May 17, 2005 - Black Day in U.S. History
Vehement MEChA Zealot Elected L.A. Mayor

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Tony Villar, aka Antonio Villaraigosa is shown at right (foreground) bouncing down the old camino in illegal alien-bloated East L.A., his old gang turf, in a low-rider in celebration of Mexican independence day - September 9, 2001. He is accompanied by disgraced former governor Gray Davis, who was booted out of office for being an incompetent buffoon, and the particularly obnoxious Martha Lara, then cónsul general de México in L. A.

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Villaraigosa consorting with the enemy over Prop. 187

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Los Angeles Times -- June 21, 2012  
Illegals hoping to qualify for unlawful Obama dictate urged to gather data
[Illegal alien "rights" zealots] barely had time to digest the Obama administration's announcement last week that it would stop deporting some young [illegal aliens] when the questions started flowing in: Am I the right age? Does an arrest disqualify me? Do my parents qualify? -- "We've been celebrating all weekend," Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Tuesday. "We've now got to get ready..."

Talking Points Memo -- June 15, 2012  
'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa delighted over Obama's outrageous decree   
L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa praised President Obama on a call with reporters for halting deportations on some young Americans who came to the country illegally as children. -- "This is the right thing to do," he said. "I applaud the president for doing it, and I think it's going to mean a great deal to the many families who live in terror that their kids may get deported through no fault of their own."

Las Vegas Review-Journal -- June 9, 2012 
L.A.'s mumbling buffoon of a mayor makes wild claims about Romney 
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Saturday warned Nevada Democrats that if Mitt Romney wins the White House, the U.S. will lose economic gains, health care coverage for the uninsured and equal rights for women promoted by President Barack Obama. -- "Mitt Romney and the right wing will stop this country in its tracks," Villaraigosa said, speaking to the Nevada Democratic Party convention...

Sara Inés Calderón -- -- May 7, 2012    
'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa's tap dance alignment with Obama  
In predictable fashion, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a standard answer to a fairly standard question: why should Latinos support President Barack Obama in 2012 recently. In a phone interview with Politic365 on Thursday, he cited 25 months of private sector job growth; 1.2 million new jobs for Latinos; 2 million Latinos out of poverty; expanded tax credits for 4 million Latinos; Pell grants...

Tom Gray -- City Journal -- New York -- April 13, 2012   
Yes, Los Angeles is going broke   
Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in a race against the clock. Two years ago, he declared at a press conference that city finances were sound and would stay that way: "The fact of the matter is this city will never go bankrupt." Then he hedged a bit, adding, "It will never go bankrupt under my watch." Villaraigosa's watch --- his second mayoral term, after which the law obliges him to leave office...

Huffington Post -- April 11, 2012    
'MEChA boy' Villaraigosa bewails Romney on illegals   
On Tuesday night, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa condemned Mitt Romney's immigration stance, calling it 'far out of the mainstream' and out of line with former GOP leaders on The Rachel Maddow Show. -- 'He's taken positions that are so extreme, so far out of the mainstream, from where Republican party icon Ronald Reagan, [and] President Bush, George W. Bush were on this issue,' the L.A. Mayor said...

Gregory D. Lee -- Family Security Matters -- March 1, 2012  
Los Angeles should stop hugging illegals   
In what has to be the most ridiculous recommendation by any law enforcement official, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and his counterpart, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, have announced they support issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens. Chief Beck said, "The reality is that all the things that we've done --- 'we' being the state of California --- over the last 14, 16 years have not reduced the problem one iota."

KPCC -- Pasadena, Calif. -- February 29, 2012  
Unelected commission decides to mollycoddle invaders despite public outcry
After weeks of stormy debate in public meetings and on conservative talk radio, the Los Angeles Police Commission Tuesday voted 4-1 to approve a policy that ends the practice of automatically impounding the cars of unlicensed [illegal aliens] for 30 days. -- Chief Charlie Beck [one of two numskulls at left], who proposed the policy, said it's a more "humane" one for [illegal aliens] who are unable to obtain licenses... [Related]

