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April 7, 2004

Bye bye, traitor!
Miami Herald (Free Registration) -- April 17, 2004
Bid to license illegal entrants axed
The proposal to let illegal immigrants get Florida driver licenses is dead. -- State Sen. Rudy Garcia, who sponsored the measure, said Friday that he would abandon it this year, though he vowed to try it again next year. -- Resistance to Garcia's bill was strong in the Legislature, even after Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed it. AP Internal Use Only

Another Brain-dead Bush
Pandering Bush
Daniel Ruth -- Tampa Tribune -- April 16, 2004
Good Grief, What's In The Tallahassee Water???
...Still, there was Jeb Bush the other day defending a proposal to allow illegal immigrants to obtain Florida driver's licenses, noting the plan would include fail-safe/lock box/ironclad protections against potential terrorists slipping through the system. -- Governor? What were you thinking? -- Florida would have "the highest standards for illegal immigrants to be able to get a driver's license,'' Bush insisted... AP Internal Use Only

Another Pandering Bush
Jeb Watch
St. Petersburg Times -- April 13, 2004
License plan for illegals totters
A plan backed by Gov. Jeb Bush to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses in Florida appears dead in the Legislature, as lawmakers face growing opposition from sheriffs and constituents. --- Collier County Sheriff Don Hunter said it was unreliable to allow illegals to acquire Florida drivers' licenses based on ID cards from their countries of origin. [But the Bush administration lets illegals board planes using these worthless documents] AP Internal Use Only

Dumbing Down America
Jeb Watch
The Ledger -- Lakeland, Florida -- April 12, 2004
Bill to allow invaders drivers' licenses stalls in Senate
A bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses [which Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed] stalled in a Senate committee Monday because of security concerns raised by law enforcement officials. -- Bill sponsor Sen. Rudy Garcia, R-Hialeah, said the legislation may have a glitch, specifically regarding whether other countries can provide acceptable criminal background checks. AP Internal Use Only

Another Pandering Bush
Jeb Watch
Donald A. Collins -- Washington Dispatch -- April 12, 2004
The 9/11 Families' Case
Did you hear what the President's younger brother has just strongly endorsed in Florida? Drivers' Licenses for illegal aliens! Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, according to an April 6th Miami Herald story, claims "Rigorous screening standards would ensure recipients ''won't be terrorists." Bush favors issuing state driver's licenses to both illegal immigrants and foreign nationals who make Florida home for part of the year. A Gray Davis clone! AP Internal Use Only

Bush Brothers
FAIR Press Release -- April 12, 2004
Most 9/11 Terrorists Carried Florida Drivers Licenses
Most of the 9/11 terrorists carried a Florida Driver's license or ID card, the very identification documents that Governor Jeb Bush recently endorsed giving to illegal aliens in Florida... According to FAIR, 12 of the infamous hijackers possessed the coveted documents, which illegal aliens and would-be terrorists use to establish residency, open bank accounts, get a job and board airplanes, and even re-enter the U.S. from Mexico... AP Internal Use Only

Mark Silva -- Orlando Sentinel -- April 11, 2004
Jeb wears heart and campaign on sleeve
Gov. Jeb Bush has opened a dangerous door just long enough to win a few new friends and perhaps even more new enemies. -- The governor let it be known early last week that he supports legislation granting drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. -- By week's end, however, Bush effectively foreclosed any such hopes in the Legislature this spring... AP Internal Use Only

Government Pimp - Panderer
Pimping & Pandering
St. Petersburg Times -- Letters -- April 9, 2004
Don't reward illegal aliens with drivers' licenses
Our schools are in trouble financially, senior citizens are being denied medical benefits, the restoration of the Everglades is under siege, and what does our governor do? He supports a bill to grant drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. -- Some in favor of granting illegals licenses argue that they will then be insured. I disagree. These people don't make enough money to be able to afford insurance... AP Internal Use Only

Another Brain-dead Bush
Editorial -- Tallahassee Democrat -- April 9, 2004
License to drive -- Illegal immigrants shouldn't have them
It shouldn't surprise Gov. Jeb Bush that he has rankled Florida law enforcement officers by proposing that illegal immigrants be allowed to get driver's licenses. Sheriffs statewide have denounced the idea, and for good reason. -- Undocumented aliens are undeniably part of Florida's fabric; they live and work here...AP Internal Use Only

Bush Brothers
Frosty Wooldridge -- Washington Dispatch -- April 9, 2004
When President Bush won't enforce the law and his brother breaks it
Tom Brokaw admitted this week for the first time ever on network television that our southern borders are being invaded. In excess of 2,000 illegal aliens pour across the Mexican border daily. --- Illegal aliens overwhelm our health care, schools, language and infrastructure. From California to Florida, an illegal alien invasion disrupts the foundation of America's stability. AP Internal Use Only

Jeb Watch
Steve Stakem -- The Orator Network -- April 8, 2004
Jeb Bush Declared a 'Fool of the Week'
...It seems Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) has lost his mind, too. He has thrown support to a bill allowing illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license in the state. -- "We shouldn't allow them to come into the country to begin with," the governor correctly asserted before wrecking it with a stupid question, "but once they're here, what do you do?" -- Answer: You arrest the lawbreakers for coming into this country illegally. [Sheriffs Oppose Bush License Sham] AP Internal Use Only

Another Brain-dead Bush
Jeb Watch
Press-Journal Editorial -- Stuart, Florida -- April 8, 2004
Ambushed: Governor joins brother in pandering to illegals
Another Bush, another bad idea on immigration. By endorsing a bill to issue Florida drivers' licenses to illegal aliens, Gov. Jeb Bush is following his brother's faulty logic. And they think Sen. John Kerry is too liberal? -- The governor's rationalization begins with his claim that the drivers' license program will include criminal background checks. Excuse us, but the mere fact that the recipient is here illegally constitutes "criminal" behavior... AP Internal Use Only

Tom Lyons -- Sarasota Herald-Tribune -- [Send a letter to the editor] -- April 8, 2004
Lyons: We 'stole' part of Mexico - so give invaders licenses
...Any Americans who claim the moral high ground when passing such judgment must not reflect much on the fact that we have this nation only because our recent ancestors took it from the earlier inhabitants by use of genocidal violence. We also moved in and violently stole quite a hunk of it from Mexico. So, can't we do without this insistence that our efforts to hoard the riches here are based entirely on moral principle?... AP Internal Use Only

Jeb Watch
Miami Herald -- April 7, 2004
Sheriff's oppose allowing illegal immigrants to get licenses
Sheriffs around the state are quickly opposing a proposal backed by Gov. Jeb Bush to allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses, saying it is too great a security risk. -- "This law is very poorly crafted and flawed from a domestic security stand point. I strongly oppose it and can not support the conceptual intent either," Collier County Sheriff Don Hunter wrote in an e-mail. AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- April 7, 2004
More on pandering Jeb Bush and licenses for outlaws
Four months after California repealed a law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has thrown his support behind a bill that would let the estimated 400,000 foreigners illegally working in this state to get licenses following background checks. -- "We shouldn't allow them to come into the country to begin with, but once they're here, what do you do?" [How about arresting them?] AP Internal Use Only

Another Brain-dead Bush
Pandering Bush
WorldNetDaily.com -- April 6, 2004
Jeb: Give illegals driver's licenses
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has endorsed a bill in his state's legislature that would grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens. -- Bush said he favors the legislation as long as there are rigorous screening standards to ensure recipients ''won't be terrorists,'' the Miami Herald reported. [Fax Bush at (850) 487-0801 or see his website for other contact info] AP Internal Use Only

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