'One Bill Gil' Cedillo and
the Axis of Weasels

September 5, 2003 -- A grinning former MEChA member and vehement Mexican reconquista State Senator "One Bill Gil" Cedillo holds the freshly signed illegal alien driver's license bill (SB60) as a gleeful radical pest Assemblyman Fabian Nunez looks on. Seated is the pandering failed Governor Gray Davis, a traitor who was successfully recalled on October 7, 2003 (the first Calif. Governor in history to be removed -- he was replaced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger). Mayor James 'L.A. is a Mexican City' Hahn, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, and rabid reconquista Antonio Villaraigosa are in the background. SB60 was eventually repealed in December, 2003, but the evil Cedillo vowed to bring it back.... and he did just that in February, 2004 as SB1160. He has since said that he will keep pushing to reward pesky criminal invaders until the day he expires.

Traitors, Reconquistas with SB-60
Who's Who of California's Worst

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Elsie Cooper -- American Thinker -- April 27, 2012    
California caves to invaders   
California is changing its laws in order to be "fair and compassionate" toward illegal [aliens] living in the state. Governor Jerry Brown signed the "California Dream Act," which allows illegal [aliens] access to state aid at public universities and colleges. In addition, Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D) along with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck are calling for illegal [aliens] to be given California driver's licenses...

Los Angeles Times -- October 8, 2011   
"Governor Moonbeam" signs dreadful Calif. Dream Act   
The lawmaker who authored the California Dream Act said Saturday that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the bill allowing Illegal [aliens] attending California universities to receive state financial aid. -- Brown's office declined comment, and an announcement on the legislation has not yet been made. -- But Assemblyman Gil Cedillo said he was notified Saturday morning... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Fontana (Calif.) Herald News -- September 9, 2011        
Second part of destructive Calif. Dream Act heads for Brown's desk   
The second part of the California Dream Act was approved last Friday by the State Assembly by a vote of 45-27, opening the doors for [illegal aliens in need of deportation] to apply for state financial aid. -- AB 131, which was approved on Thursday by the State Senate, is now en route to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk for signature. -- Authored by Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, which was approved and signed last July...

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner -- September 6, 2011     
Calif. looks to change law regarding car impoundments 
...Currently state law mandates drivers caught, usually at safety checkpoints, are written up and their cars impounded for up to 30 days. Authors of AB 353 contend that illegal [aliens.... criminals] and the Latino population in general are more susceptible to losing their impounded vehicles altogether. -- Gil Cedillo... claims that police impound unlicensed driver's vehicles to raise additional money... something that places an undue burden on Latino families...

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner -- August 26, 2011   
California's DREAM Act Part II outrage continues
Part two of California's DREAM Act that seeks to provide financial aid for illegal aliens hits the Senate floor. The controversial DREAM Act legislation is expected to pass along party lines that heavily favor Democrats. -- AB 131 is sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) and proposes illegal alien students can compete for the $40 million in public financial aid... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Los Angeles Times -- July 28, 2011          
California pro-amnesty zealots planning next move   
...[Illegal aliens] are aiming for larger public scholarships and grants -- such as the Cal Grant, which awards up to $12,192. But those are currently available only to U.S. citizens, a requirement that AB 131 would change. Supporters of that bill, also by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), say they plan to lobby to move it forward next month...

Reuters -- July 26, 2011         
California "Dream Act" approved for illegals    
Los Angeles -- California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law on Monday a bill allowing illegal [aliens] to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state's public colleges and universities. -- The bill, dubbed the California Dream Act, passed the state Legislature earlier this month and aims at helping illegal [aliens]... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

The California Independent Voter Network -- March 15, 2011    
California Dream Act debate intensifies    
While recent census figures indicate that California is rapidly becoming a melting pot of immigrants on the road to becoming the new majority, a debate is sure to materialize in a California Assembly committee hearing today over the California Dream Act (AB 130). At the heart of the matter will be the possible showdown between Assemblymen Gil Cedillo and Tim Donnelly...