Los Angeles Times -- February 22, 2012      
Crackpot L.A.P.D. Chief says illegals should get driver's licenses 
Wading into a politically charged debate, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck [clown shown at left] said California should issue driver's licenses to illegal [aliens]. -- The chief becomes one of the most prominent local figures to support the idea and his stance is certain to further inflame critics who are already angry at Beck's efforts to liberalize the rules on how his officers impound the cars of unlicensed drivers... [MEChA Boy Villaraigosa agrees]

Los Angeles Daily News -- February 20, 2012      
Tipoff: 'MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa cabinet rumors start again  
Let the rumors begin. With Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa being named chairman of the Democratic National Convention this summer in Charlotte, N.C., the rumor mill is alive with speculation that it is seen as a grooming period for a potential cabinet post in a second Obama administration. -- These are the same rumors that circulated after Obama's election four years ago when Villaraigosa came off a successful tour...

American Patrol Report Feature -- February 15, 2012    
MEChA Boy Villaraigosa will chair Democratic National Convention 
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been selected chairman of this summer's Democratic National Convention, elevating his role as a surrogate in the Latino community and raising his national profile at a time Villaraigosa considers his political future. A formal announcement was scheduled Wednesday in Washington, with the mayor planning to join President Obama on Wednesday night for a presidential fundraiser in Los Angeles...

American Patrol Report Feature -- February 8, 2012    
Lest We Forget -- Villaraigosa Reports to Mexico City   
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pounced on Mitt Romney's immigration stance Wednesday night before a crowd of Washington, D.C., lawmakers and officials honoring the mayor for his public service. -- "For the first time in modern memory, a major political party is poised to nominate a presidential candidate who has abandoned immigration reform and instead advocates self-deportation," he said...

Contra Costa Times -- Walnut Creek, Calif -- February 8, 2012    
"MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa in D.C. to call for amnesty
Los Angeles -- Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will call for more action on comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 when he speaks tonight in Washington, D.C., at a dinner benefiting the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund. -- Villaraigosa will also reiterate his strong support for President Barack Obama's re-election, according to press secretary Teddy Davis...

Brenda Walker -- -- January 20, 2012   
Los Angeles: Anti-impound policy for illegal aliens debated   
In Los Angeles, Mayor Tony Villaraigosa and his police chief Charlie Beck [clown shown at left] have rolled out a new policy to benefit illegal aliens that will seriously undermine public safety. Presently, when an officer comes in contact with an unlicensed driver (often an illegal alien), the vehicle is impounded for 30 days as a punishment for illegal driving plus the money needed to bail out the car...

Dallas Morning News -- January 18, 2012  
L.A.'s philandering Mechista mayor miffed at Congress   
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, offered a scathing assessment this morning of Congress --- especially House Republicans --- accusing lawmakers of blocking administration efforts to spur job creation. -- "It's interesting. The House Republican leadership has never seen a tax cut they didn't like except when President Obama proposed it," he said...

Doug McIntyre -- L.A. Daily News-- December 20, 2011   
Just call the LAPD the LAPC  
Politically Correct Charlie Beck [clown at left] strikes again. -- As Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's designated wingman, the police chief is the principal apologist for the sanctuary city policies that have turned L.A. into - as author David Rieff dubbed it back in 1992 - "The Capital of the Third World." -- Whenever the mayor needs to un-enforce laws against the hundreds of thousands of illegal [aliens] living here, he sends for the chief...

Los Angeles Times -- December 16, 2011 
'MEChA boy' mayor wants state out of Secure Communities program
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has written to Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to suspend California's participation in the Secure Communities immigration enforcement program. -- In his letter, written this month, Villaraigosa said issues with the program "have been and remain significant." -- Under Secure Communities, which began in 2008, fingerprints collected by state and local police are shared with immigration authorities...

Associated Press -- August 19, 2011       
Los Angeles downgraded, drops Standard & Poor's   
The city of Los Angeles will no longer hire Standard & Poor's to rate its $7 billion general investment pool because the firm recently downgraded the city's portfolio from AAA to AA. -- Interim Treasurer Steve Ongele says the city has lost faith in S&P's judgment... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

KNXT-TV -- Los Angeles -- June 30, 2011         
L.A.'s open-borders mayor ignores outcry, orders wall built around digs 
Despite the objections of his neighbors, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has ordered city officials to proceed with a plan to erect a six-foot wall around the mayor's mansion. -- The wall — which would flank the sides of Getty House in Hancock Park — recently drew the ire of local residents in February when Villaraigosa filed a request for a local variance that prohibits any fencing that exceeds 42 inches in height...

