Reconquista Armando Navarro
'Ethnic Studies' Professor at the University of California, Riverside
Anti-American Fifth-Columnist Menace

"Ladies and Gentlemen, what this means is a transfer of power, it means control, and it is the young people, the people who are now moving to develop an agenda for the twenty first century they are going to be in a position to really make the promise of what the Chicano movement was all about in terms of self-determination, in terms of empowerment, even in the terms of an Aztlan...."

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Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise -- November 15, 2007
Reconquista menaces head to immigration summit in Mexico
Several Inland immigration-rights advocates are heading to Mexico City to participate in a first-ever summit Friday and Saturday between U.S.-based activists of Mexican ancestry and members of the Mexican Congress. -- The Mexican Congress last month called for the "parliament," which will include up to 500 delegates...AP Internal Use Only

San Bernardino County Sun -- May 17, 2007
Dissenters protest bill
A small troupe of dissenters led by UC Riverside professor [and rabid Mexican Reconquista] Armando Navarro ripped the city in a Wednesday news conference, charging city leaders colluded to stifle free speech and favored some demonstrators over others based on political views.AP Internal Use Only

¿Que Pasa, Gringo?
Associated Press -- November 16, 2006
Reconquistas prepare big push for amnesty
..."We are not taking it like the Democrats are a panacea for immigration reform," said Armando Navarro, coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights, an umbrella organization for Hispanic groups in Southern California. "But if they hope to capture the White House in 2008, they better listen to us."

Reconquista Goon
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- September 18, 2006
Dangerous Mexican Reconquista and traitor profiled
Armando Navarro, the longtime Inland activist for [illegal alien... criminal] and Latino rights, is in Mexico today, deep into at least his third political battle this year. -- "We're going into a very precarious, explosive, volatile situation," said the UCR ethnic studies professor, who is in Mexico City protesting the narrow loss by a candidate...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times -- July 7, 2006
Vision that inspires some and scares others: Aztlan
...UC Riverside's [rabid Mexican Reconquista Armando] Navarro said his research showed that in 10 to 25 years, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah will be 50% Latino. -- "I call that re-Mexicanization, not reconquista," said Navarro. "A new majority is forming. Everything will change. The White House will be within our reach. We might have to change the name to the Brown House."AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
San Bernardino County Sun -- July 6, 2006
Vehement Mexican Reconquista livid over election
...The National Alliance for Human Rights and other groups said there were widespread irregularities in Sunday's election that could prevent leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from becoming president. -- "We are prepared to participate in the struggle with our compatriots in Mexico to make sure that democracy and justice prevails," Armando Navarro... AP Internal Use Only

¿Que Pasa, Gringo?
San Bernardino County Sun -- June 18, 2006  
Rabid Reconquista: San Bernardino a 'tinderbox'
With a brewing fight over illegal immigration, the summer of 2006 here is in the historic league of the civil- rights battles 50 years ago in Montgomery, Ala. -- "San Bernardino has become a tinderbox," said Armando Navarro, a UC Riverside professor who is coordinator for the advocacy group. "This is our Montgomery in many ways."AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- June 8, 2006
Reconquistas opposed to San Bernardino ordinance call meeting
Opponents of a San Bernardino special ballot measure to crack down on illegal immigrants will hold a public meeting June 17 to organize themselves for the coming campaign. -- The National Alliance for Human Rights called the meeting, said coordinator [rabid Mexican Reconquista extremist] Armando Navarro...AP Internal Use Only

Vile MexiSkunks
Los Angeles Times and Associated Press -- May 3, 2006
Rabid Mexican Reconquistas threaten more mischief
...In the aftermath of "A Day Without Immigrants," the urgent question immigrants and their supporters face is how to translate the passion of the streets into lasting political gains. -- "We need to take this critical mass and organize it. Marching is not enough," said Armando Navarro, coordinator of a Southern California umbrella organization...AP Internal Use Only