California Independent Voter Network -- January 19, 2011     
California Dream Act loaded with potential problems    
With the reintroduction on Friday of AB 130 [by rabid reconquista Gil Cedillo], the California Dream Act, state legislators have given yet another indication that California will be a conducive climate to building a bridge with the illegal immigrant population while other states seek to strictly enforce federal law...

San Jose Mercury News -- January 11, 2011     
'One Bill Gil' Cedillo strives to aid invaders in bankrupt state 
A bill that would grant [illegal alien] students access to financial aid is being revived in the state Legislature this week. -- The California Dream Act would allow students who are [illegal aliens] to benefit from the same financial aid as other California students attending the state's public colleges and universities... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

American Patrol Report -- October 1, 2010     
Schwarzenegger vetoes California DREAM Act   
The webmaster just heard from Gov. Schwarzenegger's Riverside, Calif. office at 9:55 AM PT today and was advised that SB1460, "One Bill Gil" Cedillo's California DREAM Act, was vetoed.

Sacramento Bee -- June 25, 2010     
Reconquista cheerleader "One Bill Gil" Cedillo at it again   
The head of the California Senate and minority lawmakers unveiled a resolution Wednesday urging a boycott of Arizona to protest its new police immigration law. -- Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, said 44 legislators have agreed to co-sponsor his Senate Concurrent Resolution 113...

Orange County Register -- May 27, 2010     
Immigration stance may kill fairgrounds deal   
...[S]ome Latino lawmakers are now threatening to block [a major deal] after the City Council last week declared Costa Mesa a "Rule of Law City" where people who are in this country illegally [criminals] are not welcome. -- "The city government of Costa Mesa should not think that they can act with immunity as it relates to these matters," said State Sen. Gilbert Cedillo, chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus...

PBS Newshour -- February 16, 2010          
DUI checkpoints meet rising skepticism   
California has ramped up the use of sobriety checkpoints to target intoxication and crack down on unlicensed drivers. But its policy of seizing vehicles is under fire both for targeting [illegal aliens] and for generating an estimated $40 million in revenues... ["One Bill Gil" Cedillo whines about the impoundment of vehicles driven by unlicensed illegals]

Sacramento Bee -- February 16, 2010     
Latinos who backed Obama are frustrated by lack of amnesty for illegals   
As one of the first [Mexican reconquista fanatics] in the nation to endorse Barack Obama, Democratic state Sen. Gilbert Cedillo of Los Angeles campaigned hard for the president, but he's disappointed now. -- The reason: Obama failed to act on a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws in his first year in office, as he promised to do when he ran for president... [See Amnesty Watch]

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner -- September 29, 2009     
California lawmakers want to suspend ALL immigration laws   
State Senator Gilbert Cedillo-D put forth a resolution that passed in the California Senate condemning specified policies and practices of federal agencies regarding the enforcement of immigration laws. Furthermore Cedillo's resolution urges Congress and President Obama to declare an immediate moratorium on immigration policies and practices until a comprehensive reform of immigration [aka amnesty] is enacted....

We Get E-Mail -- September 28, 2009     
Reconquista zealot Cedillo wants to declare open borders   
State Senator 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo wants to declare California an open-borders state. -- He introduced his Senate resolution on September 3...

Los Angeles Times -- May 20, 2009             
Chu defeats Cedillo in 32nd Congressional District   
State Board of Equalization Vice Chairwoman Judy Chu won the most votes Tuesday for the open 32nd Congressional District seat, running well ahead of fellow Democrat state Sen. Gil Cedillo, but she fell short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff...

The Columbian -- Vancouver, Wash. -- May 10, 2009  
Racial lines tested in California House race   
...["One Bill Gil"] Cedillo has the support of the political arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which is eager to keep the seat in Hispanic hands. -- For Hispanics, "a lot of our needs have not been met," said Rep. Joe Baca, a Democrat and caucus member who represents a neighboring district. "It's a Hispanic seat. We should not lose that seat." [It's a Hispanic seat?]

