In an effort to save his job, corrupt, inept, traitorous California Governor Gray Davis signed a bill on September 5, 2003 allowing illegal aliens in California to get driver's licenses. The people were outraged, and Davis wound up becoming the first Governor in state history to be booted out of office. The bill was authored by vehement Mexican reconquista and former MEChA member state Senator Gilbert Cedillo. An effort began almost immediately to repeal the law known as SB60. The repeal was signed on December 1, 2003 by Governor Schwarzenegger, and the reconquistas remain livid. Even governors of Mexican states are moaning like banshees. They vow to keep fighting for benefits to which the criminals are not entitled. Some of the items shown here cover the aftermath of the death of this ridiculous law. UPDATE - February 4, 2004 -- Mechista State Senator and vehemently pro-Mexico Gil Cedillo introduces SB1160, and Gov. Schwarzenegger says he's interested in giving lawbreaking foreigners (mostly Mexicans) breeder docs. -- UPDATE - January 13, 2005 -- Mechista State Senator and vehemently pro-Mexico 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo introduces SB60 -- a re-hash of his other evil attempts to get breeder docs to undesirable foreign criminals who are in need of prompt deportation. -- UPDATE - October 7, 2005 -- Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo's latest attempt to grant driver's licenses to foreign criminal invaders. NOTE: February 25, 2009 -- Cedillo just keeps on reintroducing this wretched piece of legislation year after year. The same treasonous legislature that bankrupted the state keeps passing this thing. So far Schwarzenegger has vetoed it every time.

Repealed SB60
as SB1160 and Now
SB60 in 2005
(Vetoed Oct. 7, 2005)
Illegal Alien
Driver's Licenses
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Californians for Population Stabilization -- February 25, 2009        
"One Bill Gil" Cedillo is at it again   
Once again, Senator Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) has introduced SB 60, his perennial effort to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. -- Despite the overwhelming opposition of California voters, the legislature has repeatedly sought to pass variations of this benefit to illegal aliens....

No Way Jose
Contra Costa Times -- January 15, 2007
Illegal alien licenses again a source of debate
On the same day last week that state Sen. Gil Cedillo introduced legislation -- for the ninth consecutive year -- to allow illegal [aliens... criminals] to obtain driver's licenses, law enforcement officials were meeting in Sacramento. -- Among the issues discussed were federal and state court rulings restricting authority of law enforcement...AP Internal Use Only

Cedillo's Folly
Sacramento Bee -- September 29, 2006
Driver's license bill vetoed by governor
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation Thursday to allow illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses, marking the eighth consecutive year such proposals have died. -- Senate Bill 1162 was a far weaker proposal than had been pushed in years past...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
KCRA-TV -- Sacramento -- August 31, 2006
Schwarzenegger to veto invader license bill
The latest attempt to allow illegal [aliens... criminals] to obtain California driver's licenses has passed the Legislature and is on its way to Governor Schwarzenegger. -- Margita Thompson, a spokeswoman for the governor, said the governor will veto it. -- The bill that passed the Senate on a 21- to- 13 vote...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Sacramento Bee -- August 29, 2006
Invader driver's license bill is back
Legislation to allow illegal immigrants [criminals] in California apply for driver's licenses was resurrected Monday in a weakened version that's contingent on federal funding. -- Senate Bill 1162 by Sen. Gil Cedillo was approved by Democrats... [See: Pair of bills guaranteed to draw governor's veto] AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Peter Skerry -- Los Angeles Times -- August 20, 2006
Nutty professor thinks invaders should get licenses
Last week, the Legislature again rejected a bill that would have allowed [illegal aliens... criminals] to obtain driver's licenses. Immigrant advocates see this issue as a question of public safety and basic fairness, while their opponents regard it as rewarding illegal, even criminal, behavior. Still others seem willing to accommodate immigrants...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Associated Press -- June 1, 2006 
State senate approves driver's licenses for invaders
Sacramento -- The Senate is advancing a bill that would let the state issue driver's licenses to [illegal aliens... criminals], over the objections of Republicans including Governor Schwarzenegger. -- Senator ["One Bill"] Gil Cedillo says his bill is needed as the deadline approaches for California to comply with new federal regulations...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
San Diego Union-Tribune -- April 19, 2006  
Senate panel backs driver's licenses for invaders
Sacramento -- Sen. [One Bill Gil] Cedillo's maneuvering to broaden the appeal of his ongoing campaign to grant [illegal aliens... criminals] the legal right to drive may cost him traditional allies. -- The Senate Transportation Committee yesterday approved his bill on a 7-3 vote amid the backdrop of recent massive [illegal alien... criminal] rights rallies...AP Internal Use Only

