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See: Chris Cannon (R-Utah) -- Public Enemy Number One
Congressman Shamelessly Carries On at AILA Conference -- March 8, 2002

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Utah Republican Advocates Lawlessness
"We love immigrants in Utah. And we don't oftentimes make the distinction between legal and illegal. In fact I think Utah was the first state in the country to legislate the ability to get a drivers license based on the matricula consular and of that I am proud." -- Rep. Cannon (R-Utah) spewing traitorous trash at a MALDEF award ceremony, June 6, 2002.
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Latest News on Utah's Number One Congressmenace

The Spectrum -- St. George, Utah -- June 27, 2008   
Incumbents beware   
Jason Chaffetz's overwhelming defeat of six-term Rep. Chris Cannon should serve as a warning to incumbents as the 2008 campaign hits full stride. -- People aren't happy, and if they see you as part of the problem, they will vote you out of office... ~Visit

Philadelphia Bulletin -- June 27, 2008   
Cannon's loss means amnesty is a losing issue   
Years of controversy over proposed amnesty for illegal aliens provoked continuous insistence from high-immigration advocates that the issue doesn't hurt them at the voting booth. Case-in-point: Chris Cannon. -- But after serving six two-year terms, the Republican Utah congressman lost to border-enforcement proponent Jason Chaffetz... ~Visit

Marcus Epstein -- Human Events -- June 27, 2008   
Cannon's defeat in Utah marks victory for immigration control   
Tuesday’s primary defeat of six term Utah Congressman Chris Cannon at the hands of political neophyte Jason Chaffetz was, without a doubt, the greatest electoral victory of the immigration control movement. The election was about one -- and only one -- issue: Chris Cannon’s long support of amnesty for illegal aliens. ~Visit

Roy Beck -- Numbers USA -- June 25, 2008   
Rep. Cannon finally fails to hide amnesty record   
Rep. Chris Cannon -- who lost in a 60%-40% Primary election landslide yesterday -- had survived several previous Primary challenges by fooling enough people into believing that he was not really an amnesty champion. -- His loss should strike some fear into the 362 Members of Congress (68%) who have Amnesty grades of D+ or worse... ~Visit

Michelle Malkin -- June 25, 2008   
Shamnesty Republican Chris Cannon defeated in Utah primary   
Every time an immigration enforcement proponent loses a seat in Congress, the open-borders Wall Street Journal and their ilk use it to argue that Republicans need to support shamnesty to maintain political viability. The WSJ falsely framed the 2006 midterm election losses of GOP Reps. John Hostettler, Randy Graf...

Associated Press -- June 25, 2008   
MALDEF Lover Ousted: Good riddance, RINO Cannon!   
U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon, one of the nation's most [illegal alien-pandering] congressmen, lost his bid for a seventh term Tuesday in a Republican primary that focused on whether he was conservative enough for Utah's 3rd District. -- Cannon was defeated by first-time candidate Jason Chaffetz, a former Brigham Young University football player... ~Visit -- June 24, 2008  
Cannon at risk of getting fired in Utah primary   
Utah Republicans are heading to the polls today to determine the fate of Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah), a six-term congressman who is facing the fight of his political career largely over his moderate-to-liberal position on immigration... ~Visit

Deseret News -- Salt Lake City -- June 17, 2008  
Cannon tough on immigration?   
Groups opposing undocumented workers have long portrayed Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, as an arch enemy sympathetic to illegals. But Cannon is now depicting himself in a mail ad as just the opposite, as a tough enforcer seeking deportation. ~Visit

Cannon in Taco Helmet
RINO Cannon
KSL-TV -- Salt Lake City -- January 11, 2007
RINO Cannon co-sponsors controversial immigration bill
A controversial immigration bill co-sponsored by Utah Representative Chris Cannon could pass soon. -- The bill creates a pilot program that would give legal immigration status to otherwise undocumented agricultural workers. -- If workers can prove they worked more than 150 days in two years...AP Internal Use Only

Patriotic MEChA Scum
Salt Lake Tribune -- August 31, 2006
Usual suspects rally for amnesty
...Republican U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon (RINO- Utah), who upset some conservatives in his own party by supporting Bush's immigration plan, stopped by to speak to the crowd and said he supports their efforts. -- efforts. -- "People who are illegal are people," he said in an interview. "I want to get people to come out of the shadows and get criminals out of the system." [This guy is a complete idiot.]AP Internal Use Only

