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March 19, 2004

"As goes the Latino population of California so goes California and so goes America. That is what Southwest Voter [project] must do, you must stand for our Latino future."

[In Spanish] "How beautiful the new world that has a governor named Gonzalez, Hernandez or Martinez. Hispanic names for mayor of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego."

Henry Cisneros Former Clinton Secretary of Housing And Urban Development - Speaking before the 1996 Annual Meeting of Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project.

Cisneros - Convicted liar, reconquista, traitor

According to Henry Cisneros, the Clinton Administration's Secretary of Health and Human Services, the effective breakdown of the border between the U.S. and Mexico is resulting in "the Hispanization of America.... It is already happening and it is inescapable." - The New American - February 19, 1996

...Cisneros' influence grew even after it came to light that he lied to FBI agents during a background check after his Cabinet nomination in 1992. The investigation intensified, and Cisneros left the capital after one term. AP Internal Use Only

Outgoing President Clinton Pardons Reconquista Cisneros - 1/20/2001

More On This Subversive Menace....
San Antonio Express-News -- March 29, 2011     
Hispanic and Jewish leaders formalizing their alliance   
Henry Cisneros called it providential. Two Sundays ago, the scriptural reading at his West Side parish was about the patriarch Abraham and his divine call to start a new nation. -- "It was a wonderful moment for me," he said of the Mass. "It underscored once again why my people, the Latino people, have such deep, profound respect and feelings for Israel and the Jewish people."

San Antonio Express-News -- July 13, 2010   
Disgraced liar Henry Cisneros bewails SB1070 at ethnic hustler soiree 
Immigration reform continued to be the topic of choice at the National Council of La Raza's annual conference as former Mayor Henry Cisneros spoke out at a packed luncheon Monday against Arizona's new law. -- The luncheon also featured Democratic candidate for governor Bill White, who also spoke out against the law...

San Antonio Express-News-- September 20, 2009     
Reconquista ex-con Cisneros now advising embattled ACORN   
Former [San Antonio] Mayor Henry Cisneros said Friday he accepted a request to serve on an advisory council for ACORN in order to help the community organizing group recently rocked by allegations of corruption. --- ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, runs voter-registration drives...

Joe Guzzardi -- -- February 7, 2009  
Henry Cisneros: It's hard to keep a bad man down   
Given President Obama's capacity for forgiveness, we should be thankful that he didn't offer a post to former San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros, the "prominent Hispanic" —to use the term the media uses lovingly in reference to Latino politicians -- instead of the tax cheats and campaign finance abusers who have got him admitting: "I screwed up."

San Antonio Express-News -- January 28, 2009  
Reconquista Cisneros: Latinos key to future   
Former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros and several Latino leaders say the global competitiveness of the United States hinges on the progress of the country's Hispanic population — the fastest-growing minority group. -- The former San Antonio mayor touts that thesis in a new book, “Latinos and the Nation's Future,” released this week in Washington....

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
The Journal Times -- Racine, Wisconsin -- October 29, 2004
Disgraced liar and Clinton weasel touts Kerry scheme
...[Former HUD secretary and housing pimp Henry] Cisneros also detailed some of the outlines of the immigration policy in a Kerry administration. He criticized the Bush administration's guest worker plan, saying it's "not practical." Cisneros said that during the first 100 days of a Kerry administration there will be a more comprehensive plan that "will recognize the dignity of workers."

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
Arizona Daily Star Hourly Update -- October 13, 2004  
Disgraced liar, pal chum up Hispanics for Kerry in Arizona
Tempe -- Two top Democrats believe John Kerry has a chance to win Arizona this year - but only if Hispanics turn out for the Democratic nominee in greater numbers than they did four years ago for Al Gore. -- Henry Cisneros, who was secretary of HUD under Bill Clinton [until he had to quit for fibbing to the FBI], said Wednesday Hispanics need to back Kerry at a rate close to 70%... AP Internal Use Only