Stinking Buzzard Rags
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- May 2, 2006
Radical Mexican Reconquista leads invader 'marcha'
Riverside, Calif. -- More than 3,000 people marched through Riverside on Monday... -- Calling out chants at the head of the throng was Armando Navarro, coordinator of National Alliance for Human Rights, an immigrant-rights group. The march was one of about six in the Inland area. The marchers circled downtown, stopping to protest...AP Internal Use Only

Stinking Buzzard Rags
San Bernardino County Sun -- April 29, 2006 
District axes tests
District schools will not administer standardized tests Monday - the same day organizers of a massive boycott are calling on students to stay out of classes. -- Superintendent Arturo Delgado made the announcement at the district's headquarters while standing next to Armando Navarro, a [rabidly anti-American Mexican Reconquista...]AP Internal Use Only

This Stinks
The Conservative Voice -- April 27, 2006
Dangerous Mexican Reconquista says carve up USA
Organizers of the planned 1 May illegal aliens' protest marches, dubbed the "Great American Boycott", are saying the illegals 'work stoppage' will be a day where no lawns are mowed, restaurant kitchens have no help and homes have no domestic workers. High school, middle school and university students are also being encouraged to walk out...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
Dimitri Vassilaros -- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- April 24, 2006
A May Day mayday
Armando Navarro is on the verge of doing more to end illegal immigration in America than anyone in the Bush administration. (Speaking of damning with faint praise.) But Mr. Navarro does not know it. -- Even when he candidly admits that the invasion of illegal aliens will not slow even if every illegal now in America qualifies for amnesty.

Associated Press -- April 20, 2006  
Reconquistas fret as enthusiasm for tantrum wanes
Organizers of a movement that has led hundreds of thousands of immigrants onto the nation's streets are split over whether to press ahead with the next big protest. -- "Our credibility as a community is on the line," said Armando Navarro... "We've shown our power politically, but if we can't show it economically, we are going to lose it."AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- April 15, 2006
Boycott: Univison directive miffs Reconquista whacko Navarro
[Illegal alien... criminal]- rights advocates demanded Thursday that the nation's largest Spanish- language television network publicly apologize for an e-mail they say was distributed throughout the company asking employees not to participate or promote the planned nationwide "Day Without a Latino" event on May 1. AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- April 10, 2006
Mexican Reconquistas taking time to regroup
...Working separately is the National Alliance for Human Rights, an umbrella group of grass-roots groups coordinated by UCR ethnic studies professor [and rabid Reconquista] Armando Navarro. -- Navarro was in Arizona on Saturday at an event intended to more closely align U.S. activist groups with groups in Mexico and Latin America. AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
Washington Times -- February 20, 2006
Mexican reconquista forces to march on Washington
...[Raving Mexican reconquista nuisance] Armando Navarro, chairman and professor of ethnic studies at U.C. Riverside, said coalition members agreed not only to respond to the legislation -- written by Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee -- but to defeat it and call for immigration reform.AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol Feature - February 14, 2006
Conquest of Aztlan
Mexican Government Joins U.S. Revolutionaries

Top left: Fabian Nunez,Speaker of California Assembly. Top right: Mexican Senator Cardenaz. Bottom left: Armando Navarro, UC Riverside Professor. Bottom right: unidentified Reconquista.
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN -- February 13
Meeting in Riverside - February 11
Fabian Nunez (tape): I am honored to fight against the Sensenbrenner approach to immigration
Casey Wian: Organizer Armando Navarro began by quoting Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, prediction a socialist revolution stretching from the tip of South America to northern Canada.
Armando Navarro: Tierra del Fuego hasta Canada!
Reconquista: his is not their land. This is not their continent. This is our continent. -- Watch - also see Guest Worker segment...
Watch  TranscriptAP Internal Use Only
Contact the President of the United States and tell him his country is being invaded.
Contact the President - TOLL FREE: (800) 321-8268
(202) 456-1414 - FAX -- (202) 456-2461 -- Comment Line -- (202) 456-1111 -- Other White House contact info

