October 29, 2005 -- George Bush has once again has declared war on the American people in an effort to get some sort of 'guest worker' scheme through Congress. This is nothing more than a huge amnesty scam, and this guy and his cronies need to be stopped in their tracks. -- The campaign of lies and hogwash from Bush and the Neocons, RINOs, open- borders lunatics, and greedy business interests who pull Bush's strings will begin in earnest soon. We will try to keep a record of the propaganda campaign on this page. Please check back often.

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October 29, 2005

El Paso Times -- February 2, 2009   
Military children invited to write diversity essays   
Students from military families who are in grades 5-12 are being encouraged to participate in a city program that celebrates the cultural diversity in the area. -- To take part in the program, military children are asked to submit essays that highlight the traditions of their family...

Caca del Toro
Tamar Jacoby & Cesar V. Conda -- National Review -- August 2, 2006
Immigration realism
John Fonte's understanding of the immigration debate is unfortunately out of touch. So perhaps we can do something to help him better understand it. -- Fonte contends, among other things, that the reform we endorsed in our "Conservatives' Letter on Immigration Reform," published in the Wall Street Journal on July 10, is "mostly Democratic." AP Internal Use Only

Don't Step In This!
Enrique Ruiz-Sanchez -- Philadelphia Inquirer -- July 25, 2006
Mexico wants to be part of solution
Migration is a constant in human history. Men and women move across borders in search of a better future, enriching the societies that host them and often their communities of origin. Nevertheless, in recent years, the economic, social and political implications of migration have gained significant attention... AP Internal Use Only

Caca del Toro
Diana Furchygott-Roth -- New York Sun -- July 20, 2006
Walls to no avail
...The House Republican approach is profoundly misguided. It assumes that people who want to come here to work are a liability. A few may turn out to be, but most immigrants take and hold jobs. Unemployment rates for foreign-born workers are lower than for native-born workers... AP Internal Use Only

No More Bullshit!
New York Times Editorial -- July 20, 2006
Hazy days of immigration
...Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City said it well, at a Senate hearing: "It's as if we expect border control agents to do what a century of communism could not: defeat the natural market forces of supply and demand and defeat the natural human desire for freedom and opportunity..."AP Internal Use Only

Jack Kemp
Human Events -- July 19, 2006
Orwellian Hogwash: Amnesty will keep America strong
Last week I warned the Republican Party that failure to pass the Voting Rights Act extension would further alienate African-American voters. Thankfully, the VRA passed. My warning now is this: Failure to address the legitimate issue of immigration reform could also do great harm to the Republican Party. AP Internal Use Only

Cynthia Tucker -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- May 13, 2006
Living proof of immigration's marvelousness
...A frequent contributor to a right-wing, invective-filled Web site called VDARE.com, [D.A.] King once wrote in a column, after attending a rally supporting illegal immigrants as a "counterprotester": "I got the sense that I had left the country of my birth and been transported to some Mexican village, completely taken over by an angry..." AP Internal Use Only

BS Alert!
Des Moines Register -- April 2, 2006
Iowa's future linked to fate of invaders
Maria, 26, is an illegal immigrant, and an Iowan. -- She works, but her documents are phony [a crime]. She drives, but she has no license [read: she has no respect for the law]. -- Maria crossed the U.S.-Mexico border five years ago and came to Marshalltown to work for the Swift & Co. meatpacking plant...AP Internal Use Only

No More Bullshit!
Arizona Daily Star Editorial -- March 20, 2006
Illegal alien held in daughter's death a cruel twist
The quest to stem the tide of illegal immigration into Arizona is taking its toll on humanity and compassion. -- The Associated Press reported Tuesday than an illegal entrant and his 12- year- old daughter were crossing the border on foot recently when they were run over by a Border Patrol pickup. AP Internal Use Only

Don't Step In This!
Portland Oregonian Editorial -- March 19, 2006
Beaver state rag lauds invaders
What would Oregon do without its illegal immigrants? We're months away from harvest, but these undocumented workers, mostly from Mexico, are already proving again they're indispensable. Without even trying, they're helping gubernatorial candidates shake the trees for the May primary, and pluck up votes. AP Internal Use Only

