"I think that anybody who works and pays taxes ought to have a right for citizenship." -- Cruz Bustamante -- Campaign rally at Fresno, California on Saturday, September 7, 2003, according to Sept. 8 L.A. Times story headlined, "At Fresno Rally, Bustamante Switches Spotlight to Himself" AP Internal Use Only -- Anybody, MEChA boy? ANYBODY?

Cruz Bustamante
Mechista - Reconquista

Counter by Digits.com

[See photo of this reconquista at his separatist graduation ceremony]
Scroll down or click here for the latest on Mechista college drop-out Bustamante.....

  Wheel of Bigotry... with Cruz Bustamante
Red DotNo matter how thin you slice it, it's still 'Viva la Raza'
(Image courtesy of SacredCowBurgers.com) - Also see BustamanteNo.com

The Making of Bustamante
After Washington, Bustamante attended Fresno State University, where he served in the student senate and began dabbling in community politics, learning about partisan politics first-hand. "I wasn't the most radical Mechista [M.E.Ch.A, which stands for Movimiento Estudiantil de Aztlan, is a Chicano student organization known for its ethnocentric views]. At the same time, there were a lot Vietnam veteranos attending school. They were like big brothers, and they taught me a lot."

....Martha and the Latino caucus responded with a press conference to offer a moderate plan to stem immigration. But it ended in chaos when Cruz Bustamante, a farm-country Fresno Democrat, said, "We could not conduct business without the immigrant."
    Dumbfounded reporters asked if he supported illegal immigration. "My district requires it," he answered.
    Bustamante restricted future press conferences to the Spanish language media. [See: MotherJones ND93: Can we all get along?]
(Cruz Bustamante is the Lt. Governor of California. On August 7, 2003, the Mechista liar announced he would be running for governor in the Gray Davis recall election on October 7... something he previously vowed not to do.) 

Mother Jones Magazine -- February 16, 2001
Racial Correctness (Bustamante uses 'n-word', outrages blacks)
...On February 13, in a speech to a group of black trade unionists, Bustamante was reciting a list of African-American labor organizations established in the early 1900s, many of which included the word "Negro" in their titles. While uttering one of those names, Bustamante let slip the word "nigger" instead of 'negro.' A handful of blacks in the audience stormed out in protest... AP Internal Use Only

Also see: Communist lauds Bustamante for helping to kill Proposition 187
and.... The Scourge of MEChA

MEChA Teaches Tolerance?
When non-Raza students complained about this UC San Diego student student newspaper as being racist, MEChA was one of about 20 Raza organizations pledging their support for this publication of hate. Antonio Villaraigosa, Cruz Bustamante, and other prominent Latino politicians say to this day, that they are proud to have been Mechistas. Check This Out...

Bustamante Sells Out Davis, Runs for Governor
(and loses big time)

Sr. BustaMEChA
Steve Greenhut -- Orange County Register -- October 31, 2006
La Opinion snubs Señor Bustamante
La Opinion, the Spanish-language newspaper, has endorsed Republican Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner over Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante. Here is the statement from the Poizner campaign: "La Opinion, California's most influential Latino newspaper, has endorsed Steve Poizner over Cruz Bustamante for the post of Insurance Commissioner...."AP Internal Use Only

Villy With BustaMEChA
Villaraigosa With
Sr. BustaMEChA
Rene Guerra -- New Media Journal -- May 13, 2006 
What I Learned About Mexico, in Mexico
...Prominent Chicano California Democrat politicians, such as Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, militated in MEChA, which stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, the epitome of all Aztlanista organizations; the two never repudiated it, and support illegal immigration.AP Internal Use Only

Villy With BustaMEChA
Villaraigosa With
Sr. BustaMEChA
Associated Press -- April 24, 2006
Arnold says MEChA buffoons were threatened
Sacramento, Calif. -- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that prominent Hispanic elected officials, including the mayor of Los Angeles [ex- gang- banger Antonio Villaraigosa, and also Cruz Bustamante, Calif. Lt. Governor], have received death threats in the midst of a heated national debate over immigration policy. [More on the story]AP Internal Use Only