Raving Lunatic
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- February 12, 2006
Reconquistas, subversives target anti-invasion bill (HR 4437)
About 550 people attended an Immigration Summit on Saturday to learn how they could help stop an anti- [illegal] immigration bill from being signed into law. -- Armando Navarro, "professor" of ethnic studies [and vehement Mexican reconquista], said the alliance is working on a two- point plan focusing on leaders in America, Mexico, and Central and South American countries. AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- January 13, 2006
Latino 'leaders' to fight 'racist' anti-invader bill

Hundreds of people packed into the downtown San Bernardino city library Thursday to applaud critics of an immigration-reform bill and organize February as a month of opposition. -- The immigration bill and an escalating anti-Latino and anti-immigrant political atmosphere led... Armando Navarro to call the meeting...AP Internal Use Only

This Stinks
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- January 10, 2006
Baca to address targeted immigration bill (HR 4437)
Rep. Joe Baca will address a public forum Thursday about the problems that an immigration reform bill pending in the Senate could pose for Inland residents. -- ...Armando Navarro called the meeting to organize a statewide strategy to defeat the bill and to respond to what he describes as escalating political attacks against Latinos.AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- October 17, 2005
Minutemen miff annoying reconquista nuisances
...Armando Navarro, chairman of the ethics department at UC Riverside and member of the National Alliance for Human Rights and the Gente Unida Coalition, has been an outspoken critic of the project that he believes is racially motivated. -- The Minuteman volunteers have a racist agenda, and in this battle we will win the war," [opined the subversive].AP Internal Use Only

Rumor Mill
Rumor Mill
American Border Patrol -- September 23, 2005
Navarro strikes again
Armando Navarro lives in the La Sierra section of Corona, California. He is adding a swimming pool to his home. At a meeting of contractors, that included one of the most prestigious swimming pool builders in the area, Navarro instructed all in attendance that only Mexicans would work on his pool. That included Mexican contractors and Mexican workers.

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Associated Press -- July 27, 2005
Vehement Mexican reconquista Navarro accused
San Diego -- Clashes between California Minutemen and protesters are heating up along the Mexican border with reports of shots fired and an alleged scuffle between a state senator's aide and a university professor. -- The confrontation between UCR ethnic studies professor Armando Navarro and Mark Belgen, an aide to Sen. Bill Morrow...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
Imperial Valley Press -- El Centro-- June 19, 2005
Vehement reconquista bewails border project
With the Minuteman Project expected to start up in San Diego in July, a National Alliance for Human Rights coordinator wants to organize Imperial Valley residents against the project. -- Armando Navarro... met with a small group in Calexico to warn them of the issues surrounding the Minuteman Project.AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
MSNBC -- June 16, 2005
'Loony tunes' mounting resistance against Minutemen
The Minuteman Project, and other volunteer border patrol groups, are expected to face their toughest opposition yet when they move to California this summer for a series of events along the Mexican border. -- A growing resistance movement made up largely of Hispanic activists, some of whom accuse the Minutemen of practicing vigilante- style justice...AP Internal Use Only

