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Associated Press -- September 21, 2011    
Usual suspects allege abuse by Border Patrol   
Bisbee, Ariz. -- [Illegal alien "rights"] advocates allege a culture of cruelty exists within the U.S. Border Patrol. A report released Wednesday by the group No More Deaths says it bases its allegations on years of interviews with illegal [aliens] apprehended in Arizona along the U.S.-Mexico border. -- No More Deaths says their findings demonstrate the abuse, neglect, and dehumanization of [illegal aliens]...

KGUN-TV -- Tucson -- July 21, 2010     
Usual suspects plan strike over Arizona law targeting invaders   
...The groups No More Deaths, Border Action Network and Derechos Humanos have joined forces to call for the strike and non-compliance campaign. They've scheduled a vigil and protests against SB 1070 staring July 28th and through the 29th. Organizers say the protests will go on as scheduled even if the a judge grants an injunction blocking enforcement of the law....

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- July 15, 2010    
Business owner defects from anti-SB 1070 campaign   
After showing his support for a new anti-SB 1070 campaign last week, one Tucson businessman has changed his position. -- Last Thursday the nonprofit humanitarian [radical left-wing open-borders] organization No More Deaths kicked off its "We Mean Business" campaign...

Washington Times -- March 16, 2010     
Arizona open-borders zealots cited for leaving water for illegals   
...Last summer, 13 volunteers from three groups -- No More Deaths, Tucson Samaritans and Humane Borders — decided to protest a prior littering citation by traveling to the refuge and leaving plastic water bottles for immigrants. Refuge officials ticketed the volunteers for littering...

Nogales (Ariz.) International -- March 16, 2010    
Noam Chomsky's daughter leads group to aid and abet illegals on border   
...They didn't come for a vacation, however, but instead are here for a hands-on learning experience about border issues with the Tucson organization No More Deaths. NMD works to prevent illegal [aliens] from dying in the desert and aids deportees after they are bused to Nogales, Sonora...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- February 8, 2010    
Water jugs at heart of dispute; hostility threatens to boil over    
...[Mike Hawkes] calls No More Deaths an anti-government organization whose goal is to make sure every illegal [alien] has a safe and comfortable trip. Members want to leave water in the refuge - as opposed to other areas with more deaths - because the refuge is close and convenient from Tucson and Green Valley, he said...

Latin American Herald Tribune -- Caracas -- July 11, 2009     
'No More Deaths' volunteers fined for littering    
Tucson -- Thirteen members of a group trying to prevent deaths among [illegal aliens] were fined for leaving gallons of water inside the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, which lies in southern Arizona on the border with Mexico. -- Volunteers from the No More Deaths organization tried to place bottles and gallons of water along the routes...

Nogales (Arizona) International -- January 9, 2009  
Usual suspects to toss dubious "Border Issues Fair"   
...Groups that offer area residents an opportunity to become directly involved will have displays. These include the Border Action Network, BorderLinks, Derechos Humanos, Los Descondocidos, the Naco Migrant Resource Center, Humane Borders, JustCoffee, No More Deaths, and Samaritans.

Associated Press -- October 21, 2008  
Good News!: Illegal alien aid worker guilty of littering   
Tucson -- For leaving water jugs out for illegal border crossers attempting to make it through the desert, a volunteer with an [illegal alien] rights group is guilty of littering, a federal magistrate ruled. -- United States Magistrate Judge Bernardo P. Velasco in Tucson issued his ruling against No More Deaths volunteer Daniel Millis on Monday. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- October 19, 2008   
Open-border fanatics claim detained illegals mistreated   
A new report from the Tucson-based human rights group No More Deaths alleges systematic mistreatment in the Border Patrol processing centers, including: the denial of food, water and medical treatment, physical and verbal abuse, separation of families and the failure to return belongings... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KMSB-TV -- Tucson -- September 18, 2008   
MEChA-boy Grijalva, fellow Reconquista fanatics whine about Border Patrol   
A group of Tucson activists [including Mechista Rep. Raul Grijalva and the notorious 'No More Deaths' crowd] carried allegations of abuse of [illegal aliens] to Washington on Wednesday, September 17. They claim it’s the U.S. Border Patrol doing the abusing. --- “We’re carrying these stories of abuse, and we hope that they’re heard and that they’re taken seriously..." ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Fifth Column Activities
Arizona Daily Star -- July 12, 2006 
Mexicans to allow U.S. Reconquistas to operate there
Two Tucson-based immigrant-aid groups were expected to sign an agreement of hospitality with the Mexican government Tuesday evening. -- Members of the Coalición de Derechos Humanos/ Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras and the faith- based No More Deaths movement were scheduled to sign the document, along with...

