanta/The Mexican Center Of Atlanta, Inc. where Marin is the Executive Director...

Gwinnett Daily Post (Georgia) -- February 11, 2003
Politician, lawmaker spar over Mexican Center's ties
A politician is calling for the resignation of state Rep. Pedro Marin, one of the state's first Hispanic lawmakers, because Marin works for a nonprofit. -- Jimmy Herchek issued a press release Monday calling state Rep. Pedro Marin, an agent of the Mexican government. -- Herchek's accusation stemmed from Marin's sponsorship of a bill which, if passed, would grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants who have obtained a Matricula Consular. -- Marin said he is working with Sen. Sam Zamarripa, a fellow Latino lawmaker, on another version of that bill...

Henry Co. (GA) Daily Herald -- September 8, 2001
Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants?
"They should be sent back (to their countries), shouldn't they?" Barbara Higgins said. -- Advocates for the movement say that if illegal immigrants are licensed they would then be able to buy auto insurance and therefore there would be less uninsured motorists on the road. -- "It's a public safety issue," said Pedro Marin, outreach manager of the Gwinnett Housing Resource Partnership. -- HB 851, introduced by Rep. Mobley and three other Decatur representatives would essentially reverse a 1994 decision to prohibit illegals from being licensed.

Atlanta -- June 21, 2001
Mexican consul to visit local Hispanic officials
Remedios Gomez Arnau, Georgia's Mexican consul general, promised she'd learn the communities after being crowned top diplomat in April, reports the Atlanta Constitution- Journal. She steps into Gwinnett County today as guest speaker for El Concilio Latino, a loose- knit group of Latino advocates, between 1 and 3 p.m. at the county chamber building on Sugarloaf Parkway. Pedro Marin, chairman of El Concilio, asked Arnau to make an appearance. Arnau happily obliged. Arnau said it's "up to the people" to improve life for the strugglers, notably undocumented workers.

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