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Juan Williams -- Fox News -- June 13, 2012  
Former Mechista is Obama's 'Latino voice'    
The man emerging as the leading voice for President Obama in the Hispanic community is L.A. congressman Xavier Becerra. -- In a Fox News Latino exclusive interview with me, Rep. Becerra goes after a new ad from Mitt Romney, the likely GOP nominee. The ad web ad, titled "Dismal," attacks the president for high unemployment among Hispanics...

Fox News Latino -- June 7, 2012      
Former Mechista Becerra bemoans Romney's Latino outreach    
If you want to know how much GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney cares about Latinos, just look at how much he spends reaching out to them, [former MEChA member] Rep. Xavier Becerra says. -- While the Republican Party and its allies pumped millions into television ads for the Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall race, the Romney campaign?s latest effort to reach out to Latinos is a relatively inexpensive Web video...

Press Release -- May 21, 2010     
CHC meets with Meddling Mexican In Chief   
..."Our deep ties and close friendship with Mexico drive us to work together towards a shared prosperity and to find common sense solutions to the problems that both face," said Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-California), Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus... [More Meddling Mexicans]

Fox News -- February 23, 2010     
Congressman derided for laughing at suggestion to recite the Pledge of Allegiance 
A Republican candidate for Congress in California is calling on Rep. Xavier Becerra [a vehement Mexican reconquista fanatic] to "clarify his reaction" after the Democrat was caught on a YouTube video laughing at a suggestion that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited prior to a union meeting in Los Angeles... [Note: The cackling windbag behind the lectern appears to be Angelica Salas of CHIRLA]

Roll Call -- Washington -- September 3, 2009     
Reconquista Becerra thinks ObamaCare scheme will pass   
House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Xavier Becerra (Calif.) returned to Capitol Hill on Thursday "raring to go" on health care reform and brushing off the idea that Democrats took a beating on the issue over the August recess. -- "I think all the news about the town halls has made me more energized. We’ve got to make it happen..." [See Obama Watch]

CNN -- August 27, 2009     
Health care bill has curious coverage for illegal aliens   
...Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nevada, last month proposed an amendment in the House Ways and Means Committee to add a verification process. Democrats on that committee, including Rep. Xavier Becerra of California [a rabid Mexican reconquista zealot], voted it down because the rules it called for would be "unworkable," the Democrat said... [The lying puppet in the White House says invaders aren't covered] -- May 27, 2009   
Sotomayor could buy Obama time on immigration   
..."The Latino community — and not just Latinos, but anyone who’s had a set of life experiences like Sotomayor — will always remember Barack Obama for this," Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., told The Hill in support of Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court.

Los Angeles Times -- December 5, 2008   
Hussein Obama nominates another rabid Mexican Reconquista zealot   
Reporting from Washington -- President-elect Barack Obama's offer to make Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) the next U.S. trade representative makes him the second Cabinet-level candidate to have been involved in President Clinton's controversial 2001 commutation of a Los Angeles cocaine dealer's prison sentence. [See: "Bustamante Backer (Becerra) Defends Racist Slogan"]

Arrogant Squatters
WTNH-TV -- New Haven -- April 10, 2006
Immigration reform rallies come to Connecticut
..."If you're in a country where you earn in one day what you could earn in the U.S. in less than one hour, and that's at minimum wages in the U.S., are you going to let a fence stop you from finding the way to support your family," said [Mexican Reconquista] Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., said on CBS' Face the Nation [Transcript - PDF].AP Internal Use Only

Woe Be Me!!!
Los Angeles Times -- August 13, 2004
Show tricks foreign lawbreakers, critics say
A Spanish-language "Fear Factor"-type reality series on a Los Angeles station is kicking up harsh criticism from legal advocates and lawmakers who say it exploits and possibly endangers immigrants. But station managers vowed Thursday that the show will go on. -- Rep. Xavier Becerra is concerned that [the show] deceives or exploits immigrants, especially undocumented people [criminals]AP Internal Use Only

MEChA-Boy Becerra
Scripps Howard News Service -- May 24, 2004
MEChA boy wants a museum dedicated to the American Latino
On the National Mall, the great grassy carpet that is the nation's front yard, there are museums that chronicle virtually every aspect of the American experience. -- Yet when Rep. Xavier Becerra visits the Mall, he can't help but notice what's missing... AP Internal Use Only

