Cecilia Munoz - Formerly of the 'Tan Klan'
and formerly on the U.S. Programs Board of George Soros' Open Society Institute
Now White House Director of Domestic Policy thanks to Comrade Obama
Radical Mexican Reconquista zealot Munoz speaking at a soiree thown by the miserable ADL.
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DotFrom the New York Times - October 22, 2000

...Cecilia Munoz, a vice president for policy at the National Council of La Raza [aka the Tan Klan], a Hispanic civil rights organization, described the national anti-immigration groups as "hate groups." She noted that Glenn Spencer, the leader of Voices of Citizens Together [now known as American Patrol] who spoke at Sachem's rally last weekend, believes that Mexicans on both sides of the border are plotting to reconquer parts of the Southwest. "He makes contentions that are ugly and very divisive," she said. "Not the kinds of things that bring people together, as is clearly needed in Farmingville right now."

DotSan Francisco Chronicle - July 8, 1997

...Others, however, are ecstatic about [Spencer] Abraham's rise, which they see as an admission by the GOP that it has gone too far on immigration -- with potentially disastrous consequences at the ballot box. "The Republican Party has acknowledged that they are perceived as being anti-immigrant, and suffered in most recent elections as a result of that,'' said Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza. "Abraham represents a branch of the party very different from the folks who have been calling the shots over the past several years.''

DotSenate Judiciary Committee Oversight Hearing on Immigration Policy - April 4, 2001

...Cecilia Munoz, Vice President, National Council of La Raza (NCLR): "The extraordinary growth of our community, which is emerging as a force throughout the U.S., demonstrates the power of the immigration phenomenon and the ways in which the classic American story is being repeated all over the country," said Munoz. (At this point Senator Brownback broke in and said, "Yes, it is beautiful and the numbers are astounding.) However, she continued there are anti-immigrant organizations and movements working today to raise concerns about current waves of immigration. "At their best, these organized movements provoke discussion and debate; at their worst, they promote hatred and bigotry." Munoz then detailed four areas she would like to see the subcommittee address: Read the rest....

DotSenate Immigration subcommittee hearing on S. 1814, the AGJOBS Act - May 4, 2001

Cecilia Munoz - Vice President, National Council of LaRaza Ms. Munoz said that LaRaza opposes S. 1814 and "continues to side with the experts in government and in the private sector who have studied and found that there is still no shortage of work-authorized farmworkers, but a shortage of decent jobs and decent pay." Ms. Munoz said the bill would remove what small protections there are for farmworkers in current law and lower their wages. She also said LaRaza opposes the "legalization" provisions of the bill because most farmworkers would be unable to meet the requirements necessary to receive Green Cards. Instead, she proposed allowing illegal agriculture workers to become immediately eligible for permanent legal residency. However, she said LaRaza could not support S. 1814 even with this immediate legalization. She instead encouraged Congress to pass "pro-immigrant" legislation this year, such as an amnesty for illegal aliens in the country before 1986 and restoring the Section 245(i) program, which allows illegal aliens to remain in the country and adjust status by paying a $1,000 fee.

DotOnline News Hour - PBS - July 17, 2001

GWEN IFILL: Cecilia Munoz, you heard President Fox speak today in Milwaukee. Why is the idea of legalizing illegal immigrants who are already living here making their status legal, why is that a good idea?

CECILIA MUNOZ: Well, because we know there are significant numbers of people living and working and paying taxes in the United States, raising their families here. They're clearly needed in our economy. It makes sense to bring them out of the shadows and give them full access to their rights. It's a longstanding community. It's a sizable community. It's a community whose employers tell us they want them to be able to stay permanently. It's really in our best interest to make sure that we bring them out of the shadows.

DotAmnesty, in English - Mark Krikorian

Munoz Lies

...Other amnesty supporters have gone farther, challenging the very concept of amnesty and seeking to legitimize illegal immigration. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.), for instance, rejects the concept altogether: "Amnesty - there's an implication that somehow you did something wrong and you need to be forgiven." Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza makes the same point in a more sophisticated fashion; the word "conveys a sense of forgiving someone for a crime," she says, when in fact, crossing the border illegally is a civil offense, not a criminal one. A quick look at Title 8, Section 1325 of the U.S. Code shows this to be false: Illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor on the first offense, and a felony afterward.

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Latest News on this Rabid Mexican Reconquista

One News Now -- January 16, 2012    
Open-borders advocate promoted   
...According to Chris Farrell, a spokesman for Judicial Watch, [La Raza mole Cecilia] Muñoz is highly regarded -- by government officials in Mexico."She received an award from the Mexican government, which is pretty extraordinary -- not for anything that she did for our country, but for theirs," he notes. "So here's this woman with this pretty radical resume, [and] now she's going to be in charge of the overall policy of the whole country."

George Picard -- The American Thinker -- Bellevue, Wash. -- January 16, 2012    
How Obama betrays Martin Luther's King's dream   
...Most recently, Obama chose Cecilia Munoz to be in charge of his Domestic Policy Council. For the past two decades, Munoz has served as the chief lobbyist for the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") and has devoted herself to promoting its agenda of in-state college tuition breaks and drivers' licenses for illegal aliens as well as opposing enforcement of immigration laws and border controls...