Reconquista Garcia
Indian Country Today -- April 7, 2006
Viva la Mexico
...Isabel Garcia, attorney and co-chair of Derechos Humanos (Human Rights), told those gathered at the No More Deaths vigil that immigrant labor has served the United States. While U.S. dollars are poured into agents and weapons, Garcia said residents along the border see little benefit from such congressional allocations...AP Internal Use Only

In The Courts...
Arizona Daily Star -- January 11, 2006
Hearing ends in case of two invasion aides
Testimony in a hearing on whether to dismiss charges against two volunteer aid workers charged with violating federal immigration law wrapped up Tuesday, and now U.S. Magistrate Judge Bernardo P. Velasco is weighing a decision. -- Velasco's decision will be a recommendation to U.S. District Judge Raner Collins...[Related item]AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Arizona Republic -- January 6, 2006
Hearing on charges against invasion aides postponed
A hearing on whether to dismiss charges against two volunteer aid workers charged with violating federal immigration law was postponed Friday because U.S. Magistrate Judge Bernardo P. Velasco was ill. -- The hearing will continue at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday...AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Courts
Arizona Daily Star -- January 6, 2006
Invader-transport charges contested
A hearing on whether two volunteer aid workers charged with transporting undocumented migrants should go to trial was scheduled to continue this morning. -- Shanti A. Sellz and Daniel M. Strauss face prison time if they are convicted of felony charges that they violated the law...AP Internal Use Only

Idiotic Antics
Tucson Citizen -- December 16, 2005
Invasion-aides want criminal charges tossed
Two humanitarian aid workers charged with human smuggling testified yesterday that border officials had approved transporting illegal immigrants in medical emergencies. -- Shanti Sellz of Prescott and Daniel Strauss of Tucson, members of the humanitarian cooperative No More Deaths, testified in U.S. District Court...AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Arizona Daily Star -- December 15, 2005
Border activists say they knew law
Indicted volunteer aid workers Shanti A. Sellz and Daniel M. Strauss told a federal prosecutor Wednesday that they were well- versed in immigration law prior to their July arrest for illegally transporting migrants. - But Sellz said the training she received from the faith-based No More Deaths Coalition...AP Internal Use Only

Bye bye Jose!
Tucson Citizen -- December 1, 2005
Judge asked to drop charges against invader-aides
A [so-called] humanitarian aid group has asked a judge to dismiss charges against two volunteers accused of transporting illegal immigrants. A hearing on the request is set for Dec. 14. -- A motion filed by defense attorneys argues that Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz were acting legally...AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Ben Johnson -- Front Page Magazine -- November 30, 2005
Reaping What They Sow
...Border Patrol agents arrested two more CPT members in July for "furtherance and abetting" the transportation of illegal aliens. As part of their "No More Deaths" campaign, members give "emergency aid" to "migrants" illegally crossing the Arizona border to show their "resistance to harmful immigration policies and enforcement practices." AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Arizona Daily Star -- November 10, 2005
Episcopal bishop joins invader-aid prosecution protest
The bishop for Arizona Episcopalians now is among 27 religious leaders to join a campaign protesting the federal prosecution of two migrant aid workers [invasion aides with the reconquista bozos known as 'No More Deaths']. -- Bishop Kirk Smith of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona on Wednesday added his name...[Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime]AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- October 20, 2005
Invasion aides / zealots target U. S. Attorney
Members of the local No More Deaths movement are launching a campaign against the U.S. attorney for Arizona, asking that charges be dropped in the case of two aid workers charged with illegally transporting [illegal aliens... criminals]. -- Officials with the faith-based movement, which offers food, water and medical assistance to people who illegally enter the United States...AP Internal Use Only

