Bratton on Driver's Licenses for Invaders

Arrogant N.Y. Import Bratton

"It is good public policy. It is good public safety," Bratton said Thursday. "The number of hit-and-run accidents and pursuits -- a growing problem in Los Angeles -- we believe will decrease significantly." --KABC-TV (AP) -- August 15, 2003AP Internal Use Only   On Special Order 40 and LAPD's refusal to cooperate with feds on immigration law enforcement: "If you don't like it, leave the state."  This cretin quit L.A.P.D. in late 2009.

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Chief Bratton (of the Los Angeles Police Department) is opposed to turning illegal alien gang members over to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- formerly INS) for deportation -- BEFORE THEY COMMIT THEIR NEXT CRIME!


Q: What is Special Order 40?

A: "Special Order 40"is not a law, but a police mandate that originated in 1979 by former Police Chief Gates and the L.A. City Council to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees. The LAPD rightfully argues that without Special Order 40, innocent undocumented immigrant witnesses and victims would lose the trust of the LAPD and would not report crimes for fear of being deported. But Chief, in case you didn't know it, gang members are not innocent undocumented immigrant witnesses or victims.

Q: With Special Order 40 in place, do innocent undocumented immigrant witnesses or victims report crime?

A: Chief Bratton would like to think so, but they don't. But not out of fear of the LAPD. They do not report crime out of fear of retaliation by gang members for testifying (even documented immigrants and U.S. citizens are intimidated by gang members).

Q: Can the LAPD enforce immigration law?

A: Yes, but they don't have to. Many point to a federal court order which invalidated Proposition 187 on the grounds that local police could not lawfully enforce immigration law. But on October 4, 1999, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a landmark decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (USA v VASQUEZ-ALVAREZ), confirming that state and local law enforcement officials are free to arrest criminals solely on the basis of illegally being in the U.S. This ruling finally put to rest any question that local governments have about their authority to join the federal government in the fight against illegal alien criminals.

Q: Even though the LAPD may enforce immigration law, why should the LAPD enforce federal immigration laws if they have higher law enforcement priorities to which to attend?

A: The LAPD does not have to enforce immigration law, they just have to turn illegal alien gang members over to the ICE and leave the enforcement to them.

Q: If the LAPD turns gang members over to the ICE, won't they just come back to Los Angeles anyway?

A: Just because the ICE doesn't do their job, doesn't mean that the LAPD shouldn't do theirs. Gang members return to L.A. because they know that Chief Bratton doesn't care. Instead of passing the blame buck to the ICE, Chief Bratton should publicly lobby the ICE to do their job.

Q. Didn't Chief Bratton and Mayor Hahn visit federal leaders in seeking help in fighting gang crime.

A. Yes, but they went to Washington to do the only thing they know how to do -- ask for money! They NEVER have asked the ICE to help Los Angeles in its war against gang crime.

Q: Without Special Order 40, wouldn't racist LAPD officers abuse their power and target Hispanics immigrants?

A: The LAPD, with over 40 percent of its officers being minorities, is the most immigrant friendly police department in the country. If police abuse exists, fix the cops, but don't take away a valuable tool to fight gangs. Chief Bratton could amend Special Order 40 with the stroke of a pen to apply only to gang member suspects when there is probable cause.

Q: In this country, we assume suspects to be innocent until proven guilty. Won't the LAPD be violating gang members' rights by simply determining their immigration status for turnover to the ICE if they haven't been charged with a crime?

A: If the City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo can place injunctions on gang members not to congregate in certain places, who have not been charged with crimes, he should have no qualms about turning known illegal alien gang members over to the ICE.

Q: Are most gang members illegal aliens?

A: Yes. Although strong evidence points to the probability that most gang members are illegal aliens, A 1997 L.A. Times three part series on the 18th street gang stated that out of the membership estimated to be as high as 20,000, about 60% of them are illegal immigrants, according to a confidential report by the state Department of Justice. Its primary recruitment targets: immigrant youngsters -- and that's just one gang. And according to the L.A. Daily News, Sheriff Baca's own study estimated that 38,748 county inmates (23 percent of the jail population) are illegal aliens who will cost the county an estimated annual jail housing cost of $150 million.

Q: Why weren't all those illegal alien county inmates turned over to the ICE before they had a chance to commit their crimes?

A: Because just like the LAPD, the sheriff's department has the same policy of not determining criminals' immigration status.