Michelle Malkin -- Family Security Matters -- January 13, 2012   
Obama's "Razist" lobbyist moves up   
With public attention focused on the GOP primaries, the White House quietly promoted another self-dealing lobbyist to serve as President Obama's top domestic policy adviser. Promises? What broken promises? -- Cecilia Munoz, the current director of intergovernmental affairs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., will now serve as head of the Domestic Policy Council. She'll wield heightened influence...

American Patrol Report Feature -- January 11, 2012    
Muñoz: The Last Straw -- Obama supporters are idiots or traitors  
...With the selection of Munoz to head the Domestic Policy Council, Barack Obama has openly declared war on America. Arizona has more illegal invaders from Mexico than any other state. He is suing to stop it from enforcing immigration laws. -- He has attacked Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing the law. -- He has told ICE agents to stop deporting illegal aliens --- but they are rebelling...

Patrick Cluburne -- VDare.com -- January 11, 2012    
Cecilia Munoz: The minority occupation government tightens grip   
Any doubts that President Obama was not going to play the race card in the upcoming election were swept away on Tuesday by the appointment of Hispanic partisan Cecelia Munoz as Director of the Domestic Policy Council. The Drudge Report quite correctly rewrote the headline of Tuesday's The Hill story by Amie Parnes and Erik Wasson to read Obama Picks Amnesty Lobbyist for WH Policy Director...

Katie Pavlich -- Townhall.com -- January 10, 2012   
Obama appoints La Raza radical to control domestic policy    
President Obama has appointed open border / amnesty advocate Cecilia Munoz to replace Melody Barnes as the head of the Domestic Policy Council. Munoz, a strong supporter of the failed DREAM Act, is the former senior vice president for the radical open-border National Council of La Raza. -- Muñoz is now serving as the White House's director of intergovernmental affairs...

Houston Chronicle -- January 10, 2012   
Usual suspects giddy over Obama's latest assault on Americans   
..."Cecilia [Munoz] knows the complexity and ineffectiveness of our immigration system, and understands that our economy will greatly benefit from comprehensive immigration reform," said [SEIU] secretary-treasurer Eliseo Medina. "In striving to find solutions, Cecilia begins by advocating for what is possible, rather than arguing why something cannot be done. She is a fighter."

Ms. Magazine -- January 10, 2012    
La Raza stooge movin' on up in the White House
President Obama announced today that he will appoint Cecilia Munoz to serve as the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. The position was formerly held by Melody Barnes. -- Munoz has served as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House since January 2009. Prior to that... [Related item] [WH Press Release]

Weasel Zippers -- September 14, 2011         
La Raza stooge says invading the U.S. is no worse than jaywalking 
Cecilia Munoz, the White House director of intergovernmental affairs, compared the federal crime of being in the country illegally to jaywalking. -- "If you were running the police department of any urban area in this country, you would spend more resources going after serious criminals than after jaywalkers. DHS is doing the immigration equivalent of the same thing," Munoz told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute...

D.A. King -- Macon (Ga.) Telegraph -- September 1, 2011       
Republican delegation silent on Obama anti-enforcement effort   
On Aug. 18, the Obama administration announced the [DHS] would begin to dismiss pending deportation cases of thousands of illegal aliens who have already been captured in the United States. -- Currently, there are a reported 300,000 illegals in the deportation pipeline. The new decree was announced without fanfare on the White House website in a blog posted by Cecilia Muñoz...

Vin Suprynowicz -- Las Vegas Review Journal -- August 28, 2011        
Illegals get amnesty, rest are on the dole   
...So what did the White House most recently announce? On Aug. 18, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Munoz blogged that the [DHS] will review its entire deportation caseload -- that's 300,000 cases -- to "clear out low-priority" cases." Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., likened the Obama policy to the stalled Dream Act, that being the up-to-age-35 amnesty that's opposed by most Americans and can't pass Congress...

Tom Tancredo -- WorldNetDaily.com -- August 27, 2011        
The states must fight Obama's amnesty decree   
If anyone had any doubt about President Obama's lack of respect for the Constitution, the separation of powers or the rule of law, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano dispelled that doubt on Aug. 18. -- Napolitano has announced rather cavalierly that her department will no longer enforce the nation's immigration laws. According to White House spokesperson Cecilia Munoz, our immigration laws will...

David North -- Center for Immigration Studies -- August 19, 2011       
Munoz, the White House, and straw men arguments   
Today's New York Times article on the case-by-case amnesty program of this administration displayed -- without comment -- a remarkable bit of "straw man" argumentation from White House official Cecilia Munoz, someone I met decades ago at the Council of La Raza. -- Ms. Munoz was quoted, in defense of the selective removal program, saying that the new system would "suspend deportation in low priority cases..."

American Patrol Report Feature -- August 19, 2011    
Come One, Come All -- Obama Amnesty Will Pull Aliens North   
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called the Obama administration's new policy that will allow many illegal immigrants who don't have criminal records the chance to stay in the United States "backdoor amnesty." -- In a statement, the Republican governor slammed the planned case-by-case reviews of the approximately 300,000 illegal immigrants who are currently facing possible expulsion...