Communist Party USA - September 27, 2004 
Why Latinos Want to Dump Bush
...Anti- [illegal] immigrant hate groups like Arizona based American Patrol, are using the internet to publicize and organize the backlash movement targeting progressive Latino politicians [reconquistas] like Grivalva and L.A. City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa for being pro [illegal] immigrant and for being alumni of MEChA. They go on to smear the Kerry Edwards ticket for accepting support from the progressive Latinos. [They failed to mention unsavory flotsam the likes of Bill Richardson, 'Fibber' Cisneros, and several others.]AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
Columbus Dispatch -- September 25, 2004
Fibbing Clinton crony says Kerry best for Latinos
The presidential election will be decided in Ohio, and Latinos can be a formidable factor, Henry Cisneros, [disgraced liar, ethnic pimp, and] former Housing and Urban Development secretary, said yesterday. -- Cisneros spoke to about 60 people at a Short North shop at the official kickoff of the Franklin County Unidos con Kerry campaign. He encouraged Latinos to become politically active in these crucial weeks of the campaign.AP Internal Use Only

Propaganda Mill
Cisneros Watch
El Paso Times -- July 29, 2004
Disgraced liar talks of Hispanic clout in Bean Town
Former U.S. Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros [the ethnic hustler who had to quit his gig with Clinton for fibbing to the FBI] looked out at the standing-room-only crowd Wednesday that packed the main ballroom at the Boston Sheridan Hotel and admired the progress Hispanic voters and activists have made over the years. -- "This is the largest and hottest caucus in the city of Boston," Cisneros told about 500 people attending the Latino Caucus...AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
Associated Press -- July 28, 2004
Disgraced sleaze hones skills as ethnic vote pimp for Kerry
Boston - Texas Democrats are looking for ways to get Hispanics, the state's largest minority bloc, to the polls in numbers large enough to help strengthen the party's future. -- Former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros told the Latino Caucus that in new battleground states like Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, Hispanics would make the difference in pushing John Kerry across the finish line.AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
San Antonio Express News --- July 8, 2004
Disgraced liar and Clinton crony spouts off a LULAC soiree
Former Mayor Henry Cisneros urged Hispanics on Wednesday to use the political force of their growing numbers to shape "the Latino future and the American future." -- "What LULAC has done for 75 years is build the platform, build the base, build the foundation that got us where we are today," Cisneros said. [Cisneros, a Kerry campaign co-chair, works for Kaufman and Broad, a huge housing development firm that backs MEChA barnacles like Antonio Villaraigosa]AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
Henry Cisneros -- Financial Times - U.K. -- May 24, 2004
Fibbing Clinton lackey bemoans Huntington essay
The central thesis of Samuel Huntington's new book is his claim that "the single most immediate and most serious challenge to America's traditional identity comes from the immense and continuing immigration from Latin America, especially from Mexico, and the fertility rates of these immigrants compared to black and white American natives". The Harvard professor ...AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
Jewish Journal -- Rob Eshman -- May 7, 2004
The Same Boat
Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros once gave a speech about the tremendous growth of the Latino population in the United States. -- "I hear what you're saying," a non-Latino woman in the audience said, her voice filled with anxiety. "But can't anybody do anything about it?" [Cisneros, a Kerry campaign co-chair, works for Kaufman and Broad, a huge housing development firm that backs MEChA barnacles like Antonio Villaraigosa] AP Internal Use Only

No Aiding & Abetting Criminals
Houston Chronicle -- April 18, 2004
To some banks, invaders-wrongdoers an untapped market
Undocumented? -- No problema, some banks and lenders say to undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- Banco Popular is one bank that gives undocumented immigrants home loans... -- Several people in the local real estate community praised such programs. -- "That's a positive thing that will help immigrants buy homes," said [disgraced liar & ethnic pimp] Henry Cisneros, the former secretary of HUD..... AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- April 17, 2004
Disgraced liar says poor need affordable housing
Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros praised Habitat for Humanity leaders for their hard work and told them that home ownership is the key to helping working-class families succeed in life. -- [Cisneros works for Kaufman and Broad, a huge housing development firm based in Southern California that backs MEChA barnacles like Antonio Villaraigosa] AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald -- April 13, 2004
GOP courts Hispanic voters, usual suspects carp
..."The Bush campaign will kick off its Hispanic outreach program in Orlando, but any kick-off won't hide the fact that they're way off on the issues,'' said former U.S. Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros [a reconquista and disgraced liar], who in a Friday conference call with reporters said the Republican rhetoric rings hollow when it comes to delivering jobs and education to Hispanics. -- Kerry's campaign also is being aided by... the New Democrat Network, which has close ties to... New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. AP Internal Use Only