Los Angeles Times -- April 11, 2009   
'One Bill Gil' Cedillo spends like a drunken sailor   
Gil Cedillo, a Los Angeles state senator running for Congress, has spent more than $125,000 gathered from campaign donors over the last six years on shopping excursions, gourmet meals, entertainment and upscale hotels around the globe, public records show...

New America Media -- Los Angeles March 22, 2009   
Radical open-borders zealot introduces Calif. DREAM Act... again   
22nd District California State Senator Gil Cedillo has once again introduced legislation calling for otherwise qualified illegal [aliens] to be eligible for certain types of privately funded financial aid for college. -- Cedillo represents Downtown and surrounding areas, and he recently introduced Senate Bill 160 — also known as the DREAM Act... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Californians for Population Stabilization -- February 25, 2009   
"One Bill Gil" Cedillo is at it again   
Once again, Senator Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) has introduced SB 60, his perennial effort to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. -- Despite the overwhelming opposition of California voters, the legislature has repeatedly sought to pass variations of this benefit to illegal aliens....

San Diego Minutemen -- November 26, 2008  
Judge rules San Diego Minutemen can add Reconquista lawmakers to suit   
Judge William Hayes granted in a 3 page ruling yesterday that the San Diego Minutemen can amend their civil rights lawsuit against Caltrans in three major ways.  First the court allowed State Senator Gil Cedillo and Assemblyman Joe Coto to be named as defendants for their roles in the conspiracy violation...[Related North County Times item]

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.   
San Diego Minutemen look to expand free speech lawsuit   
An anti-illegal immigration group, the San Diego Minutemen, is trying to pull two Latino lawmakers into its legal clash with the California DOT. -- Attorneys for the group have asked a federal judge for permission to expand their free speech lawsuit against the state agency. They want to add Assemblyman Joe Coto and state Sen. Gilbert Cedillo to the defendant list... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Bloodsuckers On Parade
KXTV -- Sacramento -- March 15, 2007
Cheap tuition proposed for adult invaders in continuation school
A Southern California lawmaker wants in-state tuition rates for [illegal aliens... criminals] attending continuation and adult school. The bill would also allow undocumented college students to apply for state aid and grants. -- The measure is Senate Bill 160. It's author, St. Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, said...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Contra Costa Times -- January 15, 2007
Illegal alien licenses again a source of debate
On the same day last week that state Sen. Gil Cedillo introduced legislation -- for the ninth consecutive year -- to allow illegal [aliens... criminals] to obtain driver's licenses, law enforcement officials were meeting in Sacramento. -- Among the issues discussed were federal and state court rulings restricting authority of law enforcement...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Sacramento Bee -- August 29, 2006
Invader driver's license bill is back
Legislation to allow illegal immigrants [criminals] in California apply for driver's licenses was resurrected Monday in a weakened version that's contingent on federal funding. -- Senate Bill 1162 by Sen. Gil Cedillo was approved by Democrats... [See: Pair of bills guaranteed to draw governor's veto] AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Associated Press -- June 1, 2006 
State senate approves driver's licenses for invaders
Sacramento -- The Senate is advancing a bill that would let the state issue driver's licenses to [illegal aliens... criminals], over the objections of Republicans including Governor Schwarzenegger. -- Senator ["One Bill"] Gil Cedillo says his bill is needed as the deadline approaches for California to comply with new federal regulations...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
San Diego Union-Tribune -- April 19, 2006  
Senate panel backs driver's licenses for invaders
Sacramento -- Sen. [One Bill Gil] Cedillo's maneuvering to broaden the appeal of his ongoing campaign to grant [illegal aliens... criminals] the legal right to drive may cost him traditional allies. -- The Senate Transportation Committee yesterday approved his bill on a 7-3 vote amid the backdrop of recent massive [illegal alien... criminal] rights rallies...AP Internal Use Only