CAPS -- April 13, 2006
Calif. illegal alien license bill hearing coming up
The California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee will vote Tuesday, April 18th on SB 1160 introduced by Senator [One Bill Gil] Cedillo, which would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. -- Despite six failed attempts over the past seven years, "One Bill Gil" Cedillo re-introduced this legislation...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
San Jose Mercury News -- January 11,2006
Invader license proposal re-introduced
Despite six failed attempts over the past seven years, state Sen. Gil Cedillo on Tuesday re- introduced his proposal to allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. -- And no matter what happens politically, the measure is sure to drive a contentious debate far beyond the state Capitol between undocumented workers who say they are in California to meet labor demands...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Stooge
Torrance Daily Breeze -- October 8, 2005
Mexican Reconquista grumbles over invader license bill veto
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has once again vetoed legislation that would have allowed California to issue special "driving only" licenses to illegal immigrants, unswayed by a new federal law that left him an opening to reverse course. -- Sen. "One Bill Gil" Cedillo, who has turned passage of a license measure into a crusade, insisted he will not surrender. [Contact and thank the governor]AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Associated Press -- October 7, 2005
Schwarzenegger vetoes invader driver's license bill
Sacramento -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday vetoed legislation that would have granted driver's licenses to [illegal aliens... criminals], saying that approving the measure into law could have undermined national security efforts. -- The veto was expected and marked the second time Schwarzenegger has rejected such a bill. [Contact and thank the governor]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
San Diego Union-Tribune -- June 28, 2005
Invader license scam under Republican fire
Sacramento -- The Schwarzenegger administration unleashed an aggressive new offensive yesterday against pending legislation that would restore the ability of undocumented immigrants [crminals] to drive legally in California. -- A deputy director of the state Office of Homeland Security warned an Assembly committee...AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Modesto Bee -- June 26, 2005
Cedillo still trying to reward criminals, endanger Americans
State Sen. [One Bill Gil] Cedillo is making his fifth attempt in seven years to enact legislation allowing illegal immigrants [criminals] to get California driver's licenses. This time he's hoping to get a governor's signature that will stick. -- Former Gov. Gray Davis signed a Cedillo bill legalizing the licenses in 2003 [which got him booted out of office]....AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Associated Press -- June 2, 2005
Bill to give invaders licenses in Calif. advances
Sacramento -- The latest attempt to provide driver's licenses for illegal immigrants [criminals in need of deportation] passed the state Senate on Thursday, after proponents tied the measure to the state's compliance with a new federal law intended to deter terrorists. -- The bill by Sen. Gil Cedillo includes provisions that restrict how the licenses can be used...AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
San Jose Mercury News -- March 4, 2005
Poll: 62% oppose driver's license bill
A contentious measure being pushed in the Legislature to allow undocumented immigrants [criminals] to apply for driver's licenses is opposed by more than six in 10 Californians, according to a Field Poll released today. -- Sixty-two percent of those surveyed disapprove of the measure, while 35 percent are in favor. [Download Poll Results]AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
Laura Limón -- The Daily Aztec - SDSU - February 28, 2005
Invader licenses: Most absurd op-ed in recent memory
...It's true that the United States is a country based on a constitution and its laws, but it is also a country based on growth through migration, especially from Mexico [where do these imbeciles get this nonsense?]. -- In the early 20th century, migrant workers were needed in the booming railroad and agricultural fields...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Mexican Reconquista
California Aggie - U.C. Davis -- February 25, 2005
La Raza sponsors talk by vehement reconquista Cedillo
...[Calif. State Sen. 'One Bill Gil'] Cedillo has been a champion for California's working poor and disenfranchised communities. Much of his tenure has been spent arguing for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, and in his talk, he addressed the legislative challenges he faced with Gov. Gray Davis and continues to face with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.AP Internal Use Only

Traitor Alert
San Jose Mercury News - February 24, 2005
Troublesome 'activist' aiding and abetting invaders in Calif.
The man working perhaps harder than anyone to allow illegal immigrants [criminals] to apply for driver's licenses drops his cell phone, zooms his van across four lanes of Highway 101 and zips onto the on-ramp of Interstate 880. -- Within a few harrowing seconds, José Sandoval, head of Voluntarios de la Comunidad, a San Jose advocacy group...AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Redding Record Searchlight - February 5, 2005  [Poll on page]
'One Bill Gil' Cedillo brings back invader license bill

Hollywood stars' powers of persuasion are apparently negligible in the north state when it comes to the issue of providing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- A Los Angeles lawmaker has unveiled a bill that would remove American citizenship as a requirement to drive in California. The bill by state Sen. Gil Cedillo...AP Internal Use Only

Cedillo's Folly
Riverside Press Enterprise -- February 4, 2005
Driver license foes frustrated
With time running out, proponents of a proposed ballot measure to deny driver licenses and other state benefits to undocumented immigrants [criminals] say they have not received as much help as expected from Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista. -- But an aide to Issa... said the congressman has done more than other elected officials to qualify the Save Our License initiative. [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
Patrick Mallon -- -- January 26, 2005
'Best Nanny in a Supporting Role'
Fact: In 1993, California Assemblyman Alfred Alquist, a Democrat from San Jose, authored the bill that eliminated the right of illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license without proof of legal residency or citizenship. Up to that point, the right existed. -- Yes, a Democrat, 12 years ago, sensed the pulse of voters...AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Associated Press -- January 25, 2005
More on invader license push by Hollywood crowd
..."I think it's another example of how rich Hollywood elites are out of touch with what's going on in California," said Mike Spence of Save Our License. "They don't see the impact of immigration unless it's hiring someone to help out with chores around their mansions ... and they're not in competition with illegal immigrants for jobs." [View ridiculous ad]AP Internal Use Only

Cedillo's Folly
Associated Press -- January 24, 2005
Hollywood crowd pushes for invader driver's licenses
Hollywood stars are joining the fight to get driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants [criminals] in California with a new ad featuring a mock award for "Best Nanny." -- More than 30 actors, musicians and writers, including Diane Keaton, Carlos Santana and "Million Dollar Baby" writer and producer Paul Haggis, took out the ad Monday in the entertainment industry trade paper Variety.AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
North County Times -- January 18, 2005
Local group continues pro-invader-license rallies
A Vista-based group said it is preparing to step up its efforts to get a bill approved that would allow illegal immigrants [criminals] to apply for driver's licenses. But local lawmakers have other ideas. -- North County Republican lawmakers want a constitutional amendment that would cement a 1993 law that requires license applicants to provide legal proof of residence in the country [see].AP Internal Use Only

More on the California Driver's License Mess

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