Media Matters -- March 29, 2006
Malkin called Villaraigosa and Bustamante "Latino supremacists"
In a column on the recent demonstrations against a House immigration bill, Michelle Malkin referred to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante as "Latino supremacists." Malkin characterized the protests as "militant racism" marked by "virulent anti-American hatred."AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Señor BustaMEChA
Knight Ridder Newspapers -- December 11, 2004
Reconquista zealot Bustamante criticizes Schwarzenegger
...Specifically, [MEChA-boy Lt. Governor Cruz 'N-Word'] Bustamante said: Despite strong rumors that Schwarzenegger drove and worked without permits when he was a young immigrant, as governor he continues to oppose driver's licenses for "new immigrants working hard and driving." [Numbskull Cruz knows that illegal aliens are prohibited by law from working in the U.S.]AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Señor BustaMEChA
Sacramento Bee -- September 1, 2004 
'One Bill Gil' urges reconquista Lt. Gov. to sign invader license bill
State Sen. Gil Cedillo on Tuesday called on Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to sign his bill to allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses if the measure reaches his desk while Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of state. -- A spokesman for the Democratic lieutenant governor would not comment on the matter but noted Bustamante has not been involved in "the bill signing or vetoing process" in the past.AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Señor BustaMEChA
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- August 28, 2004   
Lt. Gov. "Señor BustaMEChA" queried on Cedillo's loony license bill
..."This [Cedillo's dangerous invader driver's license bill] would be the safest and strictest license issued in America," [state sen. and MEChA-boy "One Bill Gil"] Cedillo said Saturday [wrong... the 'safest' is no license, just deportation]. --- On Saturday, Cedillo and members of the governor's staff acknowledged that approval of the bill by [Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, the Mechista and Mexican reconquista zealot depicted at left] was a possibility, however remote.AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Señor BustaMEChA
American Patrol -- August 28, 2004  
Will Schwarzenegger veto the license bill before going to NYC?
We understand there is a remote possibility of Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante [the Mechista and Mexican reconquista zealot depicted at left] signing the bill into law if the governor is out-of-state [he's scheduled to speak at the Republican Convention on Tues., 8/31]. This would be a complete disaster. [The invader license bill was originally MEChA-boy 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo's dangerous SB1160. It was tacked onto AB2895 and passed by the senate on August 27, then was later approved by the assembly. Now it's headed to the governor's desk.] - Tell Arnold: No licenses for invaders under any circumstances.AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Señor BustaMEChA
Oakland Tribune -- July 19, 2004
Humbled Bustamante lowers his sights
Sacramento -- Ending nine months of silence, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante acknowledged in an interview that his controversial campaign during the recall election ruined his dreams of becoming governor, but said he's frustrated with developments at the Capitol and plans to run for another statewide office in 2006. -- Bustamante ruled out another run for governor.AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Señor BustaMEChA
Matier & Ross -- San Francisco Chronicle -- June 9, 2004
Bustamante outsources golf fund-raiser to Mexico
Welcome to the Cruz Bustamante Open -- as in, open your checkbooks, please. -- In a move that gives a whole new meaning to "international good will,'' California's lieutenant governor [MEChA-boy Cruz Bustamante] hosted 100 or so lobbyists, government types and special friends at his sixth annual golf competition last week at a resort near Ensenada, Mexico. -- The profits are intended to help cover a mountain of debts and legal bills from Bustamante's failed gubernatorial bid during last year's Gray Davis recall....AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Associated Press -- April 14, 2004
Bustamante agrees to largest ever campaign violation fine
Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante paid a record $263,000 fine for violating state limits on accepting campaign donations, California's Fair Political Practices Commission said. -- The state's political watchdog agency charged in a civil lawsuit filed in January that Bustamante and his supporters improperly moved $3.8 million... AP Internal Use Only

¿El Gran Wizard?
¿El Gran Wizard?
San Francisco Chronicle -- January 8, 2004
Mechista Bustamante sued over campaign funds
The state's top political oversight agency Wednesday sued Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, alleging that during last year's recall campaign the Democrat illegally used a re-election committee to skirt the state's fund-raising limits. -- During the recall campaign, Bustamante used his 2002 re-election committee to collect millions of dollars... AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Fresno Bee -- November 17, 2003
What lies ahead for Señor Busta-MEChA
...Weeks have passed since Dinuba-born [MEChA-boy Cruz] Bustamante lost the Oct. 7 recall election to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who [was] sworn in today as California's 38th governor. But it will take several months -- if not years -- before the buzz dies down in Sacramento. -- No one is immune. Not even Bustamante... AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
¿El Gran Wizard?
Bakersfield Californian (Free Registration) -- October 26, 2003
Does Bustamante want to be a CongressMechista?
The plot thickened Friday in the contest to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Cal Dooley as rumors spread that Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante might be interested, and the race got its first announced Republican candidate. -- The Republican contender is Peter D. Vasilovich, a consultant who managed the campaign of Dooley's opponent two years ago, Andre Minuth. [That's all we need.... another Mechista in Congress to help the reconquista likes of Joe Baca and Xavier Becerra] AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune -- October 19, 2003
Lockyer says 'No' to Cruz, admits crossing aisle for recall vote
Attorney General Bill Lockyer, one of California's most venerable and partisan Democratic politicians, stunned a political conference yesterday by saying he voted for Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in the recent recall election [and not for Cruz 'BustaMEChA']. -- Lockyer made it clear that he regarded Bustamante as an unacceptable alternative to Davis... AP Internal Use Only

Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, California -- October 15, 2003
Series of decisions alienated Bustamante's base
...Other damaging moves [by Señor Bustamante] included: Dodging questions about his membership in MEChA, a Chicano group whose charter espouses the view that part of the United States should be returned to México. -- Embracing issues that affect poor Latinos and undocumented immigrants but failing to address issues that appeal to middle-class Latinos..... AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Steve Sailer -- VDare.com -- October 14, 2003
Cruz Bustamante: The Man Who Believed Karl Rove
...Yet, rather than run for Governor of all California, [Calif. Lt. Gov. Cruz] Bustamante campaigned as if the race was for El Gobernador de Mexifornia. Instead of competing with Schwarzenegger for the middle-of-the-road vote, he devoted much of his energy to battling Green Party candidate Peter Camejo (2.8 percent) for the stick-it-to-the-gringo vote. -- Every time I turned on the TV, Bustamante was paying tribute to "undocumented workers"... AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Steven Laib -- American Daily -- October 13, 2003
Morality, Racism and the Check Box
California has a new governor, but the election showed that the golden state still hasn't learned how to get over the issue of racism. Lt. Governor Cruz Busamante commenting on the defeat of Proposition 54 said, "Finally California is saying no more wedge politics." Of course, Busamante could be expected to make such a statement. -- He is, after all, a man who purportedly believes that California rightfully belongs to Mexico. AP Internal Use Only

KFMB-TV -- San Diego -- October 11, 2003
Busta-MEChA run a disaster - Dems left dazed and confused
... [Davis pollster Paul] Maslin and others said that what really hurt was the decision by some leading Democrats to encourage Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to become a replacement candidate, robbing the campaign of its only chance to unify the party base. --- "If Bustamante had never been on the ballot, it would have been much easier to rally Democrats." AP Internal Use Only

Orange County Register (Free Registration) -- October 11, 2003
Role of Latinos in ousting Davis confirms sea change
Now that Gov. Gray Davis has been recalled and Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante repudiated in favor of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the key role of Latino voters in Tuesday's results has many pundits and political types expressing shock. Latino leaders in particular are aghast at the fact that voters in Santa Ana approved the recall by a nearly 2-1 margin. AP Internal Use Only

New York Times -- October 9, 2003
Future may be a bit bleak for Busta-MEChA
A referendum on the state's top Democrat may also have dealt a severe blow to the party's second ranking leader. Some political experts here say that Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the lone big-name Democrat on the recall ballot, emerged greatly diminished, and left the future leadership of the party in doubt. -- "He has no future in statewide races," said Bruce Cain... AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
San Francisco Chronicle -- Debra Saunders -- October 9, 2003
Gov. Schwarzenegger [and Señor Busta-MEChA]
Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante may be eating lunch alone for the rest of his life. It's ironic. He'll be the lonely guy of Sacramento because he personified an ideology prevalent among Sacramento Democrats -- pro-big government and pro-illegal immigration -- that voters have had enough of. The fact that Schwarzenegger garnered more votes than the "No on Recall'' effort should give Sacto Dems pause. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- October 8, 2003
Defeated Señor Busta-MEChA: 'I'm not going anywhere'
..."I'd like to congratulate Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger," Bustamante told supporters. "I may not be moving across the hall to the governor's office, but I'm not going anywhere." -- Bustamante was hit hard early on with criticism for his involvement with the controversial Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan, or MEChA.... AP Internal Use Only


October 7, 2003 -- 9 pm
Davis Out, Schwarzenegger Wins in Calif.
BustaMEChA also rejected big time
...Among the replacement candidates, Schwarzenegger was ahead with 3,500,184 votes, or 47.9 % of the vote; Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante had 2,361,466 votes, or 32.3 %; Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock had 965,095 votes, or 13.2 %; and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo had 205,861 votes, or 2.8 %. AP Internal Use Only

Later, pinhead!