Cannon in Taco Helmet
RINO Cannon
Project USA -- June 28, 2006
Cannon thwarts effort to clean up the GOP
Chris Cannon beat challenger John Jacob last night in a GOP primary in Utah. In a district in which more than half the voters still think George W. Bush is doing a good job, he will likely beat any Democratic challenger this fall and go on to another two year term.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- June 28, 2006
Cannon runs from amnesty, wins primary
Five-term Rep. Chris Cannon survived the toughest challenge of his political career Tuesday against a political newcomer who portrayed the incumbent as soft on illegal immigration. -- With 476 of 623 precints reporting, Cannon defeated millionaire real estate developer John Jacob in the Republican primary...

Jacob for Congress
Elect Jacob
Washington Times -- June 26, 2006 
Utah race closes to virtual dead heat
Salt Lake City -- [MALDEF stooge and open- borders zealot] Rep. Chris Cannon, the five-term Republican facing a stiff primary challenge here over his stance on immigration, has lost a comfortable lead and heads into tomorrow's primary in a statistical tie, according to the latest poll by the Salt Lake City Tribune.AP Internal Use Only

Cannon Watch
Jan Herron -- Magic City Morning Star -- June 25, 2006
Fire that Cannon (Open-borders zealot Chris Cannon, that is)
Well, well, well ... Congressman Chris "King of Amnesty" [Cannon] of Utah says he is against amnesty! Could it be he's talking about illegal immigration? Do tell us, Chris, why you are suddenly on board as the self-imposed champion of immigration reform while you still occupy the position of Vice Chairman on the U.S.-Mexico Congressional Caucus?AP Internal Use Only

Insufferable Guttersnipe
Cannon Watch
Jan Herron -- Magic City Morning Star -- June 24, 2006
Press 1 for English, press 2 to remove Chris Cannon
Let us not forget Congressman Chris "give 'em all amnesty and keep 'em coming" Cannon of Utah, who in May 2005 said of America's patriot Congressman Tom Tancredo: "I think he ought to consider his views and decide whether they're consistent with the Republican Party." Where did Cannon deliver this rendition? AP Internal Use Only

Give This Bum the Boot!
RINO Cannon
Salt Lake Tribune -- June 24, 2006
Jacob, invader-fan Cannon again spar on immigration
...[MALDEF lackey Rep. Chris] Cannon said he wants immigration reform to look like some combination of the best parts of the U.S. House and Senate plans. Cannon says he opposes amnesty [a bald- faced lie... look at this clown's voting record], and he has said [illegal aliens... criminals] could pay fines and return to their home country...AP Internal Use Only

Lying MALDEF Pimp
Cannon Watch
H. Millard -- June 24, 2006
Is Mexico-firster Cannon stiffing Mormons?
Useless bag of wind and Mexico Firster Rep. Chris Cannon got an award a few years ago from MALDEF for helping the children of illegal aliens get tuition breaks at public colleges in Utah. -- These are the absurd gimmes that let illegal aliens get reduced rates in U.S. colleges while American citizens are denied these breaks if they don't live in the state...AP Internal Use Only

Jacob for Congress
Elect Jacob
Rocky Mountain News -- June 24, 2006  
Tancredo PAC ads may help dump MALDEF lackey Cannon
His name won't appear on the ballot next week, but Rep. Tom Tancredo is the phantom factor haunting a Republican congressional primary in Utah. -- Littleton's immigration-reform firebrand insists he's keeping his distance from the intraparty fight between longtime congressional nemesis Rep. Chris Cannon... [Hear 'Elect John Jacob' radio ad]AP Internal Use Only

Oust This Skunk
RINO Cannon
Jan Herron -- Magic City Morning Star -- June 22, 2006
It's Time to Dethrone "The King of Amnesty"
Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah has shown absolutely no leadership whatever on the matter of immigration reform. During previous campaigns, we've heard "...if elected, I'll do it" or " are absolutely right about this issue and if elected, I will take a stand." Fast forward to his swearing-in day...AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol -- June 22, 2006
Utah its your turn... send that bum Cannon packing
I've long been concerned that when ordinary citizens get involved in politics because they want America to get on the right track, they usually focus almost exclusively on the sexy  presidential campaigns and often start third party movements with a national personality as their focus.  So far, so good...AP Internal Use Only

