The Real Armando Navarro


"The Cactus Curtain is moving north."

-Armando Navarro

Whose L.A. is it?
Feb. 3, 1997


This is what Armando Navarro, a professor of Chicano Studies at UC Riverside, said on January 15, 1995, before a gathering of Chicanos. (from official tape of proceedings)

"The forces of evil, the forces of Gingrich, the forces of Pete Wilson, this nativist mindset that is unleashing forces against us are doing it because of what I said yesterday, and understand this-

"It isn't just because immigration crises are cyclical because of the economic crisis, it is because there is a political, economic, social and especially demographic transformation that is taking place - for those of you who were not here yesterday - and I want to remind you what that means.

"When you look at the demographic studies when you listened to Dr. Bautista yesterday, we are clearly going to be the majority in the Southwest in the next fifty - sixty years and especially here in California, by the year 2015 we're going to be more than fifty percent of the population.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what this means is a transfer of power, it means control, it means whose going to influence. And it is the young people, the people who are now moving to develop an agenda for the twenty first century. They are really going to be in a position to really make the promise of what the Chicano movement was all about in terms of self-determination, in terms of empowerment, and even in the terms of the idea of an Aztlan! "

Navarro is a Mexican nationalist. He is advocating the overthrow of the government of the United States of America and the "liberation" of Aztlan.

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