Cecilia Muñoz -- Obama Regime's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs -- June 29, 2011
MEChA-boy mayor joins White House La Raza mole in amnesty push 
Last week at their annual meeting, the United States Conference of Mayors passed a resolution among their members calling for comprehensive immigration reform [amnesty]. The sponsors of that resolution, Los Angeles, California Mayor and U.S. Conference of Mayors President Antonio Villaraigosa and Laredo, Texas Mayor Raul Salinas explain why immigration reform cannot wait...

Los Angeles Times -- April 2, 2011     
L.A.'s 'MEChA Boy' mayor fined $42K for ethics violations   
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has agreed to pay nearly $42,000 in fines to resolve state and city investigations into his practice of accepting tickets to sports events, concerts and pricey entertainment activities without reporting them as gifts, officials said Friday...

KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- March 15, 2011     
KFI Radio's John & Ken make big impact in California politics   
...[John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou's] rants against former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis were credited with contributing to his eventual 2003 recall, and their listeners flooded Los Angeles City Hall with toilet brushes after Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said, "We clean your toilets," while praising the contribution of [illegal aliens]...

Southern California Public Radio -- March 15, 2011     
Discriminatory LAPD vehicle impound policy begs for a lawsuit   
...[LAPD Chief and MEChA Boy Villaraigosa lackey Charlie Beck] said unlicensed U.S. citizens and legal residents stopped at checkpoints will still see their cars impounded, because unlike [illegal aliens] they have the choice to get a license...

L.A. Weekly -- February 28, 2011     
'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa's Fence: Whatever happened to 'bridges not walls'?   
News of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's application for a six-foot security fence around his Windsor Square mansion took off quicker than a border coyote on the desert hustle last Friday, riling outrage from most and a "Who cares?" from few. -- In the LA Weekly's comment thread, there were the obvious jokes about Villaraigosa trying to hide his "booty calls" from reporters...

Hispanically Speaking -- February 27, 2011     
Anti-border fence MEChA-Boy Villaraigosa wants fence... around HIM   
We aren't sure if it is what is going on in Wisconsin or the recent shooting of AZ Rep. Gabby Giffords but the Mayor to the largest city in the U.S. is afraid and wants to built a 6-ft fence around his official residence. -- Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants the city to change its rules and allow a 6 ft fence around the official mayoral house...

Los Angeles Wave -- December 20, 2010     
'MEChA Boy' L.A. mayor whines about failure of DREAM Act amnesty   
...Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa decried the death of what he called a "sensible, pragmatic piece of legislation [that] would have strengthened our economy and infused the talent and skills of hard-working, educated young adults into our country's workforce and military... "

Los Angeles Times -- November 22, 2010    
"MEChA Boy" shnook signs "climate-change" pact at Mexico City summit
Hoping to place cities at the forefront of global climate-change policy efforts, leaders of more than 100 urban centers, including L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, pledged on Sunday in Mexico City to commit their governments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions...

Los Angeles Times -- November 20, 2010    
L.A.'s "MEChA Boy" mayor heads to narcostate down south   
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is going on the road again — this time to Mexico City, where he plans to attend this weekend's World Mayors Summit on Climate. -- The summit is a follow-up to last year's mega-conference on climate change in Copenhagen, an event that the mayor also attended...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- October 28, 2010     
L.A. City Council smokescreen   
What would you consider the highest-priority problem facing the City? -- Perhaps the unemployment rate, which is in double digits, far above state and national averages? -- Perhaps the City's overspending, which is already projected to hit $63.7 million -- and we're just in the second quarter of the fiscal year...

Los Angeles Daily News -- October 12, 2010    
"MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa visits D.C. to stump for transit project money   
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa voiced confidence Monday that Los Angeles will get the go-ahead to accelerate a dozen major transit projects, including the "subway to the sea," as part of the national infrastructure bank proposed Monday by President Barack Obama...

Los Angeles Times -- September 20, 2010     
'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa calls for passage of DREAM Act amnesty   
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa added his voice Monday to those of a number of elected officials, labor leaders and others supporting the so-called Dream Act, federal legislation that would provide a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of illegal [aliens] who arrived in the United States as youngsters...