Q: Has any other law enforcement entity asked the ICE for help in deporting illegal alien gang members?Y. Yes. The the City of Anaheim has an part time ICE agent three times per day in their department whose job it is to take illegal alien criminal suspects off the Anaheim police's hands and re-arrest them for deportation -- even if they are not charged with a crime. The program has resulted in a significant crime reduction.

Q: The LAPD and the Sheriff's Dept tell us that they do in fact turn illegal alien suspect over to the ICE. Is this true?

A: The LAPD and the Sheriff Dept sometimes turn suspects over to the ICE, but only after they have been charged with a crime. This is like buying insurance after the accident.

Q: If the LAPD rounds up illegal alien gang members for turnover to the ICE, wouldn't this be targeting Hispanics?

A: No. It would be targeting illegal alien gang members. The fact that the majority of illegal alien gang members are Hispanic, is linked to the area's demography.

Q: If the LAPD turned illegal alien gang members over to the ICE, wouldn't this create a panic in the Latino community?

A: No. The only ones who would panic, are illegal alien gang members. As a former Van Nuys block captain, I can tell you that the Latino community, legal or illegal, want illegal alien gang members deported as much as anyone. To assume otherwise, is an insult to law abiding Hispanics.

Q: What could Chief Bratton do to fix the problem?

A: Chief Bratton is the only person empowered repeal, amend, or modify police orders. He should modify Special Order 40 to exclude known and identified gang members.

Q: How much would the repeal or modification of Special Order 40 reduce gang crime?

Probably by 50 percent. Los Angeles needs less criminals than it needs more cops. Violent crime would be reduced significantly overnight.

Q: So why doesn't Chief Bratton take steps to repeal or modify Special Order 40?

A: Chief Bratton does not show leadership. He showed his lack of leadership when he told me at a town hall meeting in Encino on December 16, 2002, that the city council wanted Special Order 40 and he could work around it. 

Some Recent News Related to the Dangerous Special Order 40

Los Angeles Times -- January 28, 2011    
LAPD Chief busy kowtowing to foreign meddlers over invaders   
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck thrust himself into the debate over policing and immigration this week by reemphasizing that his department does not stop people based on their immigration status [See Special Order 40]. -- Beck participated in Spanish-language public service announcements with consuls general from Mexico and five Central American countries to drive home the message...

Marin Independent-Journal -- Novato, Calif. -- December 18, 2009     
L.A.P.D.'s Special Order 40 will remain in effect   
Los Angeles' new police chief says he will continue a decades-old department policy that prevents officers from stopping people only to investigate their immigration status. -- Chief Charlie Beck said Friday he does not think his department should be the primary enforcer of immigration laws...

Los Angeles Times -- November 6, 2009    
Los Angeles gets another useless top cop when it comes to illegals   
Charlie Beck, the mayor's nominee to head the Los Angeles Police Department, told Hoy Newspaper he will make a particular effort to reach out to Latinos through community meetings and by conducting press conferences and any other police function in English and Spanish...

William J. Bratton -- Los Angeles Times -- October 26, 2009     
Good riddance to the seriously confused LAPD Chief Bratton   
...Americans want a solution to our immigration dilemma, as do law enforcement officials across this nation. But the solution isn't turning every local police department into an arm of Immigration and Customs Enforcement... [See]

Associated Press -- August 7, 2009  Translated by Google   
Mexican government laments departure of illegal alien-friendly Bratton   
The consul general of Mexico in Los Angeles thanked the police chief of the city, William Bratton, for his "willingness to cooperate and its ongoing dialogue with the government of Mexico. -- Bratton announced his surprise resignation on Wednesday after seven years at the head of the Police Department of Los Angeles....

Associated Press -- August 5, 2009     
L.A. police chief Bratton stepping down   
The president of the Los Angeles City Council says highly praised Police Chief William Bratton is stepping down. -- Councilman Eric Garcetti says Bratton disclosed his surprise decision Wednesday in a private meeting. [Good riddance to bad rubbish!]

Los Angeles Times -- June 18, 2009    UPDATED    
LAPD's Special Order 40 on illegals upheld by court    
An appeals court Wednesday upheld the Los Angeles Police Department's Special Order 40, a policy governing how officers interact with [illegal aliens]. -- The three-judge panel of the California Court of Appeal unanimously agreed with a lower court's decision to throw out a lawsuit in which a Los Angeles man had argued that the LAPD's policy violated federal and state laws...