Another Evil Ford Foundation Attack on America
UPI -- April 12, 2004
Reconquista gang names new leader
Ann Marie Tallman has been chosen to lead the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the liberal U.S. Hispanic organization said Monday. -- Tallman, the Iowa-born granddaughter of Mexican migrant workers, has been an executive with financial service giant Fannie Mae for the last 10 years. [She is highly endorsed by Mexican fifth-columnist Henry Cisneros, according to a press release today] AP Internal Use Only AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Subversive
Cisneros Watch
San Antonio Express-News (Free Registration) -- April 10, 2004
Hispanic leaders lash out at Bush
Latino leaders supporting John Kerry's bid for the White House struck out at President Bush on Friday and accused his Republican administration of breaking its promises to the Hispanic community. -- Former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros [a Mexican subversive and admitted liar] and other Hispanic Democrats leveled the criticism on the eve of a Florida rally...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista's Pal
Press Release from April 8 -- April 10, 2004
Worst of the Mexican reconquistas back John Kerry
...Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros, Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Florida State Representative Bob Henriquez, Los Angeles City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa, and Democratic National Committee Hispanic Outreach Director Nelson Reyneri will participate in the call [which has now already taken place]. AP Internal Use Only

Snake Oil
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- April 10, 2004
'Recycling' old neighborhoods urged by reconquista
With Southern California's population expected to soar over the next 20 years, local leaders must focus on "recycling" old neighborhoods to develop more housing to help meet the growing demand, former U.S. Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros said Thursday in a speech at Cal State Channel Islands. [La Times fails to mention that Mexican fifth columnist and disgraced lying cretin Cisneros works for Kaufman and Broad, a huge housing development firm based in Southern California that also backs MEChA barnacles like Antonio Villaraigosa]

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times -- March 23, 2004
Disgraced ex-HUD secretary out hustling again
With larger and younger families, Hispanics will continue to be a driving force in American society and the U.S. economy, Henry Cisneros... told a gathering of newspaper publishers and editors Monday. --- "This phenomenon [evidently the invasion], I believe, is profoundly positioned for America," he said. "Some people will be afraid and won't understand....." AP Internal Use Only

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Arizona Republic -- March 20, 2004
Disgraced Clinton crony speaks to Hispanics in Phoenix
...About 800 Valley Hispanic leaders and students gathered at Phoenix Civic Plaza for the Latino Institute to celebrate their past and to plan to make their voices heard in the future. -- Henry Cisneros, Housing and Urban Development secretary in the Clinton administration and a former mayor of San Antonio, delivered the keynote speech. -- The "Making the Connection" conference focused on what Cisneros called "Hispanization," the growing Latino community and its influence on America's cultural, political and economic scenes. AP Internal Use Only

Ranting and Raving
Arizona Republic -- March 19, 2004 -- Not Posted on the American Patrol Report
Annoying liar of a reconquista to speak in Phoenix
The man credited by some for paving the way for future Latino leaders will speak to Hispanic Phoenix today on "Hispanization," the growing Latino community and its tremendous influence on culture, literature, music, food, religion and architecture. -- Henry Cisneros, [a lying reconquista and disgraced Clinton crony] who became the nation's first Hispanic big-city mayor when he was elected to lead San Antonio in 1981, will deliver a keynote speech to 800 young professionals and students at the Latino Institute conference at Phoenix Civic Plaza. AP Internal Use Only

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