Tampa Bay Tribune -- May 23, 2010      
La Reconquista -- the politics of ethnic conflict   
...Ever mindful of the Mexican vote, the Obama Administration appointed Cecilia Munoz, an open-borders advocate, who was a senior vice president for the National Council of La Raza to the executive office of the president; and nominated Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a member of La Raza, to the Supreme Court. Cruz Bustamante ...and Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles, were both Mechistas -- under the Raza umbrella -- an anti-American separatist group.

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- March 29, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The exclusion of some 11 million [illegal aliens.... criminals] from the new medical insurance provisions will be resolved with immigration reform [aka amnesty], assured the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, Cecilia Munoz. In a teleconference, Munoz indicated that Congress lacks sufficient votes to include the [illegal aliens] in the benefits of the health care reform passed by President Barack Obama...

Chicago Tribune -- March 12, 2010     
Reconquistas Muñoz, Solis present at Obama sovereignty sellout session   
...Obama was joined at the meeting [about a push to amnesty millions of border-hopping job thieves] by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs Phil Schiliro, and White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs [and former 'Tan Klan' minion] Cecilia Muñoz...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga. -- January 23, 2010     
Wanna see what the open borders lobby is talking about on amnesty in 2010?   
Amnesty, illegal immigration and the Massachusetts election discussed by the now somewhat nervous open borders/anti-enforcement lobby. This is posted on the GALEO site. Thanks Jerry! Cecilia Munoz is a former La Raza goonette and now works in the Obama administration.

Matthew Vadum -- NewsReal Blog -- November 4, 2009  
Does SEIU boss Andy Stern run America?  
...Stern estimates he visits the White House once a week. SEIU officials talk to senior Obama advisor Nancy-Ann DeParle about healthcare — a top priority for Stern — and to Obama aide Cecilia Munoz [formerly of the 'Tan Klan'] about immigration, Stern said. -- "We get heard," Stern said.... [See Obama Watch]

Tom Fitton -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Georgia -- May 3, 2009   
Open borders put public health at risk   
...Of course none of this comes as any surprise considering that Obama's point person on illegal immigration, Cecilia Munoz, once worked for the ultra-radical National Council of La Raza [aka the Tan Klan], a racist group that is committed to staging a takeover of the American Southwest and returning it to Mexico....

Tom Fitton -- Judicial Watch -- April 11, 2009  
Obama regime unveils amnesty scheme   
...Obama will frame the new effort - likely to rouse passions on all sides of the highly divisive issue - as "policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system," said the official, Cecilia Munoz, deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs in the White House [and former Tan Klan stooge].

New York Times -- April 9, 2009   
Also on Obama's plate: an immigration bill   
While acknowledging that the recession makes the political battle more difficult, President Barack Obama plans to begin addressing America's immigration system this year, including looking for a path for illegal [aliens] to become legal, a senior administration official [former Tan Klan lackey Cecilia Munoz] said Wednesday...

Detroit News -- March 15, 2009  
Reconquista fanatic is Obama link to states, communities   
Michigan native Cecilia Munoz wasn't used to busy senators calling her personally to ask about Latino concerns, so Barack Obama... quickly stood out. -- "It is rare for someone in the U.S. Senate to call you up on the spur of the moment for help in something he was thinking through," recalls Munoz, who was then a top Capitol Hill lobbyist for the NCLR (ak the 'Tan Klan').

O Jornal -- Fall River, Massachusetts -- January 30, 2009  
Amnesty likely to happen this fall    
...Paco [Fabian], communications director for America's Voice, which is for common-sense immigration reform [aka amnesty], believes that those appointments [Tan Klan hack Cecilia Munoz and reconquista zealot Hilda Solis] coupled with Sen. Reid's intentions are signs that immigration reform will happen sooner rather than later...

Media Matters for America -- December 6, 2008  Audio Included 
Limbaugh guest attacks 'amnesty fetishist' Cecilia Muñoz   
On The Rush Limbaugh Show, Mark Davis accused President-elect Barack Obama of choosing an "amnesty fetishist" in his appointment of Cecilia Muñoz, of the National Council of La Raza. But contrary to Davis' suggestion, Muñoz and NCLR's position in support of comprehensive immigration reform is far from radical...

One News Now -- Tupelo, Mississippi -- December 5, 2008   
Obama picks open-borders advocate for administration   
...Obama has named Cecilia Munoz to serve as director of intergovernmental affairs in his administration. Munoz is an 18-year veteran of the National Council of La Raza, which has been a leading advocate for illegal immigrants. According to Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for FAIR, Munoz has been a longtime supporter of open borders.

Detroit News -- November 26, 2008   
Obama appoints 'Tan Klan' menace to White House post  
President-elect Barack Obama selected Detroit-native Cecilia Muñoz as the White House director of intergovernmental affairs, the Obama transition office announced Wednesday. -- Muñoz... is currently a senior vice president at the National Council of La Raza, where she supervises legislative and advocacy work...