CAPS -- April 13, 2006
Calif. illegal alien license bill hearing coming up
The California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee will vote Tuesday, April 18th on SB 1160 introduced by Senator [One Bill Gil] Cedillo, which would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. -- Despite six failed attempts over the past seven years, "One Bill Gil" Cedillo re-introduced this legislation...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
San Jose Mercury News -- January 11,2006
Invader license proposal re-introduced
Despite six failed attempts over the past seven years, state Sen. Gil Cedillo on Tuesday re- introduced his proposal to allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. -- And no matter what happens politically, the measure is sure to drive a contentious debate far beyond the state Capitol between undocumented workers who say they are in California to meet labor demands...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Stooge
Torrance Daily Breeze -- October 8, 2005
Mexican Reconquista grumbles over invader license bill veto
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has once again vetoed legislation that would have allowed California to issue special "driving only" licenses to illegal immigrants, unswayed by a new federal law that left him an opening to reverse course. -- Sen. "One Bill Gil" Cedillo, who has turned passage of a license measure into a crusade, insisted he will not surrender. [Contact and thank the governor]AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Associated Press -- October 7, 2005
Schwarzenegger vetoes invader driver's license bill
Sacramento -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday vetoed legislation that would have granted driver's licenses to [illegal aliens... criminals], saying that approving the measure into law could have undermined national security efforts. -- The veto was expected and marked the second time Schwarzenegger has rejected such a bill. [Contact and thank the governor]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
San Diego Union-Tribune -- June 28, 2005
'One Bill Gil's' invader license scheme under GOP fire
Sacramento -- The Schwarzenegger administration unleashed an aggressive new offensive yesterday against pending legislation that would restore the ability of undocumented immigrants [crminals] to drive legally in California. -- A deputy director of the state Office of Homeland Security warned an Assembly committee...AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Modesto Bee -- June 26, 2005
Cedillo still trying to reward criminals, endanger Americans
State Sen. [One Bill Gil] Cedillo is making his fifth attempt in seven years to enact legislation allowing illegal immigrants [criminals] to get California driver's licenses. This time he's hoping to get a governor's signature that will stick. -- Former Gov. Gray Davis signed a Cedillo bill legalizing the licenses in 2003 [which got him booted out of office]....AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Associated Press -- June 2, 2005
Bill to give invaders licenses in Calif. advances
Sacramento -- The latest attempt to provide driver's licenses for illegal immigrants [criminals in need of deportation] passed the state Senate on Thursday, after proponents tied the measure to the state's compliance with a new federal law intended to deter terrorists. -- The bill by Sen. Gil Cedillo includes provisions that restrict how the licenses can be used...AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Stooge
Sher Zieve -- WEBCommentary -- May 7, 2005
Illegal Immigrants Shouldn't Be Subject To CA Law
A proposed CA bill is so screwy that it seems destined to spread to other states. California State Senator Gil Cedillo has decided that illegal aliens with invalid driver's licenses should be off the hook in regards to vehicle impound laws. Daily Bulletin staff writer Harrison Sheppard reported that California can compel...AP Internal Use Only

Torrance Daily Breeze -- May 6, 2005 
Push for immigrant licenses may be on again (Cedillo antics)
Handed an opening by Congress on Thursday, state Sen. Gil Cedillo is crafting legislation that he insists will break a deadlock over drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants. -- After resisting special characteristics all last year, the Los Angeles Democrat said he will introduce legislation that would create a separate license for illegal [aliens]...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Mexican Reconquista
California Aggie - U.C. Davis -- February 25, 2005
La Raza sponsors talk by vehement reconquista Cedillo
...[Calif. State Sen. 'One Bill Gil'] Cedillo has been a champion for California's working poor and disenfranchised communities. Much of his tenure has been spent arguing for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, and in his talk, he addressed the legislative challenges he faced with Gov. Gray Davis and continues to face with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Redding Record Searchlight - February 5, 2005  [Poll on page]
'One Bill Gil' Cedillo brings back invader license bill