Bye Bye Bucks!
Deseret Morning News -- June 21, 2006
Cheap-labor cabal fattens Cannon's coffers
Just days before his Republican primary election, U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon is seeing more than $134,000 flowing into his war chest, much of it from organizations known to favor cheap immigrant labor. -- The pro-immigration groups have given Cannon, R-Utah, at least $58,200 in the past 12 days...AP Internal Use Only

Bush Errs Again
Poll Info
Salt Lake Tribune -- June 21, 2006 
Open-borders zealot endorses MALDEF lackey Cannon
President Bush on Tuesday endorsed 3rd Congressional District incumbent Chris Cannon over fellow Republican John Jacob in Tuesday's primary election. -- "Chris Cannon has been a strong leader and loyal Republican in Congress," the president said in a brief statement. "He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me..."AP Internal Use Only

Snake In The Grass
Project USA -- June 20, 2006
Open-borders snake Cannon denounces own bill
In an interview he gave to long-time supporter Tad Walch of Utah's Deseret News, Congressman Chris Cannon denounced, on the grounds it's an amnesty, the recently passed senate immigration bill. Utah voters who read the interview may be left with the wrong impression of Cannon's real position... [Don't miss this debate.]AP Internal Use Only

Jacob for Congress
Elect Jacob
KUTV -- Salt Lake City -- June 20, 2006 
Invasion dominates Cannon-Jacob debate
Rep. Chris Cannon advocated a guest worker program as one solution to illegal immigration while challenger John Jacob said illegal immigrants should be sent back to their home countries and then some of them allowed to return to the U.S. on a "fast-pass" program. [Click to hear the debate ... MALDEF lackey Cannon is a hoot.]AP Internal Use Only

Give This Bum the Boot!
RINO Cannon
Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City -- June 19, 2006  
Cannon and Jacob face off on television
Eight days now remain until the June 27 Republican primary, and KUTV reporter Rod Decker wasn't overstating the facts when he moderated a televised debate Sunday between 3rd District Congressional candidates [open- border wacko / MALDEF lackey] Chris Cannon and John Jacob and called it "the hottest race in Utah right now."AP Internal Use Only

Oust This Skunk
Deseret Morning News -- June 18, 2006
GOP rival stresses border control
Orem, Utah -- ... [John] Jacob certainly has attacked [MALDEF water boy Chris] Cannon on immigration. Cannon told the Deseret Morning News he can lose only if Jacob can beat him on immigration. Jacob assiduously avoids the appearance of a one-issue candidate, but he and Cannon are very similar on most other issues. [Hear radio ad]AP Internal Use Only

RINO Chris Cannon
RINO Cannon
Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City -- June 17, 2006
Jacob supporters question Cannon's actions
As accusations surfaced that 3rd District congressional candidate John Jacob may have hired immigrants who lacked work eligibility, his supporters raised their own concerns. -- The race has become a national bellwether for how Republican candidates will fare on the immigration issue. Jacob, a staunch advocate for secure borders...AP Internal Use Only

Jacob for Congress
John Jacob
Team America PAC -- June 17, 2006
Hear new John Jacob for Congress campaign radio ad
Team America is sponsoring ads to defeat Chris Cannon in Utah's 3rd district. Now that voters are finally getting fed up with illegal immigration, Cannon is pretending to be tough on border security. Team America is funding ads to expose his deception and tell the voters his real record on immigration! --Listen-(MP3) AP Internal Use Only

Insufferable Guttersnipe
Cannon Watch
Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City -- June 16, 2006
Radio ads rip MALDEF lackey Cannon
A national immigration- restriction group released a radio advertisement Monday that openly mocked Rep. Chris Cannon and endorsed his opponent, John Jacob, in the June 27 Republican primary. -- Team America ran the ad 13 times Monday on KSL Newsradio. The ad, called offensive by Cannon's chief of staff, used a sneering laugh track...AP Internal Use Only

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