In The Courts...
KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- August 31, 2005
Lawyers can continue representing indicted invasion aides
Tucson, Ariz. -- Lawyers for two border activists charged with transporting illegal immigrants across the Mexican border can continue representing them. -- A U. S. Magistrate rejected arguments from the U. S. Attorney's Office. -- Federal attorneys filed a motion asking the court to look into the lawyers' actions...AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Arizona Republic -- August 30, 2005
Latest on Arizona felony invader transporting case
Tucson -- A federal magistrate has been asked to consider whether the lawyers for two indicted border activists have conflicts of interest that could disqualify them from representing the pair. -- No More Deaths volunteers Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss were arrested July 9 some 25 miles from the Mexican border with three illegal immigrants in their vehicle.AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Dallas Morning News -- August 24, 2005
Arrogant open-borders kooks continue to defy federal laws
Arivaca, Ariz. -- Andy Sellers [of 'No More Deaths'] anxiously drives the woman north in a dusty 1992 Nissan Pathfinder dubbed "the Desert Rat." -- Just 12 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, he passes the first of five Border Patrol vehicles. He can't help but think of the two colleagues arrested weeks earlier on charges of transporting illegal immigrants ­ just what he was doing.AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up

Fort Collins, Colorado - 7 pm MDT - July 29, 2005
'No More Deaths' Meeting Tonight

Those who oppose these invasion aides are encouraged to attend.

Crime Watch
Arizona Daily Star -- July 25, 2005
Invasion aiding mob 'trains' more volunteers
More than 115 people - young and old, though predominantly white - showed up for the No More Deaths "Flood the Desert" training session Sunday afternoon. -- Organizers for the Tucson-based movement, which gives food, water and medical assistance to people who illegally cross the border on foot from Mexico to the United States [criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Arizona Daily Star -- July 22, 2005
Impudent invasion aides shun plea deal
Saying that saving lives is nothing to feel guilty about, the two border activists facing smuggling- based charges said they will defend their actions in trial and take on the United States. -- With their attorneys sitting next to them, No More Deaths volunteers Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss said they would reject a plea offer...AP Internal Use Only

Stop Foreign Criminals
Tucson Citizen -- July 12, 2005
Invasion aides cut loose until trial
Two college students charged last weekend with smuggling [illegal aliens... criminals] were released from federal custody yesterday as more than 100 supporters packed a courtroom and hallway. -- Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss were volunteering with the humanitarian group No More Deaths. They said they were taking three [inaders] to a hospital.AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen -- July 11, 2005
Open-border fanatics may face invader smuggling charges
Two volunteers with No More Deaths could be charged with smuggling illegal immigrants [criminals], a Border Patrol agent said yesterday. -- The volunteers were arrested Saturday after an agent pulled them over on Arivaca Road and found three illegal immigrants in their car.AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
KPHO-TV -- Phoenix -- July 10, 2005
2 volunteers arrested in transport of invaders
Tucson, Ariz. -- Two volunteers with a humanitarian organization have been arrested on suspicion of transporting undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- The volunteers are with "No More Deaths" -- a group sponsoring aid stations near the border during summer months as a way to reduce the death toll of [illegal aliens] in Arizona.AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen -- June 10, 2005
Invasion aides bewail Border Patrol scrutiny
U.S. Border Patrol agents will monitor an immigrant aid camp around the clock this summer, Tucson sector Border Patrol chief Michael Nicley said. -- "We can't be seen as an arm of the Border Patrol," said the Rev. John Fife, one of the camp's organizers. "People in the desert hide or flee from Border Patrol even though they are in dire medical need."AP Internal Use Only

Crime Watch
Arizona Daily Star -- June 9, 2005
Religious zealots aiding, abetting invaders with impunity
For a second consecutive year, volunteers from Tucson faith groups will camp in the desert this summer to offer 24-hour- a- day medical aid as well as food and water to migrants who illegally cross the border on foot from Mexico. -- Calling the crisis in Arizona's borderlands "morally intolerable," members of a coalition that calls itself No More Deaths...AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Arizona Daily Star Border Edition -- March 2, 2005
U.S., Mexican volunteers give help to would-be invaders
Northern Sonora, Mex. -- In the afternoon lines of migrants [about to sneak into the U.S.] can be seen moving like long dark centipedes, inching their way north along the desert floor. -- By midnight, they begin trickling into the No More Deaths Camp, where Arizona activists teamed up with Mexican citizens since Thursday to provide food, water and a resting place to U.S.-bound migrants...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition -- August 19, 2004
Invasion aides to stage publicity stunt in Tucson today
A motorcade and memorial service for migrants who have died crossing from Mexico to Arizona on foot is planned to begin in Tucson today. -- Volunteer members of the faith-based No More Deaths coalition say they will drive in cars draped with black ribbons from Tucson to Arivaca, where coalition members have been camping since Memorial Day, offering food, water and medical aid to border crossers.AP Internal Use Only

