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The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) has close ties with the Mexican government.

For example, on March 7, 1995, CHIRLA meeting was held at 1521 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. It was was attended by three men from the Mexican consulate. Discussions were held on how to emasculate Proposition 187. At the meeting, the representatives of the Mexican consulate announced that it was providing CHIRLA with computers to track so-called "hate crimes. " They said they wanted to look at CHIRLA's "data base" and to "every three or four weeks to come and copy some of your files." What this data base really contains is a list of those who are resisting the invasion of the United States.

On March 17, 1995, a meeting was held at the Law Center at 1102 Crenshaw in Los Angeles of the "New California Coalition" consisting of CHIRLA, MALDEF and the ACLU. Also in attendance was Gaston Rosas, Administrative Officer of the Mexican consulate. The meeting was nothing more than a gathering of conspirators who are bent on the destruction of the United States.

Juan Perrino, a member of CHIRLA was in attendance at both meetings. He is secretary of the Chicano Press Association (CPA), publishers of Guerrillero de la Pluma ("Warriors of the Pen") and a variety of racist, radical, anti-American publications which preach violence and revolution.

At a meeting of the National Lawyer's Guild, February 10-12, 1995, representing CHIRLA, Perrino said, "...some of us don't see Proposition 187 as an aberration, but we see it as a continuation of the policies and practices of a nation...someone else's homeland. A United States of Aggression made up of 2,000 by 2,000 miles of stolen native land."

The National Lawyer's Guild was once branded by Congress as "the legal arm of the Communist Party in America."

Together with the Consul General of Los Angeles, CHIRLA has worked to gain dual citizenship for Mexican nationals living in the United States.

CHIRLA reports as a non-profit corporation and recieves American taxpayer funds.

More CHIRLA Antics Below

LAist -- May 1 , 2011   
May Day immigration rally smaller than in years past   
Today's May Day march, which is held to draw attention to the issue of immigration reform, was markedly smaller than it has been in recent years, reports Southern California Public Radio. Several thousand people took to the streets at 10 a.m. for the march, which left from Olympic and Broadway... [Related item] [See Amnesty Watch] [KABC-TV Video]

California Independent Voter Network -- March 8, 2011     
CHIRLA minion whines about 'Secure Communities' program 
..."While publicly insisting that S-Comm targets the 'worst of the worst,' ICE's own data shows that a majority of those identified and ultimately deported are, in fact, low-level offenders or individuals without any criminal conviction. Simply put, with the chilling effect S-Comm is having on the public's relationship with the police..."

Arizona Republic -- April 23, 2010     
CHIRLA agitators behind walkouts at Arizona schools over SB 1070   
...About 65 members from the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles arrived at the Capitol midday Thursday. The 26-year-old organization advocates for the constitutional rights of [illegal aliens] and refugees, spokesman Jorge Mario Cabrera said... [Related item]

Harold Meyerson -- Washington Post -- March 17, 2010     
Amnesty Scheme: More moaning and groaning, demands from outlaws and pals   
..."There's huge discontent, especially among the young," says Angelica Salas, who heads [CHIRLA]. "They see their parents snatched away, they have to put their lives on hold." (There are an estimated 4 million U.S.-born American-citizen children of [illegal aliens.... criminals].) [See CASA Watch... their leader is making all sorts of threats] [See Amnesty Watch]

Washington Times -- March 9, 2010    
Reconquistas miffed at Obama, demand protection of invaders   
Immigrant rights groups on Monday demanded that President Obama impose a full moratorium on deportations of illegal [aliens.... criminals], arguing that his policies have been worse for their cause than those of his Republican predecessor... [Vehement Reconquista zealot Angelica Salas of CHIRLA is really riled up...] [See Amnesty Watch]

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