L.A. Weekly -- September 11, 2010     
Usual suspects turn on 'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa   
In response to statements from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Los Angeles Police Department that back officers involved in the shooting death of day laborer Manuel Jamines, the National Lawyers Guild, Answer Coalition, community activists and other groups gathered Friday at City Hall, condemning the mayor and police, with some calling the officers' actions "shameful, undemocratic and un-American."

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- August 29, 2010    
"MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa and cronies still spending your money like crazy   
Does anyone on the City Council ever look at the contracts that Villaraigosa and his cronies sign each week? Here are some of the latest deals that have me scratching my head just from last week. And yes, I checked, it's not head lice, it's just that the contracts are perplexing...

American Patrol Report Feature -- August 29, 2010   
Anchor Babies -- What Do They Mean?   
Political Correctness has taken over the anchor baby debate. The left is setting up a straw man – illegal aliens only come to the U.S. to give birth to a U.S. citizen. They then proceed to try to destroy this argument - pointing to lack of irrefutable evidence....

Los Angeles Daily News -- August 8, 2010     
'MEChA-Boy' Villaraigosa's staff grows despite hiring freezes  
In the five years he has been in charge, Antonio Villaraigosa has expanded the staff of the mayor's office to 206 people – including deputy mayors and managers, assistants and analysts – in moves his aides say are needed to deal with the [illegal alien-bloated] city's complex problems...

Los Angeles Daily News -- July 25, 2010    
Economic tailspin punctures dream for 'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa   
To observers of Los Angeles City Hall, the debate over how well Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is performing his job rests primarily on the promises he made when he first came into office five years ago. -- Portrayed as the "Energizer Bunny" for his seemingly nonstop public appearances, his call to "come dream with me" painted a vision of Los Angeles as the Venice of the 21st century....

Los Angeles Times -- July 19, 2010     
Riordan says L.A. could run out of money for parks, libraries   
Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan said Saturday that rising pension costs could cause the city to run out of money to pay for parks, libraries and other services within two years. -- The former mayor made his comments at a gathering of activists from across the political spectrum who are looking to push out the six City Council members... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Marie Atake -- The Examiner -- July 10, 2010   
'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa screws up.... again   
...On June 17th, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed Brenda Barnette, CEO of the Seattle Humane Society (SHS). According to the Daily News, Villaraigosa said, "Brenda Barnette will bring to the city one of the nation's strongest portfolios in the area of humane animal shelter management, effective pet adoption and public education programs, and successful community involvement efforts."

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles Daily News -- June 30, 2010    
"MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa shows he can employ a wasteful strategy   
You can learn a great deal about Mayor Villaraigosa's focus on self-aggrandizement just from looking at his office's nine-page staff directory. For example, guess what the second entry is under the heading "Frequently requested numbers?" That is correct: "Certificate requests" - as in, requests for calligraphy certificates to create a pretext for accepting "free" tickets and not reporting them...

Los Angeles Times -- June 29, 2010     
State ethics agency investigating "MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa's shady antics 
The state's ethics watchdog agency has opened an investigation to determine whether Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was engaged in his "ceremonial role or duty" when he accepted thousands of dollars in free tickets to sporting events and concerts, officials said Tuesday...

L.A. Weekly -- June 27, 2010     
Lawyer: "MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa is above the law   
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's attorneys, after promising the public they would divulge his extensive acceptance of free tickets, meals, alcohol, parking and other goodies that he failed to report under anticorruption laws for the past five years, today instead released a log that fails to explain which corporations and other entities handed him all that largesse...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- June 27, 2010     
Villaraigosa's illegal scheme to promote himself at taxpayer expense   
On March 10, 2008 -- less than a year before Mayor Villaraigosa would run for reelection -- he met with Ramon Cortines, who at the time was the Deputy Mayor for Education, Youth and Family, and Olga Garay, who was and still is the Executive Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- June 24, 2010     
Ticketgate is not just about the tickets   
Villaraigosa's receipt of tens of thousands of dollars' worth of tickets, and failure to report same, is disturbing not just because he has broken the law, but also because of the millions of dollars of subsidies, tax breaks and other special treatment his administration has given to the companies from which he received the tickets...