Talon News Service -- October 7, 2003
Budweiser: Vote 'Yes' on Señor Busta-MEChA
Anheuser-Busch, the brewer of Budweiser beer, is sponsoring a taped telephone ad urging voters to "vote NO on recall, YES on Bustamante." The speaker on the recording identifies himself as former Vice President Al Gore. -- First reported by Mickey Kaus on Slate.com, the message begins with the former vice president urging voters to vote no on the recall. AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Sam Francis -- VDare.com -- October 6, 2003
Bustamante Aims For America's New Ruling Race
If recent polls on the California gubernatorial race are at all accurate, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante will not win the election, but he will certainly come closer than most other candidates. That's because Mr. Bustamante enjoys an advantage most other candidates, including the (still) likely winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, don't-namely racial solidarity. AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
The Dartmouth -- Hanover, New Hampshire -- October 6, 2003
Local MEChA chapter defends Bustamante
While conservative commentators recently pressured California gubernatorial candidate Cruz Bustamante to distance himself from the Chicano advocacy group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or MEChA, the head of the organization's Dartmouth chapter supported Bustamante's stance and defended the aims and purpose of the group. AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
San Diego Union-Tribune -- October 5, 2003
SDSU Debate: McClintock shines, Busta-MEChA spews drivel
...Addressing questions posed to them by a panel of journalists, the candidates clashed on a variety of issues, particularly immigration. -- McClintock opposes allowing illegal immigrants to get driver licenses, while the other two candidates support the plan. -- "The people who take care of your kids, cut your lawn, take care of family members, provide you food, all those folks are immigrants," [Cruz] Bustamante said. AP Internal Use Only

Tan Klansman
¿El Gran Wizard?
San Francisco Chronicle -- October 5, 2003
Pot calls kettle black in San Francisco
Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, making two campaign stops Saturday in San Francisco, sharpened attacks on Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger and asked voters to think of Bustamante's three daughters as they go to the polls Tuesday [this from a guy who refuses to renounce the racist MEChA slogan]. [American Patrol supports Senator Tom McClintock for governor] AP Internal Use Only

Bye bye, traitor!
Associated Press -- October 3, 2003
Señor Busta-MEChA promises to "fight until the end''
Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante countered efforts by Gov. Gray Davis to portray the recall election as a two-man race between him [and] actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, promising supporters Friday that he would "stay in the fight until the end." -- Bustamante also dismissed as "ridiculous and outrageous" rumors that Democrats were pressuring him to drop out of the historic Oct. 7 election. AP Internal Use Only

¿El Gran Wizard?
¿El Gran Wizard?
Alec Rawls -- Newsmax.com -- October 3, 2003
Writer-author rails on señor Busta-MEChA
......Bustamante is Mechista to his core. He is a racist national socialist (for the nation of Aztlán). In fact, he has made it semi-explicit that he is running for governor, not of California, but of Aztlán. When asked to name what state services he would deny to illegal aliens, he answered that people who are here illegally have "a right to citizenship" so long as they work and pay taxes. AP Internal Use Only

Sacramento Bee -- October 3, 2003
Bustamante is being asked to consider giving up race
Sensing that their last hope of holding onto the governor's office may lie in getting Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante out of the race, some prominent Democrats have called him to discuss whether he is willing to drop out. -- Bustamante... gave no sign Thursday that he had such plans, appearing at a Los Angeles debate... AP Internal Use Only

¿El Gran Wizard?
¿El Gran Wizard?
Sacramento Bee -- October 3, 2003
FPPC urged to act on Bustamante on illegal TV ads
Continuing his assault on the campaign spending tactics used by Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, a prominent Republican state senator demanded Thursday that the Fair Political Practices Commission step into the controversy. -- [State Sen. Ross] Johnson urged the committee to take any possible action to stop Bustamante from using millions in campaign funds to air television commercials. AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- October 3, 2003
Señor Busta-MEChA flat refuses to renounce slogan
...As he has consistently throughout the campaign, he refused to denounce the [MEChA] motto: "For the race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing." -- "You know," Bustamante said when debate moderator Paul Moyer demanded an answer, "now it's getting to the point where it's a little offensive the way the question is being asked." -- Asked a third time, he said: "I think I've answered the question. I think it's important that you look at my work and who I am." AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
October 2, 2003
Bustamante - MEChA update
During a gubernatorial debate aired today at 5 pm PDT on KNBC-TV, L.A., and Telemundo, Cruz Bustamante was asked by KNBC's Paul Moyer to denounce a MEChA slogan ("Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" which basically translates to,"Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing"). Bustamante would not do so. The question was initially posed by Frank Mottek of KFI radio, who also nailed MEChA-boy Villaraigosa in 2001.