Henry Vega -- Ventura County Star -- March 12, 2006
It's time to support a guest-worker (amnesty) program
There's nothing worse than having an important issue decided based upon emotions, uninformed opinions and raw politics, but that's exactly what's happening with the immigration issue. Some segments - legislators, talk-show hosts and a share of the American public - simply want to slam our borders shut.... AP Internal Use Only

Don't Step in This Stinker
Robert Seltzer -- San Antonio Express-News -- March 12, 2006
If churches targeted in immigrant fight, a higher law will prevail
This is the trouble with politicians: Just when you think they have exhausted your capacity for anger and outrage, they do something that makes your bile come up again. -- The Rev. Michael DeGerolami, the pastor of a Catholic church on the South Side, is a man of peace, so he may not react to the latest indignation with the vitriol that might consume a lesser man....AP Internal Use Only

Phony Mahony
Philadelphia Inquirer -- March 12, 2006
Mahony writes to Bush on invaders
Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, has gone on record against H.R. 4437, an immigration bill sponsored by U.S. Reps. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R., Wis.) and Peter King (R., N.Y.). The Senate considered similar legislation last week. Here are excerpts from a letter from Mahony to President Bush on Dec. 30, 2005...AP Internal Use Only

Caca de Toro
Wall Street Journal Editorial -- March 11, 2006
All cops, no economics (Pro-amnesty claptrap)
...We doubt voters elected a Republican Congress to build walls along the Rio Grande and Canada and punish businesses for hiring willing workers. But since Representative James Sensenbrenner and other House GOP leaders have ignored President Bush's request for comprehensive reform, soberer types... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic Editorial -- March 10, 2006
Political posturing is betraying border
...We need a legal system to match willing workers with authorized employers who can't find or keep U.S. workers in their industries at any price, much less the going wages. -- Our congressional leaders understand this. They are in fact leading the movement toward a national guest-worker program. AP Internal Use Only

Caca del Toro
San Jose Mercury News -- March 9, 2006
Invasion views soften in state (so says Field poll)
...Californians' attitudes toward illegal immigration are softening. Yet those who vote tend to maintain a much harsher view of the issue, according to a Field Poll... -- ''That is a blatant lie,'' Barbara Coe of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform said of the poll. ''It's the product of the liberal media and our dysfunctional president.'' AP Internal Use Only

Caca de Toro
York (Pennsylvania) Dispatch Editorial -- March 7, 2006
Mexico wall a blueprint for failure
A 2,000-mile wall between the United States and Mexico -- if such can be imagined. And in that flight of imagination, picture a detailed map of the border between the two nations with the words "blueprint for failure" stamped thereon. -- It was Aldous Huxley who warned that the most important thing we learn... AP Internal Use Only

Don't Step In This!
Arizona Republic -- February 26, 2006
Crackdown could trigger gap in labor, workers say
Employers are not the only ones concerned about the effects of any crackdown on undocumented workers. Some employees also worry that lower-paid jobs will go unfilled, at least temporarily. -- In Arizona, construction, restaurant, agriculture and hotel industries rely on immigrant labor, including [illegal aliens... criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial -- February 26, 2006
Finding middle ground (McCain-Kennedy amnesty scheme)
...Get packing! That's what Sensenbrenner's bill says to the millions of illegals already living in this country. But that attitude ignores several realities. First, mass deportation would be an immensely costly endeavor. Second, many of these people have become productive, law-abiding residents... AP Internal Use Only

BS Alert!
Center for Community Change [Left wing crackpots] -- Feb. 21, 2006
Youth being mobilized around invasion debate
Less than a year since national news coverage of a rare one year deferred deportation for one [illegal alien... criminal] student and public spokesperson for the DREAM Act, young people from around the country are mobilizing to fight the anti-immigrant climate on Capitol Hill and in legislatures... AP Internal Use Only

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