Hollywood stars' powers of persuasion are apparently negligible in the north state when it comes to the issue of providing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- A Los Angeles lawmaker has unveiled a bill that would remove American citizenship as a requirement to drive in California. The bill by state Sen. Gil Cedillo...AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
Patrick Mallon -- NewsMax.com -- January 26, 2005
'Best Nanny in a Supporting Role'
Fact: In 1993, California Assemblyman Alfred Alquist, a Democrat from San Jose, authored the bill that eliminated the right of illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license without proof of legal residency or citizenship. Up to that point, the right existed. -- Yes, a Democrat, 12 years ago, sensed the pulse of voters...AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Associated Press -- January 25, 2005
More on invader license push by Hollywood crowd
..."I think it's another example of how rich Hollywood elites are out of touch with what's going on in California," said Mike Spence of Save Our License. "They don't see the impact of immigration unless it's hiring someone to help out with chores around their mansions ... and they're not in competition with illegal immigrants for jobs." [View ridiculous ad]AP Internal Use Only

Cedillo's Folly
Associated Press -- January 24, 2005
Hollywood crowd pushes for invader driver's licenses
Hollywood stars are joining the fight to get driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants [criminals] in California with a new ad featuring a mock award for "Best Nanny." -- More than 30 actors, musicians and writers, including Diane Keaton, Carlos Santana and "Million Dollar Baby" writer and producer Paul Haggis, took out the ad Monday in the entertainment industry trade paper Variety.AP Internal Use Only

Bush-Approved Defacto National ID
San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial -- December 10, 2004  
California should not ease licensing rules for illegals
At least some of the Sept. 11 terrorists, all Arabs, obtained illegal driver's licenses and used them to board airliners on that horrific day. Which is why the issue of granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is a matter of pressing national security concern. -- Sen. ["One Bill"] Gil Cedillo has led a long- running campaign to enact a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses freely.AP Internal Use Only

Patrick Mallon -- CaliforniaRepublic.org -- December 9, 2004
The Trojan Horses of Sacramento
...Assemblyman Mark Leno vows to legalize same-sex marriage, in spite of the law. And Senator Gill Cedillo, come hell or high water, pledges to bring his highly unpopular illegal immigrant driver's license bill back from the dead in 2005. --- Senator Gil Cedillo, the man who may have pushed Gray Davis out the door when he pressured the former governor to sign a bill granting immigrant driver's licenses in 2003...AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Copley News Service -- December 9, 2004
Invader driver's license issue to be put off
...Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to defer talks on driver licenses for illegal immigrants [criminals] until federal officials develop standards required under legislation to overhaul the national intelligence network. -- [Schwarzenegger and "One Bill Gil" Cedillo, a vehement Mexican reconquista, remain at odds over how to provide licenses to invaders without compromising national security... an impossibility.]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Tri-Valley Herald - Pleasanton -- November 30, 2004 
'One Bill' Gil is at it again with his driver's license nonsense
Ignoring stiff opposition by the administration, a state legislator ['One Bill Gil' Cedillo, a vehement Mexican reconquista] plans to reintroduce the same proposal to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed in September. -- The Republican governor vetoed a bill granting illegal immigrants driver's licenses in September, saying it did not contain the necessary security precautions. AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
San Jose Mercury News Editorial - November 23, 2004
'One Bill Gil', fellow Mexican reconquista pests at it again
In his indefatigable pursuit to legalize driving for illegal immigrants [criminals], Sen. Gilbert Cedillo should move over and hand the wheel to Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez. -- Núñez understands it's time to do what it takes to get a bill passed. If that means accepting a license for 2 million illegal immigrants that has a different color, as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently insists, then fine, he says...[See: SaveOurLicense.com]AP Internal Use Only

