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What Homeland Security?
What Homeland
WorldNetDaily.com -- April 28, 2006
'American Hiroshima' linked with Iran attack
...Al Masri, an Egyptian national with ties to al-Zawahiri, said that al-Qaida had made arrangements to smuggle nuclear weapons and supplies to Mexico. From Mexico, he said, the weapons were to be transported across the border and into the United States with the help of a Latino street gang. -- Mir also maintains that numerous sleeper agents...AP Internal Use Only

Bush Brown-noser
WorldNetDaily.com -- April 20, 2006 
Chertoff downplays Mexican military incursions
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff downplayed reports by the U.S. Border Patrol of more than 200 incursions by the Mexican military over the last 10 years, calling them "scare tactics." -- While acknowledging the Border Patrol reports of crossings by uniformed troops, Chertoff told reporters... AP Internal Use Only

Idiot Alert!
Jerry Covey -- Sierra Vista Herald / Review -- March 19, 2006
Cochise Democrat opposes border wall
...Solving illegal immigration is a federal responsibility. It is an incredibly complex problem that will not be solved by tough talk or an enormous wall. The majority of the illegal immigrants are seeking jobs. Most residents of Cochise County understand the need to escape a life of grinding poverty. We are a nation of immigrants. AP Internal Use Only

Obnoxious Stooge
Newsweek -- March 18, 2006
Bush's approval rating drops even lower
A bitterly divided electorate gives President George W. Bush an approval rating of only 36% in the latest Newsweek poll, matching the low point in his presidency recorded last November. His image as an effective leader in the war on terror is tarnished, with less than half the public (44%) approving of the way he's handling terrorism and homeland security. AP Internal Use Only

Worst President Ever!
ABC News -- March 18, 2006
DHS gets 'F' for computer security -- again
You might expect the Department of Homeland Security to have one of the most secure computer systems in all of government. -- But you would be wrong. -- The House Government Reform Committee released its annual report card on federal computer security and DHS -- which got an F in 2004 -- received another F for 2005.AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Arizona Daily Star -- March 18, 2006
Kyl cuts 15 miles off planned border fence
U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl will shave the length of a proposed border fence by 15 miles to keep it out of the nationally recognized San Pedro River. --- "It is one of the major headaches for the Border Patrol and the people of the U.S," said Spencer, the group's founder, who said he can see the river from a window at his home a half-mile from the border. "It's an ill-advised decision." -- See this featureAP Internal Use Only

Useless Idiot Kolbe
RINO Kolbe
Associated Press -- March 9, 2006
Kolbe refused to vote against outrageous Dubai port deal
...President Bush hopes to avoid getting steamrolled in the Senate over a deal allowing a Dubai- owned company to take control of some U.S port operations. --- Only Reps. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., and Jim Moran, D-Va., voted against the measure [to block the deal]. [Fortunately this clown is gone in November. Vote Graf for Congress]AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
ABC News -- March 8, 2006
Counties along Mexican border have soaring crime rates
The counties bordering Mexico would rank No. 1 in federal crime if they were a state, according to a new study. -- The crimes are mostly related to immigration and drugs, but the future looks bleak for the borderlands if something isn't done soon, according to the 246-page report.AP Internal Use Only

Bunch of Bozos
Associated Press -- March 6, 2006
Guards fault homeland security protection
...For instance, when an envelope with suspicious powder was opened last fall at Homeland Security Department headquarters, guards said they watched in amazement as superiors carried it by the office of Secretary Michael Chertoff, took it outside and then shook it outside Chertoff's window without evacuating people nearby. AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times -- March 6, 2006
Immigration agency falters in handling fraud cases
A draft government report shows the agency that would oversee any future guest-worker program doesn't have a handle on fraud, doesn't do enough to deter it, and won't have a fraud- management system in place until 2011 -- years after its proponents want a program to start. AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland Security?
What Homeland
El Paso Times -- March 6, 2006
Securing the border
Democratic gubernatorial candidates say Republican Gov. Rick Perry's recent moves to send more money, personnel and equipment to beef up security on the border is too little, too late. -- "It seems to me it was more an election-year ploy than really a serious effort to stem the flow of immigrants into Texas," said Chris Bell...AP Internal Use Only

Bush Water Boy
Traitor Chertoff
Brownsville Herald -- March 4, 2006
Chertoff promotes guest worker program
DHS Sec. Michael Chertoff on Friday stressed the importance of a guest worker program for the security of the nation during a visit to Brownsville. --- Chertoff was accompanied by Mexican diplomats to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

Useless Bush Lackey
John Gizzi -- Human Events -- March 4, 2006
Chertoff Has 'Few Days Left,' Sources Say
In the aftermath of the public revelation of the presidential "teleconference" and mounting criticism of the performance of Michael Chertoff, Administration sources told Human Events today that the secretary of Homeland Security has "only a few days left" in the Bush Cabinet.AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland
Associated Press -- March 3, 2006
Outrageous port deal is delayed over protest
London -- A Miami company objecting to the takeover of British shipping company P&O by Dubai's state- owned DP World said Friday it has been granted the right to take the case to Britain's Court of Appeal - a move that puts the deal on hold. -- Miami-based Eller & Co., which says its business could be harmed by U.S. concerns...AP Internal Use Only

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