News from Washington
Fox News -- November 26, 2003
Illegal Aliens Affect Congressional Landscape
Even though the law doesn't allow them to vote, illegal immigrants are changing the landscape of the U.S. government - and affecting the census' depiction of the population. --- [Former Mechista and pro-invasion] Rep. Xavier Becerra, the U.S. congressman for the 31st District, said his constituents still pay taxes and contribute to society. -- "An individual doesn't have to be a citizen to pay taxes - you pay taxes if you work in this country, you pay taxes if you purchase something," he said. [So what?] AP Internal Use Only

National Mall
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- October 14, 2003
Latino Museum Proposed for National Mall
Washington - Latino lawmakers are backing a proposal to build a museum on the National Mall that would commemorate the achievements of American Latinos, amid concerns from preservationists that construction along the Mall is obstructing its scenic green expanse. --- [Mechista] Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) is set to introduce a bill this week.... AP Internal Use Only

September 12, 2003
Pandering to MEChA chauvinists
Are you puzzled by "Latino" politicians (like, most notoriously, Bustamante and Becerra) refusing to denounce MEChA's chauvinistic and separatist, if not outright racist, rhetoric? So am I. Taking into account how damaging the charges of supporting the secession of the Southwestern United States in order to establish an "Aztlan Nation" on American soil are for their political careers...

The Scourge of MEChA -- September 4, 2003
Reconquista Rep. Becerra defends racist MEChA slogan
A leading backer of California recall race candidate Cruz Bustamante is defending the Latino supremacist group MEChA and its slogan, "For the race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing." -- Rep. [Xavier] Becerra, D-Calif., complained Wednesday night that MEChA critics were engaging in McCarthyite tactics. --- During a heated exchange with Sean Hannity, Rep. Becerra revealed that he too had been a MEChA member... AP Internal Use Only

From minority to mainstream, Latinos find their voice

For the past few years, immigration has been at the core of the caucus's agenda. Not by choice, but as a reaction to the anti-immigrant sentiment on Capitol Hill. The immediate past chair of the caucus, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), did an admirable job of calling attention to immigrant issues and defending Latino rights and benefits in the Republican-controlled House. Yet while gaining greater visibility for the caucus, Becerra and caucus immigration chair Luis V. Gutierrez, the Puerto Rican representative from Chicago, ended up pigeonholing themselves as ethnic activists--and thus undermining the caucus's credibility among other House members on immigration issues. According to one Washington- based immigrant advocate, "The caucus was building a reputation-- fair or not-- as a bunch of lefties who want to open the border." -- The Washington Post - January 24, 1999, Pgs. B1, B4

Effect of Latinos' Political Rise Great Unknown

If Latinos are mainly in the Democratic camp, it is largely thanks to a Republican. "Wherever I speak, I can rally support just by mentioning Pete Wilson," says Becerra. -- While governor of California, Wilson infuriated Latinos by sponsoring Proposition 187, which cut off benefits to illegal immigrants. Since 1994, 600,000 Latinos have registered to vote in California, most of them as Democrats. -- The Arizona Republic - April 9, 2000

'' (Reconquistas, chicano seditionists, traitors)

Los Angeles, California (January 1, 2000)- - Two Chicanos are campaigning to become the first Latino mayor of Los Angeles. Congressman Xavier Becerra appears to be the favorite of La Raza. The other candidate is the California Speaker of the Assembly Antonio Villaraigosa. The speaker angered a large segment of the Latino electorate when he appointed the author of the successful anti- bilingual education proposition, Ron Unz, to a Blue Ribbon Commission.

Becerra on deporting criminal aliens (PBS Online News Hour - January 5, 1998)

JEFFREY KAYE: Xavier Becerra, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, agrees. The Los Angeles Democrat says there should be more leeway, particularly if the convictions are old and for non-violent crimes.

XAVIER BECERRA: If someone fifteen or twenty years ago had some transgression that has lived a proper life, paying for that mistake, has a family, has ties to this country, it would cause a hardship for that individual and the family to see that individual deported, I think that would be wrong to do. But the law as it exists now allows us to pull that individual from his or her family.

JEFFREY KAYE: And would you like to see that change?

XAVIER BECERRA: Certainly we should have more discretion to ensure that what we're doing is going after the real criminals, the folks that we need to get out of the country.