Augustin Cebada
Aztlan Chump
Los Angeles Times -- April 21, 2005
Radical 'professor' teams up with militant thugs to 'close border'
Riverside activists on Wednesday announced plans to discourage border crossings on May 1 between Douglas, Ariz., and Agua Prieta, Mexico, to protest the Minuteman Project and illustrate how the economies of U.S. border towns depend on the Mexican people. -- "The object of our effort will be to literally close the border," [reconquista menace Armando Navarro] said... [Related story]AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
San Bernardino County Sun -- April 17, 2005
Reconquista pests plan border blockade
Leaders of the National Alliance for Human Rights [led by anti-American goon Armando Navarro] met here Saturday to plan the next steps in their fight against the Minuteman project, which members of the group called a mob of vigilante racists. -- There are plans for people to block the border crossing [at Douglas, Ariz.]...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Goon
Washington Times -- March 29, 2005
Reconquistas, ethnic hustlers to eyeball Minutemen, aid invaders
...The groups also are planning to protest the protesters of illegal immigration by forming a human chain across the border and by warning border crossers of the project's presence. -- "The essence of what we are doing is trying to prevent any violence," said Armando Navarro [a vehement Mexican reconquista]...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- March 27, 2005
CASA protests sham ID cards, reconquista thug pulls 'race card'
Waving American flags and drawing honks and hoots from passing cars and trucks, about 40 protesters picketed the Altura Credit Union in Riverside Saturday because it allows non-U.S. citizens [unlawful Mexican squatters] to open accounts using identification cards issued by Mexican consulates. -- "I call it racism," said Armando Navarro, a professor of ethnic studies at UCR...AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen -- March 26, 2005 
Traitorous subversive calls Minutemen 'domestic terrorists'
...Armando Navarro [a vehement Mexican reconquista] equated the Minuteman Project and its armed volunteers to a militia. "They are domestic terrorists that represent a danger to the country and could promote a major border conflict that will have serious ramifications and consequences," he said. "Why do they need weapons? Who are they afraid of?"

Reconquista Goon
North County Times -- March 23, 2005 
Groups gear up to counter Minuteman Project
When a civilian group calling itself the Minuteman Project deploys along the Arizona border with Mexico next month to try to deter illegal immigrants from entering the country, the volunteers of the group will not be alone in the desert. -- The NAHR, headed by UC Riverside professor Armando Navarro [the rabid reconquista shown at left], is also organizing rallies...AP Internal Use Only

Ranting Squatters
File Photo
Orange County Register -- March 20, 2005
Subversive reconquista goons attempt to besmirch Gilchrist
Jim Gilchrist hopes most of his neighbors won't believe the signs held by protesters at the entrance to his quiet, gated community. -- They included "Minuteman, a racist domestic terrorist" and "KKK supports Minuteman" scrawled in bold letters and displayed by almost 50 protesters... [Notorious Chicano separatist and rabid reconquista Armando Navarro was one of the organizers of this rant.]

Reconquista Goon
Riverside Press-Enterprise -- March 19, 2005  
Subversive goons vow action against Minuteman Project
...During a press conference at La Placita Park in San Bernardino, UC Riverside professor Armando Navarro [shown at left]... [a rabidly anti- American fanatic with a long history of troublemaking], called Minuteman members "terrorists" and predicted that they would treat border-crossers violently during the monthlong patrols scheduled to begin April 1.AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- March 18, 2005  
Reconquistas, ethnic hustlers plan to protest Minutemen
A largely Latino network of activists [led by fervent Mexican reconquista Armando Navarro, the loathsome weasel shown at left] is preparing to protest -- on both sides of the border -- a partially armed civilian border patrol operation that aims to deter illegal immigration next month. -- Protest activities, spearheaded by the National Alliance for Human Rights, probably will include rallies and vigils...AP Internal Use Only

North County Times -- March 10, 2005
Officials, rights groups debate legality of 'Minuteman Project'
Law-enforcement officials appeared this week to have mixed reactions to the controversial Minuteman Project, planned by a group that says that next month, it will patrol a desolate stretch of the U.S. border with Mexico in search of illegal immigrants in Arizona. -- And a group of Latino activists [the notorious reconquista goon Armando Navarro] announced it was preparing its own group...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Riverside Press Enterprise -- March 3, 2005
Vehement Mexican reconquista threatens Minuteman Project
A network of largely Latino activists is taking on an armed, civilian border-patrol operation set to launch next month. -- The National Alliance for Human Rights [run by fifth-columnist Armando Navarro] -- which protested U.S. Border Patrol arrests of illegal residents in the Inland Empire this past summer -- is spearheading efforts to counter the group of civilian border-watchers it calls "domestic terrorists." AP Internal Use Only

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