Mexi Rant East L.A.
La Opinion -- (Translated by Google.com) - October 17, 2004
Mexican propaganda rag claims 'thousands' attended L.A. rant
Mexican flags abounded at a 'marcha' held by invaders and their cheerleaders yesterday in downtown L.A. The brigade was led by craven traitors 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo and Hermandad Mexicana Nacional's notorious Nativo Lopez. They are whining about everything from driver's licenses to H.R. 10, and are planning another lame boycott 'against the economy of California' on December 12.AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Dennis Mountjoy -- L.A. Times (Free Registration) -- Oct. 11, 2004
Governor right to veto driver's license bill
Arnold Schwarzenegger did the right thing when he immigrated to America from Austria as a young man - he came here legally. As governor, he did the right thing [recently] when he vetoed the bill that would have given California driver's licenses to immigrants who, unlike the governor, entered this country illegally. [Visit Assemblyman Mountjoy's website]AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
Sacramento Bee -- October 10, 2004
'The New 187': GOP wary of new initiative
...[A]s state Sen. Gil Cedillo prepares to introduce his fifth license bill next year, the governor - who recently vetoed an Assembly version - and the GOP are distancing themselves from a ballot measure that could put the issue to rest. -- The constitutional amendment would bar the Legislature from granting licenses to illegal immigrants [criminals], and cut off their access to professional or commercial licenses...AP Internal Use Only

La Opinion  (Translated by Google.com) -- October 7, 2004
Navarro's mob plans 'marcha' against Bush and to demand licenses
An article in the Mexican propaganda rag La Opinion indicates that reconquista nut job Armando Navarro has organized a tantrum to be tossed in San Bernardino on October 9 to urge his fellow countrymen not to vote for embattled president Bush. He also says this toothless rant is also to protest the recent veto of 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo's national security-threatening driver's license bill. [See Spanish version]AP Internal Use Only

The Governator
The Governator
The Enterprise - Editorial -- Brockton, Mass. -- Sept. 27, 2004  
Schwarzenegger: No licenses for invaders
Some people may take a dim view of Arnold Schwarzenegger being the governor of California, but at least he keeps his word - which puts him ahead of most politicians. --- Schwarzenegger's critics are calling him unenlightened and racist [for his righfully giving the axe to 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo's outrageous license scam]. These ad hominem attacks avoid the central premise that they are trying to legitimize the huge population of illegal immigrants [criminals] in the United States. [Thank Schwarzenegger]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
George Skelton -- Los Angeles Times -- Sept. 23, 2004
Maybe It's Time for Cedillo to Let Arnold Take the Wheel
State Sen. ['One Bill Gil'] Cedillo has been down the same road for six years and always has been stopped short of his goal: driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. So it's probably time to change directions. -- Assuming a driver's license is the only goal of Cedillo and other Latino legislators - and not a government photo ID that can open the door to other privileges of legal residency - the senator should follow Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's lead. AP Internal Use Only

Buh bye!
License Scheme
Los Angeles Times via KTLA -- Sept. 23, 2004
Bad bill bites the dust, Nativo and Fabian bellyache
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday vetoed legislation that would have made California's 2 million illegal immigrants [criminals] eligible for driver's permits. -- [Mexican reconquista disciple] Nativo V. Lopez, national president of both the Mexican American Political Assn. and Hermandad Mexicana, said his groups are prepared to call for national boycotts of convention centers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. [Tell Arnold "Thank You!"]AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
La Opinion  (Roughly translated by Google.com) -- September 16, 2004
Invaders, enablers badger governor for licenses
Sacramento -- La Opinion reports that a large group of invaders and their supporters descended on the state capitol yesterday to urge Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign "One Bill Gil" Cedillo's wacky legislation that would reward criminals with California driver's licenses [defacto national ID cards]. The notorious Hermandad Mexicana Nacional (of Dornan-Sanchez voter fraud fame), CHIRLA, and the annoying SEIU organized the disturbing event. Union goon Ben Monterroso was also observed on Univision ranting with the invaders.AP Internal Use Only

San Gabriel Valley Tribune -- September 15, 2004
Don't encourage illegals
We should be clear about the intent of those sponsoring legislation to allow California driver licenses for illegal aliens. This legislation has little to do with highway safety; it's mostly a sleazy attempt to flood California with millions of illegal immigrants, with little or no consideration for the welfare of those Americans already here. The author of this legislation is state Sen. Gil Cedillo...AP Internal Use Only

Even More Cedillo Skulduggery