Mechista for Governor?
National Review -- Arnold Steinberg -- October 2, 2003
Farewell, Cruz? The last wild card won't be dealt
There might be one final wild card left in the California recall race: What if Cruz Bustamante resigns? -- A Davis Democrat spread the rumor last night. Such talk could reflect tension between Davis consigliere Garry South and Bustamante handler Richie Ross. Normally, Garry destroys Davis's opponents... AP Internal Use Only

Oakland Tribune -- October 2, 2003
Señor Busta-MEChA's future looks grim
Fresno -- Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante may not just lose the race to replace Gov. Gray Davis if he's recalled, as the latest polls indicate, but he could also have killed his political career with his flawed campaign, analysts say. -- "Whether or not the recall succeeds, Bustamante will look very vulnerable if indeed he doesn't come out first in the election," said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- October 2, 2003
Arizona's Pimentel chimes in on Señor Busta-MEChA
...They've had their eyes fixed on [Bustamante's] membership in what they, with more than just a tad of nativist paranoia, view as a radical, racist separatist organization, MEChA. Far from being an instrument for the Mexican reconquest of the Southwest, MEChA is really just about developing student leaders who then become community leaders. AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Sacramento Bee -- Daniel Weintraub -- October 1, 2003
Señor Busta-MEChA plays the race card
Cruz [Bustamante] has played the race card -- in an interview in Spanish with Xochitl Arellano on KUVS, the Univision Television affiliate in Sacramento. The station has translated the interview and sent a transcript to reporters covering the campaign: -- "No one is asking me how much money I get from the Latino community...." AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Raymond Batz -- Desert Sun -- Palm Springs, Calif. -- October 1, 2003
Señor Busta-MEChA decried, Prop. 54 support urged
...According to the Jewish Task Force, (Sept. 24, 2003) Mr. Bustamante continues "to publicly defend his membership in a Mexican Nazi organization (MEChA) that preaches vicious hatred against whites, Jews, and all non-Hispanics." MEChA's slogan is, "For the race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing." AP Internal Use Only

State of Tijuana Norte
Newsmax.com -- September 30, 2003
Davis Panicking, Demands Bustamante Withdraw
Fox News reports Tuesday evening that Democrats in California are "panicking" as the Governor's recall race goes to down to the wire. -- The cable network also reports that fierce infighting has developed between Gov. Gray Davis and recall candidate Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante. AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Sacramento Bee -- September 30, 2003
Señor Busta-MEChA to return little cash, trims ads
Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante pulled some of his television ads off the air and will return up to $177,000 of the $3.8 million that a judge ruled he raised in violation of state campaign finance laws, according to a notice filed in court Monday. -- But state Sen. Ross Johnson... called the latest move a "pathetic response." AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Fresno Bee -- September 29, 2003
Mechista Cruz: Credit given in class not taken
Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante got credit but did not have to attend a basic speech class at Fresno State in the late 1990s because a professor decided in 15 minutes or less that the Fresno Democrat would have earned at least a C based on his public utterances. [See photo of this reconquista at his graduation ceremony] AP Internal Use Only

¿El Gran Wizard?
¿El Gran Wizard?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- September 28, 2003
Atlanta paper gives MEChA-boy Cruz a pass
...Opponents like to bring up [Cruz Bustamante's] involvement as a student in MEChA, a Chicano group that some critics say is as racist as the Ku Klux Klan. In 1996, members of the group attacked black and white protesters at an illegal immigration rally, and the group has also been tied to the anti-Semitic group Nation of Aztlan.... [Reader Comment] AP Internal Use Only

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.
Los Angeles Sentinel -- September 28, 2003
Bustamante Faces Black Critics
...Another issue following [Cruz] Bustamante is his association with the group MEChA. MEChA favors annexing the southwestern United States, including Texas and California, to Mexico. -- With more than several hundred chapters nationwide, MEChA goes against everything that Bustamante says he stands for. It's an exclusive organization teaching its members hatred against all other ethnic groups. AP Internal Use Only

Much More on Mechista Bustamante

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