Los Angeles Times -- June 16, 2010    
From the Who Cares File: LAPD cancels Arizona trip over immigration law
...Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa [a 4-time Bar exam flunky and rabid Mexican reconquista zealot] has called the law "unpatriotic and unconstitutional," and the city council [mostly "progressive" loons] has been just as vocal. -- "Los Angeles is the second-largest city in this country," city councilman Ed Reyes said in May. [L.A. is loaded with illegals and is just about bankrupt.]

L.A. Weekly -- June 16, 2010     
Mayors pass meddling "MEChA Boy's" resolution condemning Arizona law   
A resolution by L.A. leader Antonio Villaraigosa urging Arizona to repeal its controversial immigration law was passed this week at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Villaraigosa's document, which called the desert state's legislation "unconstitutional and un-American," also encouraged federal immigration reform... [See: Oust Villaraigosa]

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- June 16, 2010    
You're paying another $118K for 'MEChA Boy's' house staff and DWP bills   
The next time you're pushing that Swiffer all over the house, collecting leftover pet fur, think about how nice it would be to come home from the Lakers game to find that your staff has left the whole house spotless, and has paid your phone bill, your DWP bill, and your utilities bill -- using other people's money...

The Oklahoman -- June 14, 2010     
Phil Gordon, 'MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa demand amnesty for invaders   
Hundreds of U.S. mayors Sunday gave a standing ovation to the Phoenix mayor who has spoken out against Arizona's new immigration law. -- Mayor Phil Gordon told those attending a U.S. Conference of Mayors panel that although he and his family have been the target of threats because of his criticism of the law, he regrets not speaking out earlier... [See Oust Villaraigosa]

Full Disclosure -- June 14, 2010           
L.A. public utility leads nation in decline   
Veteran newsman and long time editor Ron Kaye describes the role of the Department of Water and Power and current city leadership that has presided over the rapid decline of the nation's second most populous city. From 1982 to 2008 as Editor of the L. A. Daily news Kaye acquired first hand knowledge of the inner workings of Los Angeles... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

L.A. Weekly -- June 12, 2010     
City Ethics Commission Investigating 'MEChA-boy' Mayor Villaraigosa   
Fox 11 News reported that the city Ethics Commission has opened a formal investigation into Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's acceptance of sports and entertainment tickets, which could be a no-no as their value was not reported by the city leader as gifts. Reporter John Schwada says that the commission has requested documents related to the tickets from the mayor's office...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- June 8, 2010     
L.A. City Council plans to use YOUR tax dollars to pay for amicus brief in MALDEF lawsuit against Arizona   
Can someone please point me to the provision in the City Charter that authorizes the City to butt into any lawsuit, anywhere in America, to file an amicus brief? -- Here's why I ask: City Council Members Garcetti, Reyes, Alarcon and Hahn have made a motion, scheduled for a vote today, to spend your tax dollars...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- June 5, 2010    
Villaraigosa's free tickets may cost him over $405,000   
Any bank robber caught red-handed would, presumably, graciously offer to return the money and let bygones be bygones. -- Likewise, Villaraigosa, having been caught red-handed violating the City's ethics ordinance, has graciously offered to reimburse AEG and the other donors -- if the City Ethics Commission determines he has violated the law. -- You wish, Tony!

Jack Humphreville -- CityWatch LA -- June 5, 2010     
L.A.'s million dollar mayor   
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in full damage control mode. The Mayor's office "voluntarily initiated contact" with the City's Ethics Commission and the City Attorney regarding his acceptance of very expensive and hard to get tickets to numerous prime time events such as the Lakers, Dodgers, Angeles, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Academy Awards as well as a Beyonce concert...