Felon Fife
Tucson Citizen Border Edition -- July 27, 2004
Fife, other defiant traitors vow to continue aiding invaders
A faith-based campaign aimed at saving illegal immigrants' lives is working and will continue until border policies change, the volunteers say. -- The No More Deaths campaign's 239 volunteers have encountered 542 people in the desert whom they have fed, given water to and in some cases brought to Tucson for medical attention. -- Derechos Humanos attorney Margot Cowan said the people she came across in the desert...AP Internal Use Only

KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- July 24, 2004
Offering Help Or Breaking The Law?
A humanitarian group is walking a thin line while it's trying to stop illegal immigrants from dying in the Arizona desert. -- The Border Patrol reports more than 80 immigrants have died since October. Volunteers with the group No More Deaths have been offering food, water and medical care to illegal immigrants since May. -- The Border Patrol says that's legal, but some of the groups other actions are not...AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen -- June 7, 2004
More on Arizona march held by open border zealots, reconquistas
..."We're here to give thanks to the people who walked to show solidarity with the migrants," said protester Isabel Garcia, co-chair of the activist group Derechos Humanos. "I hope this walk will exponentially multiply efforts to stop this situation." -- The group of walkers, though armed with considerably more supplies than many illegal immigrants... AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen -- June 5, 2004
Open border zealots march in southern Arizona
...The effort is part of the No More Deaths campaign, which is aimed at reforming border policies to stop migrant deaths in the desert. --- Another Tucson-based group involved in the campaign is Derechos Humanos. Kat Rodriguez, the organizing coordinator for Derechos, is marching to Tucson. -- Rodriguez hopes the march brings attention to the issue. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- June 1, 2004
Usual suspects stage march to whine about border enforcement
...In protest of the growing number of deaths along the Arizona-Sonora border, religious and human rights activists on Monday started a six-day trek through the Sonoran Desert. The activists are part of a growing movement called No More Deaths. The volunteer organization also is opening three migrant aid centers to offer food, water and medical attention to undocumented immigrants [criminals]... AP Internal Use Only

Felon Fife
Felonious Fife
Tucson Citizen -- June 1, 2004
Menace Fife says BP agrees to overlook aiding and abetting stations
Arivaca, Arizona -- Founders of a new round-the-clock effort to aid immigrants sneaking over the border through scorching deserts hope to save lives like the one Luis Cisneros lost. --- "This is a movement, not a new organization," said the Rev. John Fife... -- Fife said the Border Patrol agreed not to target the camps in its operations apprehending illegal immigrants [criminals].AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition -- June 1, 2004
Aiding and Abetting: Outpost for lawbreaking foreigners 'blessed'
Arivaca, Arizona - A group of religious leaders spent Memorial Day afternoon blessing a remote patch of land here that throughout this summer will serve as a 24-hour aid station for illegal entrants [criminals] crossing the desert. -- Though organizers have already been criticized by individuals and groups like the private Sierra-Vista based American Border Patrol...AP Internal Use Only

KOLD-TV News -- Tucson -- May 31, 2004
Mexican invasion cheerleaders march through Nogales
...One group, Derechos Humanos, says U.S. law must change to give less reason for people to risk their lives crossing the border. -- "Focus on what affects our policies, militarizing the border, U.S. Border policies, economic policies, how these things have affected people," said Kat Rodriguez, coordinating organizer for Derechos Humanos. AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Garcia
Attention Arizonans -- May 30, 2004
Invasion helpers to hold soiree in Nogales today
This group of invasion helpers kicks off the festivities in front of Northern Arizona University at noon, but continues in Nogales, Mexico from about 1 pm on. Notorious reconquista assistants such as convicted invasion-aide John Fife, Mexican government agent and open-border zealot Isabel Garcia are scheduled to speak at various times during this dog-and-pony show, which is scheduled to run until 10 pm.AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen -- May 27, 2004
Usual suspects plan march to carp about border policies
Activists plan to walk Monday from the Mexican border at Sasabe to Tucson to protest migrant deaths, according to an article in today's Citizen. -- The rant was organized by the notorious reconquista group Derechos Humanos. -- "This is to bear witness to the incredible, horrible deadly gauntlet that our border policies are forcing people to run," said Kat Rodriguez, a side-kick of Isabel Garcia.... AP Internal Use Only

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