Associated Press -- June 18, 2009    
Appeals court: LAPD's outrageous 'Special Order 40' can stand   
Los Angeles -- A California Court of Appeals panel on Wednesday upheld the Los Angeles Police Department's policy under which most people who are questioned are not asked about their immigration status to initiate investigations...

KABC-TV -- May 22, 2009    
Flashback: Bratton denies racial motivation in murders of blacks in L.A.   
An arrogant LAPD Chief William "if you don't like it leave the state" Bratton, one of MEChA-Boy Villaraigosa's pet lackeys, last year told KABC's Leo Stallworth at a news conference that Latino gang-bangers weren't targeting blacks in a string of vicious murders.... including the murder of Jamiel Shaw... [See L.A. area sweep for racist gang members] [Thanks to 'StephenLone Wolf' for uploading the video to YouTube]

Dennis Zine -- City Watch -- Los Angeles -- February 3, 2009  
My plan to improve LAPD illegal immigration policy    
As part of my longstanding commitment to public safety, I have worked over the past nine months to give the Los Angeles Police Department additional tools to combat criminal gang members. Last April, I introduced a Council motion asking LAPD to modify its immigration policy known as Special Order 40...

Walter Moore, Candidate For Mayor of Los Angeles -- October 28, 2008     
L A. City Council's pretend hearing on Jamiel's Law
On March 2, 2008, Jamiel Shaw, II, an outstanding young man destined for college, was murdered two doors down from his own home. -- On March 22, 2008, Fox News broke the story that Jamiel's murderer was a gang member and illegal alien... AP Internal Use Only

KABC-TV -- Los Angeles -- October 28, 2008    
Outrageous 'Special Order 40' subject of City Council hearing   
Many gathered at a Los Angeles City Council hearing on Monday to speak about a 29-year-old police policy. Special Order 40 has long prohibited officers from inquiring of a person's immigration status. -- Some of the comments stemmed from the recent killing of young athlete Jamiel Shaw this past summer...

Los Angeles Times -- October 27, 2008   
Former Police Chief Daryl Gates debates enforcement and illegals   
Tanned, toned and looking as if he's aged little in the 16 years since he left office, former LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates returned to City Hall today to wade into a contentious debate over the issue of police enforcement and illegal [aliens]. -- Gates helped craft Special Order 40....

NBC Los Angeles -- October 27, 2008   
Showdown over illegal immigration and crime   
After months of stalling by Councilman Jack Weiss, his Public Safety Committee is armed and ready today to face angry supporters of Jamiel's Law and Special Order 40 who will get support Monday from tough guy former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates... ~Visit / CNN -- April 11, 2008   
Dobbs speaks about Jamel Shaw Jr. and Special Order 40   
...Dobbs: : No, the liars are the city officials of Los Angeles, Casey. For that city councilman to stand there and tell that grieving family that the economy isn’t ready for the enforcement of immigration laws. And for Bill Bratton, the chief of police — I’ve known Bill Bratton and I want to say this Bill Bratton — for you to sit there and defend your Order 40...

FoxLA-TV -- Los Angeles -- March 23, 2008    Video Report
Report: L.A. athlete shooting suspect definitely in U.S. illegally   
Los Angeles -- A Fox News report aired March 22 said the 18th Street Gang member charged in the shooting death of a high school football star is in the country illegally and has been for years. It seems there have been several opportunities to deport this guy (LAPD's Special Order 40 comes to mind) but that never happened. Thaks to 'Lone Wolf' for the video clip.

New York Times -- October 22, 2007
Bratton endorses Spitzer's insane license scheme
Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who has been trying to build support for his unpopular plan to grant driver's licenses to illegal [aliens], announced today that William J. Bratton, the former New York City police commissioner who is now chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, had endorsed it.AP Internal Use Only -- July 28, 2006
Aliens among us? -- Don't ask, don't tell
In the blistering deserts along the U.S.-Mexico border, clusters of weary undocumented travelers climb through destroyed wire fence atop sand dunes. -- The sight is so common that passersby ­ even on the U.S. side ­ rarely notice anymore. -- But some big- city police departments have taken a similar "blind- eye" approach...AP Internal Use Only

Judicial Watch -- July 27, 2006
Special Order 40: Judge Rules Against LAPD
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that seeks to promote the rule of law, announced today that California Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu has ruled against the Los Angeles Police Department in an attempt to halt a lawsuit challenging Special Order 40, the LAPD sanctuary policy that prohibits police officers from inquiring...AP Internal Use Only
More Special Order 40 Chicanery

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