Jack Humphreville -- CityWatch LA -- June 5, 2010    
"MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa: A CUT above the rest   
While the heads of thousands of City employees are on the chopping block because of the City's projected budget deficit of almost $500 million next year, our peripatetic, globetrotting Mayor is enjoying wine soaked steak dinners at CUT, the Wolfgang Puck, Richard Meier designed restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, located at the foot of fashionable Rodeo Drive...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- June 4, 2010      
"MEChA-boy" mayor broke the law by accepting AEG tickets   
You already know Villaraigosa has admitted accepting, and failing to disclose, tickets from AEG worth tens of thousands of dollars. -- You may not realize he broke the law by doing so. -- To protect the public from unethical politicians, our City adopted ordinances prohibiting officials from accepting gifts... [See: Throw the bum out]

Walter Moore Says... -- June 2, 2010  
The million people who screwed up Los Angeles   
How in the world can America's second-biggest city have utter incompetents in key positions at City Hall? -- How did we wind up with a Mayor ["MEChA boy" Villaraigosa] who could not pass the bar exam despite four tries, and a City Council that equates Arizona with Nazi Germany, who, together, have brought the City to the verge of bankruptcy despite near-record high revenues? [See: Oust Villaraigosa]

Tampa Bay Tribune -- May 23, 2010     
La Reconquista -- the politics of ethnic conflict   
...Ever mindful of the Mexican vote, the Obama Administration appointed Cecilia Munoz, an open-borders advocate, who was a senior vice president for the National Council of La Raza to the executive office of the president; and nominated Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a member of La Raza, to the Supreme Court. Cruz Bustamante ...and Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles, were both Mechistas -- under the Raza umbrella -- an anti-American separatist group.

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- May 23, 2010     
Villaraigosa squandering $20M yearly to surrender L.A. streets to gangs   
If you want to feel your blood boil, read the article entitled "An educated weapon will combat gangs" in the Los Angeles Times. -- Long story short: You and I, the taxpayers of Los Angeles, are shelling out over $20 million a year to fund an "industry" of "gang programs," the very premise of which is the City must cede control of the streets to, and learn to "get along with," gangs...

Gary Pierce -- Yuma Sun -- May 23, 2010      
Impact on Yuma from boycott likely small   
Gary Pierce, one of five Arizona Corporation Commissioners and a former Yuma County supervisor, believes the recent call by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the city council there for a boycott on Arizona is simply political flag waving which shouldn't have a vast economic impact on private businesses in Yuma...

London Guardian -- May 21, 2010     
Pro-invasion stooge "MEChA-Boy" Villaraigosa responds to Arizona   
...LA, which has a large [illegal alien.... criminal] population and is opposed to Arizona's immigration law, receives a quarter of its electricity from power plants located in Arizona. -- Villaraigosa counter-attacked, saying in a statement that he would "not respond to threats from a state which has isolated itself from the America that values freedom, liberty and basic civil rights."

Long Beach (Calif.) Press-Telegram -- May 18, 2010     
Defiant LA to Arizona: Go ahead and cut off the power!   
...[Antonio "MEChA Boy"] Villaraigosa is standing firm on the economic boycott. His press office issued a statement saying the mayor is "strongly behind the City Council on this issue, and will not respond to threats from a state which has isolated itself from the America that values freedom, liberty and basic civil rights..." [The mayor is currently in DC swooning over the Mexican president at taxpayers' expense]

Washington Times -- May 18, 2010    
Arizona dares L.A. to carry out boycott   
...In a letter to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce said a boycott war is bad for both sides, and said he would "be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements" to end the electricity flowing to Los Angeles...

Los Angeles Times -- May 18, 2010     
"MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa in D.C. swooning over meddling Mexican   
Less than a week after arriving home from a trip to Washington, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is headed back to the nation's capital for a two-day visit. -- He will attend a number of ceremonies for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, including a White House state dinner on Wednesday night hosted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama...

CNS News -- May 14, 2010      
'MEChA Boy' L.A. Mayor: Illegal immigration adds to 'economic might' of deficit-ridden California   
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told Thursday that illegal immigration has not contributed to his city's budget problems, but, on the contrary, that illegal immigration adds to the "economic might" of California... [More from this clown] [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- May 8, 2010   
Why is Villaraigosa still trading with "Nazi Arizona?"   
Hey, Villaraigosa, Hahn, Reyes and all the rest of you: I'm calling you out on your phony Arizona boycott. -- You talked the talk, but as far as I can tell, you have yet to walk the walk. -- Have you stopped buying power from that Arizona power plant? -- Why not? -- After all, you're the ones who called the people of Arizona Nazis...

Los Angeles Times -- May 7, 2010 
Riordan criticized after pointing out "MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa's incompetence 
..."As a result of his delays in responding to the city's fiscal emergency, Mr. Villaraigosa has squandered not just his career, but his relevancy," [former L.A. Mayor Richard] Riordan wrote in a Wall Street Journal commentary co-authored by former city animal services Commissioner Alex Rubalcava...

Antonio "MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa -- May 1, 2010    
Crackpot L.A. mayor demands amnesty for illegal aliens   
Today, I was proud to stand with a diverse coalition of [illegal alien "rights"] and faith-based groups to declare our support for comprehensive immigration reform [aka amnesty]. -- We are long overdue for a change in our outdated and ineffective immigration policies. They do not adequately address the security concerns we face in a post-9/11 world... [Right... the borders remain wide open] [Listen to this fool]

American Patrol Report Feature -- April 30, 2010   
U.S. Sovereignty Challenged -- Will the Bonds of Our Union Hold?   
Los Angeles -- The mayor ["MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa] also urges participation in Saturday's immigrant and labor rights march downtown, which police say could lure 100,000 people. -- Blasting Arizona's tough new immigration law as "unpatriotic and unconstitutional..." [This from a traitorous buffoon who flunked the Bar exam 4 times]

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 30, 2010     
L.A. should stop buying Arizona power or shut up about boycott   
Villaraigosa, Hahn, Reyes, Garcetti and the rest of L.A.'s sanctimonious Spring Street Gang have resolved to boycott Arizona because of that state's new immigration law. -- Really? -- Do any of our local Philosopher Kings realize that the City of Los Angeles, through the Department of Water and Power, buys 21% of the power generated by a coal plant in Arizona?

Los Angeles Times -- April 30, 2010      
'MEChA Boy' Bar exam flunky declares new Arizona law "unconstitutional"  
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Thursday that he supports a boycott of Arizona by the [illegal alien-packed and nearly bankrupt] city of Los Angeles, and he called that state's newly passed immigration law "unpatriotic and unconstitutional." -- "No person should be treated differently in the eyes of the law," he said at a news conference...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 21, 2010    
What Villaraigosa omitted from his State Of The City speech   
If you read or listened to Villaraigosa's "State of the City" speech, you may have noticed he omitted to mention a certain touchy topic: the state of the City. -- Villaraigosa never disclosed the state of City Hall's own finances. How much money has it taken in this fiscal year? How much has it spent?

Los Angeles Times -- April 21, 2010     
Credibility is strained as Villaraigosa backtracks on gloom and doom budget   
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Tuesday laid out his rescue plan for a city mired in its worst fiscal crisis in a generation -- an austerity budget that would cut library hours, scale back pothole repairs, freeze the hiring of firefighters and shut the agency that oversees neighborhood councils... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

KCBS-TV -- Los Angeles -- April 21, 2010        
"MEChA-Boy" Mayor Villaraigosa targeted in recall effort   
On the same day Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa delivered his state of the city address, political activists David Hernandez and Augusto Bisani launched a campaign to recall the mayor. -- Hernandez, who is a frequent political candidate himself, charges that Mayor Villaraigosa failed to heed warnings years ago...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 21, 2010     
I will be cutting my office budget   
"I will be cutting my office budget and I ask the Council to do the same." -- That's what Villaraigosa said in his "State of the City" speech. Sounds almost noble, doesn't it? -- But what if instead he had said, "I will be cutting my office budget by just 2.57%, and I'm actually going to add yet another person to my staff?"

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 20, 2010    
Villaraigosa trying to mislead you into thinking he's laying off thousands   
[L.A. mayor Antonio "Mecha-Boy"] Villaraigosa wants you to believe that his new budget involves laying off 3,546. He's even released a detailed, 52-page list of job titles. -- The very thought of this 'mass' layoff is supposed to terrify you into approving his plans to sell valuable public property -- like parking structures, street parking and golf courses...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 19, 2010    
Why you should sign the petition to recall 'MEChA-Boy' Villaraigosa   
The City of Los Angeles cannot afford three more years of Antonio Villaraigosa as its Mayor. -- During his first five years in office, Villaraigosa irresponsibly increased annual spending 32%: from $5.3 billion per year to $7 billion per year. Villaraigosa's spending spree included...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 17, 2010    
Villaraigosa and L.A. City Council cost thousands of people their jobs   
How much of L.A.’s unemployment is due to the recession, and how much is due to City Hall’s policies? -- The short answer is: 74,344 people have lost their jobs because Villaraigosa, Garcetti, Perry, Alarcon, Cardenas and the rest of the Spring Street Gang have made our city a hostile work environment...

American Patrol Report -- April 17, 2010      
"MEChA-Boy" L.A. Mayor tweets support for invader-friendly candidate   
Incompetent L.A. Mayor Tony Villar, aka Antonio "MEChA-Boy" Villaraigosa, has endorsed San Francisco's Kamala Harris for California Attorney General. Harris appears to be both illegal alien friendly and soft on crime. She declined to recommend the death penalty for the Edwin Ramos, the invader convicted of murdering Tony Bologna and his two sons in cold blood.

The Florida Pundit / Hot Air -- April 15, 2010     
Calif. Madness: Spend, raise taxes, kill jobs-- the Obama model for America 
Reason TV has a put together a great video on the madness that has destroyed the economy in California: powerful public unions, raising taxes and government spending and record losses in private sector jobs. President Obama is putting the entire country on the same track... [See Cal Meltdown Watch & Obama Watch]

Washington Post -- April 12, 2010   
LAPD detectives sidelined by city budget crisis   
Los Angeles -- The city's budget crisis and cap on overtime is forcing homicide detectives to stop work for days at a time, hurting their ability to solve cases, authorities said. -- Some detectives said they had to delay interviewing witnesses to killings after supervisors ordered them to take days off... [See Cal Meltdown]

Doug McIntyre -- Los Angeles Daily News -- April 11, 2010     
'MEChA-boy" Villaraigosa is making it up as he goes along   
This is yet another column about the stench coming from City Hall. Please accept my apologies but liars and incompetents are ruining America's second largest city, and I think that's important. -- Last week's public spectacle – the mayor [Villaraigosa] pretending he had the guts and authority to shut down the city two days a week when he has neither...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 10, 2010      
L.A. City Hall budget BS and what it means   
You know the big story about how the City was supposedly going to run out of money, then Villaraigosa was going to shut it down two days per week, then they miraculously found $30 million in a sofa cushion or jacket pocket or whatever, and now everything's groovy again? It's total BS...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 9, 2010     
Foxes & Henhouses: Don't hand the City Council the DWP checkbook   
The City Council thinks you've never heard the one about foxes guarding henhouses. -- The City Council actually thinks you're gullible enough to hand them the DWP's checkbook, ostensibly to avoid "emergencies" like they one they miraculously "solved" today by conveniently finding an extra $30 million lying around in a desk drawer or wherever it supposedly was...

Los Angeles Times -- April 6, 2010    
Villaraigosa calls for shutting down some city departments amid budget crisis   
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called Tuesday for all city agencies -- except for police, other public safety and revenue-generating departments -- to close for two days a week starting April 12 because of the city's continuing budget crisis. -- "We have to act, and we have to act quickly," Villaraigosa said... [See Cal Meltdown Watch & Obama Watch]

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- April 6, 2010     
L.A. City Hall goes Exxon Valdez on Cinco de Mayo   
That deafening scraping sound you hear is the City of Los Angeles slowly coming to rest on the big reef of Chapter 9 bankruptcy, courtesy of Captain Villaraigosa, First Mate Eric "Gilligan" Garcetti, and the entire Spring Street Crew...

Walter Moore -- Los Angeles -- -- April 5, 2010     
Los Angeles will run out of cash on Cinco de Mayo   
The City Controller just issued a statement that the City will run out of cash on Cinco de Mayo. Actually, she says it will be $10 million in the hole by then. -- The City Council was counting on a $73 million transfer from the DWP, but Villaraigosa's appointees have decided...

Los Angeles Time -- April 3, 2010     
Despite dire budget warnings, Los Angeles' payroll continued to grow   
Threats this week by Los Angeles' powerful municipal utility to withhold $73 million from the treasury helped reveal a city that has become increasingly dependent on indirect and onetime sources of revenue to pay its bills. -- Combined with the worst economic decline since the Depression, those dwindling sources of cash... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

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